One thing in Ubuntu, which has always hit rock bottom in terms of popularity, is Ubuntu Software Centre. The reason often cited is its weak design and layout. Lot of attempts were made, but none of them brought a wind of change in perception among the user community. The guys at Canonical have been under fire recently to resolve this problem. One more attempt is round the corner, Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 is expected to launch soon.

It seems the design teams at Canonical are now working at full stretch in trying to design, test and evaluate a possible layout for the Ubuntu Software Centre in the next and soon to be launched version christened the Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0.

The hard work and extensive research of the design team has led to the development of three Mock-Up versions of the Ubuntu Software Centre. They look highly impressive and each one looks as if it could be used as the next Software Centre interface. All of the three interfaces are more concentrated on providing an aggregated set of features. They have been developed along the same lines as of Application Stores across various other platforms like Windows and Mac.

According to the design team, they are working aggressively to revisit the existing design and come up with few options for sharing with the Ubuntu community. Their key objective for them is to make the Software Centre dearer to the user by making it look more attractive and user friendly. They also aiming to make it seem friendlier to various application developers worldwide.

Even though the final layout is still to be decided there are many ideas that have been put forward on the discussion board which might be helpful in designing how to implement the final layout.

Some of these include

  • Top rated applications Context-specific recommendations
  • Top Rated Most Popular Preview videos
  • Multiple screenshots
  • Custom artwork for application screens

However all these are just in the preliminary stages of development and how the Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 will look is still unknown. But we sure know one thing for sure, One of Ubuntu’s biggest Assets- Ubuntu Software Centre is finally going to get the attention it needed in the design aspect.