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Math is arguably one of the subjects out there. Honestly, even adults have trouble with math so it’s a must that we help our children get through this tough ordeal if they are having issues with it. Not everyone is good at numbers but with the help of proper tutoring, grade 3 math can be as easy as any other subjects out there.

Grade 3 math is where teachers will begin to lay the groundwork for more advanced mathematical operations. In the previous levels, students learned about the basics of the four mathematical operations. On the 3rd grade level, they expound their knowledge on this by learning more about these topics and adding new knowledge to them.

It’s a hard phase of math as on this level comes new operations and equations. If you want to help your child learn grade 3 math more properly, then you should try to guide them to it. Here’s how you can help your child learn more about this complex part of math and help them get better at numbers in the future.

Find Study Buddies

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As math can be a difficult subject, it’s very necessary to help your child work alongside others sometimes. It’s imperative that you try to find study buddies for your child first. They could be his classmates, his friends, or just about anyone your child is comfortable with. This will make the learning journey much easier for them to get through.

One thing you need to make sure of is that the study buddies for your child are just at the same level. It would be difficult if they are a grade or two ahead of your child. Making them work with others will make the experience more fun. Try to coordinate with the parents of your child’s classmates so that you can find study partners. They’ll even be able to help each other out through the toughest lessons thrown at them.

Using Books

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All of the things children need to learn at this level of math is already available in books. As such, you need to buy the necessary books for them at your local bookstore. Buying books is one of the best investments you can make for your child’s learning journey. This becomes even more essential when it comes to difficult subjects like math.

What’s great about these books is that the chapters are organized in a way which will make it easier for the students to learn more about math gradually and at the right pace. Such books will also have the right exercises for your child. If you’re having the tough time giving them the appropriate written tests for the subjects, then these books will have what you need.

The school your child is enrolled in can suggest which math books are right for your child. Make sure that you buy the right math book as anything that’s above your child’s math level could make it harder for him or her to learn. Anything below their level will be a waste but they can at least use the books to review past lessons.

Know What Their Weaknesses Are

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As with every student, your child definitely has some problems with other subjects. If it’s math, there’s  a chance that they could be weak as some specific topics. It’s important to narrow down the weaknesses of your child and focus on these first. By targeting where they are having issues with, you can make the learning process much easier.

For instance, if they’re relatively weak at long division, you might need to be more intensive about this subject first. If they are weak at fractions, then give them more time on this subject. Their key to making math easier for them is by helping them get through the hard topics first. If they do, the rest will feel like a pinch for them to get over.

Don’t Pressure Them

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Math is already a tough subject on its own. The last thing your child would want is more pressure, especially coming for you. If you are homeschooling your child, then it’s necessary that you teach them at a brisk pace. There’s no point in rushing through the lessons as it would only make it harder for them to understand the topics and subject matter.

Learning should be a fun journey for your child. Pressuring them into learning subjects they have difficulty with often results in them finding it harder to learn the lesson. As these are still kids you are teaching, you have to understand that positive reinforcement is often the best method in helping them learn.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

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In reality, even adults might find math hard at times. Even if it’s just at the 3rd level, math can be a difficult subject. That being said, we highly suggest getting help from other people or sources. This is crucial in your child’s learning journey as it assures them that what they’re getting is all the right lessons only.

First off, you can seek your child’s teacher for help. They are directly the ones responsible for your child’s learning so it’s a must that you coordinate yourself with them. They can help you understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, they can help you understand where your child left off before having to learn about the subject.

Of course, you can also turn to the internet for help. The internet is a treasure trove for everything you need to learn about grade 3 math so make sure you check this out. You have to be responsible and more careful when it comes to clicking however as some sources aren’t as reliable as others. It’s imperative that you verify the websites you visit first.

Grade 3 math might be difficult at first but with the right guidance and the right materials, your child will be able to get through the subject with flying colors. Whether it’s homeschooling or just additional remedial classes for your child, your guidance with them during math lessons will certainly help them go a long way.