When we dream it is like a message from our inner selves to our waking selves. Our dreams can relay information to us that our waking consciousness may not have considered. It is a strange phenomenon that our brains are doing more than we think.

The contents of our dreams often include a lot of symbols and meanings that we may not have considered unless confronted with them.

Sometimes animals can play a big part in this, as many animals carry a lot of meanings and symbolism with them.

If you find yourself dreaming about animals and are wondering why you are dreaming about them and what it means to you. You are in the right place.

Do not forget that it also depends on circumstance too. If you have recently been to the zoo it may not be so surprising that animals are showing up in your dreams. However, if you have not seen a bear in quite some time and one suddenly starts showing up in your dreams, it is time to consult your subconscious.

The Truth Is… It Depends On The Animal

Every animal will have different symbolism and meaning, so let’s take a look at the symbolism behind some animals and their meanings.

If your animal is not here, consider looking at getting a book on animal dream meanings to find all the answers you ever needed.



Cats are often a representation of the power of femininity. They are often guardians and deal with knowledge.

Cats typically represent a heightening in spiritual awareness. Black cats, however, tend to represent hidden powers or secrets.

A wild cat will represent our need to exercise willpower, whereas domestic cats represent a need for comfort and relaxation.



Dogs, as you can imagine, represent loyalty, instincts, and friends. In our dreams, if we get bitten by a dog it tends to be a reference to the restrictions of a guilty conscience.

Being attacked by a dog will also be telling you to think before you act or speak, as you may be too impulsive. Being led by a dog tends to mean you are comfortable with yourself.



If a bear hibernates in your dream, you may need to do some soul-searching and self-reflection about your present self or perhaps some ideas you hold.

If you are being chased then this is symbolizing that you are avoiding something. However, if a bear stands upright before you then it may symbolize a need to defend yourself.



Horses present power, endurance, strength, and sexual prowess. They may represent a need to maintain your wild forces, and maybe even reign in your ‘horsing about’.



Lions are a symbol of courage, power, and aggression, but also leadership, pride, and dignity. If you find lions appearing in your dreams you may have emotional difficulties which you will overcome. However, if a lion attacks you this is a sign that something is driving you towards self-descriptive tendencies.



Turtles represent a need to take things slowly and patiently. They may also represent self reservation if they have in their shell.



Eagles have many presentations. If an eagle is watching you think this means you are guilty of being seen through by your peers. If an eagle dies in your dream then this may signify the death of an idea or feeling like you are missing out on your life, and you need to act.



Whales are intuitive, aware, and spiritual. To see a whale in your dream is to symbolize that a project may feel overwhelming to you, or too big. Perhaps some perspective is needed?



Not many people like snakes in the real life, and they think they are a bad sign in the dreams. Probably they refer that you may have some toxic person in your surroundings, that you need to be cautious about.

On the other hand, knowing that the snake is getting rid of the old layers of skin, may represent regeneration, or something new in your life. Some people believe that this animal can show you that you are hiding something, or someone else is hiding something important from you – you know, like the snake hides her legs…



This bird can be a sign that something is happening over and over again since they are known for their repeating behavior. But also, that can be a sign of some gossip around you or even some worries. These birds can repeat sounds, so maybe you need to pay attention to what they are telling you in the dream, so you can realize what’s happening around you.



This animal is a sign of authenticity, independence, fearless life, pride, and no feeling of shame. It may seem like something dangerous, but in general, it has a positive meaning almost all the time. Also, the wolf in your dream can represent your energy and spiritual existence in the physical world.



It’s a sign that something different is going to happen in your life. Maybe you jump from one place to another, until you find the appropriate surrounding for you, or maybe you are hiding in the water, waiting for the good things to come, so you can show up.

It’s also a symbol of transformations, fertility, evolution, spirituality, and the life cycle. Maybe you are going through something that is changing you as a person, and you see that in your dreams too.



People are using them to pass through difficult places. Maybe there is some journey in front of you, with plenty of challenges. Donkeys can go through the most complicated places, so maybe you are looking for your inner peace, or you are afraid of making bad decisions.



This is an impressive animal, that is strong, healthy, and generous. They are a sign of wealth, success, good health, creativity, challenges, and free spirit. Maybe better times are coming in your life, and you must get ready for them as soon as possible. These animals are very strong, and they can go through the paths no one can ever imagine is possible – to follow their example and embrace your strength immediately.



They are small and tiny, just like our hidden fears and stressors. You may feel guilty for something, or you are afraid, or maybe you just need more attention, so you are behaving like some fly or bee in your life. Some people think that insects can be some sexual thoughts, but you need to set yourself free from all the negative feelings, so you can enjoy them.

What Is The Animal Doing?

Regardless of the animal in your dream, the situation the animal is in and how it interacts with you is much more vital. Sometimes animals can represent people we know and may symbolize someone’s behavior to us. If an animal is aggressive towards us this can represent another person, a situation, or negative aspects of our inner selves.

Sometimes we will be an animal in our dreams and in this case, we will often need to self-reflect on what this animal represents and how this ties into our current lives.

Always pay attention to what the animal is doing. A happy dog and an aggressive dog mean very different things in our dreams. Similarly, a sad octopus and a free octopus will also mean different things.

The situation is as important as the animal. Visit for more information about what a dream symbolizes.