The fans of Akame Ga Kill will know that expectations have no place in the series. However important a character may be, there’s always a risk of assassination. Rain of blood and severed body parts intertwined with magnificent action scenes and timely suspense is all about Akame Ga Kill. Now, will the ever-so-popular series have a season 2?

A Peek Into The Storyline


Prime Minister Honest is a despot and a corrupt head of the government. A revolutionary army is established to overthrow the despot. Night Raid is a renowned assassin group of the army known for their efficiency and mercilessness in slaying anything and everything that blocks their way.

The rule of Honest has ruined the kingdom, and it was time for the citizens to mobilize themselves, mounting a revolution against the tyrant. The group is not built as a cliche assassin gang but as a group of enlightened individuals aware of the consequences of their actions. They simply feel that force and revolution are necessary at times.

Tatsumi, the protagonist of the series, is a young man who saved his village from deprivation by adhering to the maxims of Night Raid. Though his early life was characterized by dire poverty, he was guided by the ideals of the assassin group. However, he always wanted to join the army, but after realizing the level of corruption in the system, he joined Night Raid. What will happen next?

Casting Choices We Can Expect

There will be four main characters in season 2 of Akame Ga Kill.

Tatsumi, the protagonist of the series, is an innocent kid with a poverty-stricken past. He was always fond of the assassins group but wanted to join the military to serve his country and countrymen. However, when he realizes that his country is being ruined by a despotic ruler, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid.

Akame, the first member of the assassin group, is a well-trained, skilled fighter. Even the most powerful military commanders are no match for her skills.

Being a victim of social stigma and discrimination in her childhood, Mine joined the group when the country was forming military and diplomatic alliances with the West. Mine is a temperamental girl and easily gets annoyed by the people around her. However, she is warm and loyal deep inside and even takes bullets for people she loves.

Leone, a senior member of the assassin group, is usually referred to as the ‘older sister’ of Night Raid. She is a pretty calm and tolerant person, but when triggered beyond her limits, she is uncontrollable.

When Can We Expect The Release

 Akame Ga Kill was released in 2014. Soon after the show concluded with 24 episodes, fans started flooding cyberspace with various posts demanding season 2. There is no official announcement of season 2 so far, and we can only hope and wait for its announcement.

Summing It Up

In the mid-way, the series deviated from the original manga series that makes it hard to predict whether there are enough source materials for season 2. Some sources claim that there will only be 12 episodes in season 2. Eight years since its last appearance, the fans are yearning for Akame Ga Kill season 2. Let’s hope for the best!