The trend of Biometrics Security is a widespread talk now. Recently, a lot of organizations and businesses have shown interest in the future of these securities with regard to robust Artificial Intelligence. Nevertheless, the use of biometrics has got witnessed for a long time. We find them at various companies, organizations, schools, hotels, etc.

But the current rage has led the way for homeowners to protect their residences. They are concerned and curious to add these safety measures and be a part of this trend. While, many of them have already put this technology in their homes. In this article, we will cover every important aspect that one needs to know about biometrics.

Understanding The Biometrics


Biometric refers to the statistical analysis of our biological data since some of our bodily data are inherent and unique. And therefore, they also get used for the identification of people. Physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and retina scans are a few examples of these details.

Subsequently, with the help of technology, it got transformed into a system that takes these characteristics as input, analyzes them, and identifies the particular person as a legitimate contact.

And today, it is widely used in many places for various purposes like security, marking presence, verification for documents, etc. These biometric safe only operate for those whose database is in their record.

The history of biometrics started in 1858 and came to a full-fledged usage in 1924. Since then, these metrics have grown to a great extent and spread all over the market. The combination with applied technologies has made identification and authentication safer and more effortless.


The sectors such as pharma, business, law, military, banking, and voting have reflected the necessity of these metrics. We can take the Aadhaar registration as of its extensive role.

Moreover, the Global study claims the market share of biometrics will increase by 18 billion USD by 2024. And among all the countries, North America will hold more than 30% of the prevailing biometrics industry share.

Types Of Biometric

Further, Biometrics security gets classified into two parts. Let us have a look.

Physiological Measures

It refers to the biological and morphological details of the body. Vascular structures, fingerprints, retina, iris, dental, face and hand features are morphological ones. While DNA, blood, saliva, or urine are biological.

Moreover, high-uprated places, such as forensic and military heartbeat and brainwaves biometrics, are emerging for safety and authentication. Overall it is an analysis of our physical attributes that get naturally developed throughout our living.

Behavioural Measures


As the name suggests, it involves the human choice of action in a particular situation or environment. It includes gestures, voice patterns, kinesthetics, and also the way we use an object, interacts and other such activities.

It works on analyzing the cognitive and executive functions of our brain. For instance, the unique patterns in which an individual uses his mobile. It may also involve a little observation like how fast they type, how seldom they take their phones in their hand and how they hold their phones.

The objective is to create a specific profile for each individual that can get utilized as per the requirements.

Their Benefits

Here are the great benefits of this security.

Enhanced Security


One of the primary benefits we receive is an enhanced controlling system that provides us with excellent safety. Both metrics, especially the physical ones, cannot get duplicated by anyone. Plus, they are extremely difficult to steal.


Apart from safety, these metrics are contactless. And this feature not only makes it a germ-safe solution but also hygienic. It promotes an easy habit of cleanliness. However, it does not apply to fingerprint or password metrics. The face, voice, or other such ID recognitions are the fit examples.

Improved Loyalty

Biometrics are not only challenging to steal but also to hack or crack a particular identity. Even in the worst scenario, if it gets hacked, it is facile to catch the unauthorized source. Therefore, these security systems are highly loyal.

Better Speed


The efficiency in these metrics of tracking the input, analysing it, and releasing the output is rapid. These are also appreciable for storing data. There won’t be any requirements to track the data manually.

Increases Productivity

With better speed comes a less time-consuming feature, which ultimately promotes productivity. The system will also ensure peace of mind with its accuracy and efficiency. Plus, learning to handle it is uncomplicated. The housekeeper of your home can also effortlessly make use of it.

A Good ROI

For businesses, biometrics bring a good return on investment.

They run for a long term at an affordable cost. The maintenance costs are also reasonable. So converting the traditional safety measures into advanced measures will seamlessly reduce the cost expenditure spent otherwise.

Controversies On Them


Based on the data a biometric gathers, it can sometimes cross a privacy concern leading to ethical issues. Most of these cases occur in behavioural measurements. Recording the privacy patterns of a person with a regular watch or even just a regular watch is wrong.

Next is the use of these metrics with advanced AI. Artificial Intelligence with its pros and offer cons. One such example is deep fakes. Hackers trick facial or retina recognition with modern editing. They can even impersonate voices.

However, the major of all is duplicating physical traits. The hackers duplicate facial, iris, and fingerprint traits to fool the authentication detector. Here again, AI plays an influential role and makes it easier to steal data and cheat the security system.



To sum up, the biometric system is a worthy choice for your home. They are the future of advanced security. On the one hand, AI might influence controversies on them.

On the other, it will strengthen their system as well. You should definitely go for them for carefree protection and assured entries at your home in your absence. They will be an add-on to house sophistication.