Are you planning to add an RV to your garage? Well, you will be glad to hear that there are a good number of websites where you can buy both new and used RVs. So, yes, finding an RV online is no big deal. What is a big deal, though, is finding the right offer.

Technically, there is no such thing as a perfect agreement. Good deals are a result of clever bargains. At Zervs, you will find a sundry of new and used RVs for sale. However, not all sellers are alike. Some may be less flexible than others.

So, if you are trying to score a great contract on your next RV purchase, here are some of the most clever bargain tips.

Do your research


You do not simply go to an RV shop and start negotiating the price. That would be absurd on the face of it. Besides, it makes you look stupid, simple as that! The more effective approach would be to do some background check on RV bargain tips.

Decide what type of RV you will need for your camping trips. Be sure to check out our other blogs where we help you pick the right RV. Check different websites to see how sellers are pricing their RVs. Doing that will help you to get a good idea of what these used RVs are worth. The next time the seller says, “it’s the best I can do,” you will have the confidence to walk away instead of naively believing such claims.

Ask the right questions

A seller can instantly know if you are a rookie or a seasoned RV traveler by the type of questions you ask. Remember, the seller owns the RV, which obviously means he knows a good deal about it. If you do not ask relevant questions, it directly gives away your rookie nature. That, in turn, makes sellers more comfortable to ask for a slightly higher price.

If you do not want to get stuck in such a tricky scenario, make sure you ask the right questions. Here again, good research will come to your rescue. To give you a general idea, ask for the RVs’ mileage, amenities, maintenance, and insurance. These things should be enough to convince the seller that you are not a rookie.

Make them an offer


What professionals suggest is this: always start your bargains with a shocked face. That will convey your disagreement with the asking price. You could start with questions like: “Is that the best you can do?” Depending on what they answer, you can make them your offer.

The rule of thumb when bargaining for an item is to reduce the price by about 20%. If you go higher than 20%, most sellers may call off the offer right away. You also cannot expect the sellers to accept your offer as it is. The idea is to work your way down to at least a 10% discount. If the seller does not budge, you are better off looking elsewhere!

Be nice

This may sound silly, but you will be surprised at how much “being nice” can help with your bargain. Yes, getting a good offer is important. But, you do not necessarily chew off the seller’s head to achieve that. Remember, no one likes to deal with an unpleasant customer. If anything, you will squander your chances of scoring any deal at all.

Keep your head cool and collected. Ask questions calmly and be nice when you make them your offer. Now, that also does not mean sounding too gullible as well. That may encourage the sellers to take advantage and butter you up. To cut a long story short, be nice but also sound confident when you bargain.

Consult an expert


In this case, the expert will be a mechanic or someone who is well versed with RVs. You can bring them along to help with the inspection. Since they know a good deal about RVs, it is easier for them to find out the faults. Some sellers try to cover up the scratch or dents by applying temporary paints. These coverups are difficult to spot, if not for an expert. Once you close the deal, it becomes a very tricky task to convince the sellers that the problems were pre-existing.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance to consult an expert before purchasing the RV. Besides, having them by your side can prevent the sellers from pulling out any dirty tricks.

Keep your options open

When you venture out to buy an RV, do not stick to just one seller. Many people hold grab of one specific seller and keep negotiating for a cheaper deal. If the seller knows you have no other option, it is easier for them to stick to their demands.

Be ready to walk away from the deal if the seller does not budge. Let them know you have other options so they can be more flexible with their asking price. Besides, in most cases, the ones offering the lower price are not the easiest to deal with. Some other sellers may be willing to be more flexible with their price or accept some kind of exchange offers as well.

Final Thoughts


As mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a perfect deal. If you want to secure a great RV deal, you have to sharpen your bargaining skills.