Since online casinos became available, everyone is only a few clicks away from enjoying all those good stuff that only casinos can offer. Of course, with a slightly changed and new gambling experience, but isn’t that a fun part of it?

Even though this industry is not that old, it is growing each day, and today, it is one with the highest growth. All this is not strange when we look at all the things it offers. One of those advantages is obvious, as now, people from every part of the world can play their favorite game in some of the most famous casinos in the world and doing so by casually sitting in their favorite chair at home. Gambling relies heavily on luck, so people feel they have absolutely no control over it.

Because of that, they tend to deal with different ideas and misconceptions that will ease their frustrations. And since that’s the case, of course, there are and will always be some myths, legends, and superstitions. Most of them are funny, interesting, sometimes even strange, but many of them are exactly as the name says – just a myth. Some myths are old, and they go way back, but some are pretty new and none the less amusing. Since the gambling community has produced its true share of myths over the years, here, we will discuss and debunk some of the most famous ones.

1. Luck is everything


Even though most people understand the way casinos operate, they still think that in order to win, especially win big one needs to have luck on their side. It is understandable because having luck is always appreciated, but it is not just that, far from it, and if you want to get the most of your wager, then some strategy is a must. Many casino games require at least a certain skill or deliberate planning. A few examples of this would be poker rules and approaches, card counting in blackjack, or the smart use of slot machine functions. No one is underestimating luck, but a good thing to know is that even when somebody feels unlucky and think that they couldn’t possibly win, they can turn things in their favor with decent tactics.

2. Every game is rigged

Somehow, when we lose, it is never our fault, especially when we gamble. The most common thing to hear is that every game is rigged, and there is no possible way to win money. Although this is understandable since players are not physically in front of the slot machine or dealer, but even so, it is complete nonsense. Since online casinos are well aware of their ‘infamous reputation of being cheaters,’ they added a game history to every game so players can run those results by as many algorithms as they want and check if there is anything wrong. RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is everything anyone should care about, and that is how they earn money, not by cheating.

3. Addiction


Let’s talk about the famous myth that if someone just sits in front of a slot machine and try their luck, play only one hand of any other casino game, or even bet at something, they will instantly become a gambling addict. As experts and psychologists have shown in their studies – the development of gambling addiction is a process that takes much time. In addition to this, it is not solely about time, as it will only happen to those with a certain temperament. If you occasionally enjoy poker, roulette, baccarat, etc., there is nothing wrong with that, as there is no risk of becoming an addict.

4. The more you play, the better your chances of winning (big)

This one is similar to the first one, but not entirely, as no one can doubt luck, but to play for as long as you can and only hope that it is the right system to follow as it will make you rich – that’s, unfortunately, not true.

If we know how casinos work and understand that outcome of any game is completely random and not dependent on what previously happened, playing without any strategy or tactics (here is where it is similar to the first one) will not cause any profit. Okay, maybe small – depending on luck.

5. The temperature of the coins affects the slot machines


Slots are one of the casino players’ favorite, and since that’s the case, no wonder there are so many myths about them. Now, a pretty popular myth is that playing with warm or cold coins (depending on what version you heard) will cheat the slots and make you rich. The short answer – no, the temperature cannot and will not affect or change the RNG system (Random Number Generator) on which they work. Although no one knows how this myth even came to life, for sure is one of the funniest.

6. Slots with hot streaks

Thinking that casinos constantly control and monitor every single slot and choose whether or not it will give money to someone is far from the truth. There is no conspiracy, and it just not how slots operate. There are no hot or cold streaks with slot machines, and even when it looks like some slot is paying a little bit more, again, it is all about RNG and luck. Timing is another thing, and even though it is beneficial in so many ways when it comes to slots – it simply isn’t. How many times did you hear that some machine didn’t pay in a long time, so it must happen soon? Not necessarily, and since everything is randomized, who knows when will a famous big win (or any win at all) happen.

Summing up


The list doesn’t end here, and these are just some of the most common and most impressive ideas that have been on the players’ minds for years. Now that we cleared that up, it is time to relax, play our favorite game, and earn some cash. For those who are yet to find out which casino game suits them the most, luckily, there are some trusted websites like CasinoChan that offer great reviews and can help you with that.