Fashion doesn’t exist without foundation – How true! When we say ‘foundation’ here, we are referring to our basic piece of clothing – our underwear. It isn’t an exaggeration when we say that one’s underwear serves as a solid foundation for their entire outfit. Our underwear does play a role in transforming our overall appearance.

Think about it! There have been times when incorrectly fit underwear resulted in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. The right pair of panties would automatically elevate your attire and make you feel sexy, while the wrong style and inappropriately fitted underwear would cause unsightly bulges, camel toe, and visible panty lines.

Choose the right underwear model and size:


There is much more to underwear models than G-strings (we even have c-strings now) and age-old grandma knickers. There is an overwhelming number of underwear options available, catering to different outfits and routines. Navigating through the different options can be quite confusing. The common ones include:

  • Thongs: Thongs have currently risen in popularity for everyday use. This skimpy underwear has a narrow front patch and a narrower rear patch. They are functional, flirty and work great for tight fitted pants, pencil skirt, and body-hugging dresses. Thongs are available in a handful of models and offer minimal coverage than other models.
  • Classic briefs: The regular underwear we reach for in stores in packs of 3 or 5 are the classic briefs. They go with all kinds of dresses other than body-hugging attire, in which case your panty line would be clearly visible.
  • Boy shorts: They take design inspiration from boy shorts and are very comfortable to wear. Though not exactly sexy, they are usually made of breathable fabric, sit easily on the skin, and go well with skirts and short dresses.
  • G-string: G-strings are similar to thongs but skimpier with almost no coverage. They are super-sexy but generally not recommended for everyday issues, and it takes quite some time to get used to it.
  • Bras: The most important thing to pay attention to is to select the correct bra size. If it is too large, you will not feel comfortable and it will show, but too small a bra and you will want to get out of it as soon as possible. At, you can find sexy bras in different sizes and colors.

Invest in good-quality underwear. Look for durable products that are machine-washable or stick to hand-washing delicate ones. While cotton is ideal for everyday use, wear thongs, silk, or lacy ones once in a while or during date nights for the extra dose of confidence. If you are looking for high-quality underwear at affordable prices, visit

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Importance of choosing the right panty size for health


See that your underwear is neither tight nor loose as both cause problems to your health. If your panty rides up around your waist often, it is a sign that you have to opt for a larger size. A tight panty may look hot on the outward, but you aren’t going to be flashing it for others. You could reserve it only for the time you are spending with your partner.

Too tight ones:

  • Are uncomfortable to wear as they cut into the thighs and cause irritation and skin chaffing
  • Exerts pressure in the stomach region
  • Cause problems with blood circulation and nerve impingement

If you feel your panty sagging in the crotch area, you need to purchase a smaller size. You don’t have to be hesitant about opting for the next underwear size. Ultimately it is about your comfort.

Underwear mistakes affecting your health:

  • Cotton isn’t unfashionable: There is a reason many people’s go-to choice of underwear is cotton. Cotton fabric is breathable, keeps bacterial and yeast infections at bay since it absorbs moisture. If you want to opt for more flirty models, choose delicate fabrics where the vaginal area is lined with cotton or reserve the sexy ones for special days.
  • Using thongs often: Thongs are undoubtedly super-sexy, but the level of discomfort is high. The fabric sits too close to your body, and the residual chemicals on it can harm the skin. Bacteria get easily transported from the back to the vaginal area, increasing the risk of bacterial infections. Avoid using it often.
  • Resorting to shape-wear often: Shape-wear is a boon for most of us who want to conceal our flab and muffin top, but these tummy-slimming corsets cause harm to our health when used often. They are plain uncomfortable to wear and remove, could cause acid reflex and numbness/ tingling.
  • Sleeping with your underwear at night: Doctors recommend sleeping without underwear at night to let your privates breathe. Yeast thrives better in the dark, moist conditions, and you are better off without your panty at night.
  • Going commando during the day: Keeping aside the feministic angle, when you go commando during the day, your vulva gets rubbed against your pants, which can cause irritation. Moreover, the vaginal area tends to become moist due to the natural body secretions and sweat if you don’t wear underwear leading to yeast infections.
  • Using unsafe detergents: Certain detergents are harmful to the skin. Your vaginal area is quite sensitive, and if you experience itching down there, it could be because of skin irritation caused by your laundry detergent. Use hypoallergenic detergent to keep toxic chemicals away.
  • Failing to change your sweaty underwear: People who sweat a lot should change their underwear twice a day since moisture is the breeding ground of bacteria. Yoga and workout sessions leave your underwear damp. Change your underwear immediately post-workout or wear specific underwear that doesn’t let moisture stay.
  • Not parting away with your old underwear: We obviously use our underwear a lot often than any of our other clothes. They go through daily washes, and even the good-quality ones get worn out in 6 to 12 months. You don’t have to wait for holes developing in them to throw them away.

Combine comfort with style when it comes to underwear. Choose the right pair and avoid health complications.