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Pot, weed, marijuana, wonder plant, call it what you want to. It is referred to as the wonder plant because of its recreational and therapeutic uses. It’s had exponential growth in the past few years that’s been a cause of revolutionary movements of change, such as the hippie movement in the US during the ’70s. It has come a long way since it was first beginning to be used.

Kingdoms and currently governments have prohibited the use of this plant in any way, thereby criminalizing it in the eyes of the law. Its effects have been felt now by millions throughout the years and are now being pushed to be legalized by governments worldwide. The reason why people use this drug is mainly varied.

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For the most part, marijuana is used as a recreational drug, some for medical uses and others even for spiritual services. This has been highly evident in Kasi of India, where the Aghori tribe frequently smoke weed and hemp to get closer to their deity, who is also known to be a frequent user of this plant. Visit to learn more about this plant, its variants, and products that are made out of it.

The misconception and stigma around this plant and its products are steadily declining, and more people are opening to the benefits of this frug. In this article, we’ll talk about a specific product that is derived from marijuana and the hemp plant, CBD oil.

We’ll outline what the product is and how to tell the differences between real and fake ones, as well as safely allowing you to purchase them online. That being said, let’s jump in without any further ado!

What Is CBD Oil And Its Benefits

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CBD or cannabidiol is a compound variant that is predominantly produced from marijuana or the hemp plant. It belongs to the numerable compounds of cannabis called cannabinoids and is one of the most famous ones widely used worldwide. Moreover, it is one of the only marijuana or hemp-derived products widely legalized due to their low THC levels. Here are the few benefits that you can get out of CBD oil –

It is a natural painkiller

Many people suffer adverse effects using painkillers that are highly made of inorganic chemicals that can have long-term disadvantages. CBD oil is beneficial for people dealing with chronic pain issues and can help reduce it a little. This oil has been used to treat pain for over 5000 years.

Helps with mental disorders

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Mental health is one of the most critical aspects of our life. Although, many people are unfortunate as they face various mental disorders due to multiple causes. Two of the diseases that affect most people in the world are anxiety and clinical depression. These can be debilitating and very painful mentally to experience.

The treatment for most mental disorders is through western medicine, but people get frustrated with it due to various side effects that they experience. This is where CBD oil comes into the picture. It is a product that has proved to show results in many subjects with mental disorders and has bettered them through continuous and consistent use.

Cures Skin Problems

Appearance is a huge part of someone’s life. For those putting a lot of importance on their skin looks, facing skin problems due to natural causes can be very painful and frustrating. Problems like pimples are caused due to bacteria, inflammation, and various other factors.

Treatments such as benzoyl peroxide have given short-term results, but in some cases, have only made it worse. Since it is ingested, CBD oil inhibits inflammatory areas in the body and betters them, thereby reducing the production of sebum in the glands and gradually reducing acne.

Real And Fake CBD

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Now that we’ve started the benefits of CBD oil’s benefits, it should be no surprise that people have a reasonably high demand for it in various parts of the world. But here’s the catch, CBD oil is an unconventional way of treating ailments, so it isn’t as well known as various other products in the world.

And when a product is newly reintroduced into the market, there will be fakes of the product. Since this is a product that you will ingest, it is best and most important to know the differences between real and fake CBD oils present in the market. That being said, let’s take a look at how to tell the difference between real and fake CBD oil on the internet.


Ingredients are one of the main determinants in telling you whether your CBD oil is fake or real. Most fake CBD oils are very likely to cause health issues in users and have already been reported. In products such as CBD e-Liquids, the compounds of Vitamin E acetate and other compounds can cause severe cardiovascular and irreversible respiratory damage.

Trusted Sources

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A brand is essential while you buy unique products. Yes, CBD oil is becoming more common, but it is a product with fewer sellers than other consumer products in general. So it is important to use CBD oils from sources and brands.

This is because a well-branded CBD oil is most likely accurate as they have to protect the company’s image and goodwill. Anything less than a quality product will harm the company’s future, and quality brands do not do that.

Lab test evidence

Just as every edible product needs to undergo quality checks from various food and hygiene departments, even CBD oils need to be tested. They need to pass the quality bar set by the general public.

Authentic CBD oils have proof of lab-tested reports about the particular batch or unit of the product and are open to consumption only if they pass the minimum score. Fake CBD oils are sold without lab reports, making it all the more evident.