We all know the feeling of being hungover way too well, and it isn’t fun nor is it very pretty. After a night of intoxication, the morning after can be a rough one but there are some remedies to get you by. Along with proper hydration, a balanced meal, and some fresh air, here is a list of the best cannabis strains for hangovers to help you recover from a night out and get you up and at it.

People have come up with different rituals and every one has their own rules what they do the morning after. Some chug water, the others take the aspirin and some mix up crazy drinks to feel better. While some of these methods have a certain effects, it isn’t until the alcohol comes out of your body that you will feel better.

However, there is one way where CBD helps immensely…

Best CBD cannabis strains for hangovers


Although pretty much any cannabis strain will do the trick, CBD-dominant cannabis strains are almost always the way to go when trying to cure a hangover with weed. CBD, or cannabidiol, also derives from cannabis plants but does not contain the psychoactive ingredient that THC does. CBD is a great ingredient when trying to cure yourself of a hangover by helping to calm your body and mind. Here are some CBD strains that come highly recommended. And you can check for quality CBD products.

Sour Tsunami

This sativa-dominant strain contains high doses of CBD which will help your body wake up and work through nausea and body aches. Many medical marijuana users like this strain for a functional high while easing inflammation and pain. Sour Tsunami is a great wake and bake strain and paired extra nicely with some orange juice!


Another energizing cannabis strain, Harlequin also contains high levels of CBD and will have you jumping out of bed right after a few tokes. Take a nice shower to really wake up and have you feeling brand new! With pine and peppery flavors, this is definitely a go-to strain when trying to be productive and functional.


A little more THC than the previous recommendations, Cannatonic still contains more CBD and is great for the days you don’t have to actually get out of bed after a night of drinking and other weekend shenanigans. Another herbal and earthy strain, this is a good option to smoke when you want to eat breakfast in bed and binge on some Netflix!

Best THC dominant strains for hangovers


If you need more than high levels of CBD to get over your hangover, there are many THC-dominant strains that will work just as well if not more. On the contrary, sometimes smoking weed can jumpstart the effects of a hangover so try to know your balance so you don’t smoke one bowl too many.

Purple Haze

This sativa-dominant cannabis strain is super energetic and is perfect for the days you need something to get you out of the dumps. Many medical marijuana users like this strain to alleviate headaches and other pain, but also to wake up your other senses and brighten up your day! Pro tip: make sure not to overdo it on this strain as it can quickly take you from functional to dysfunctional in a hot minute.

Jack Herer

A sativa-dominant strain, Jack Herer barely has CBD but is loaded to give an energizing and uplifting effect. With similar earthy tones as Cannatonic, some users refer to this strain as their “morning medicine” so if that doesn’t scream hangover cure I’m not sure what does. Some THC strains will cloud your mind with the psychoactive effect, but Jack Herer gives a level-headed high that leaves you fully functional to tackle your day.

Sour OG

A cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Sour OG is a wonderful hybrid cannabis strain that will awaken your taste buds while still giving you that relaxation you desperately need when hungover. Containing only bits of CBD, Sour OG is a great strain to smoke when you need to be in a social setting. Smoke a few bowls and head out for a hike or something to get up and active!

Marijuana is your best friend after a hangover


A surprisingly uplifting and euphoric indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights is a go-to when you want to relax and unwind with no intentions of getting much done for the day. Northern Lights, one of Sensi Seeds most famous strains for being one of the most powerful Indica varieties can be bought from Zamnesia Seedshop. If you wake up hungover and have no need to be productive, take a nice warm shower and hot box with a few bong rips of this strain that’ll leave you feeling much better than before.

Northern Lights

Hangovers are never fun but weed can definitely help spice up your day in more ways than one. Starting off with a CBD-dominant cannabis strain is a sure way to help ease your hangover symptoms, then mix it up later on with a few of the recommended THC strains. Make sure you also have the necessary smoking supplies beforehand and grab a cheap bong that you can find on various places such as!



Hopefully, with the help of these strains you will find hangovers easier to bear. Find the strain which is the best for you. However, the best advice we could give here is don’t drink as much!

Hangovers happen to the best of us, but now you know how to get over it quickly. What is your most memorable hangover and how did you cure it?