Reading skill is very important in the PTE Exam. The PTE Exam is a computer-based English proficiency test. It evaluates your four skills Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The score of this section depends on your reading, understanding ability of the text, grammar, and vocabulary. How fast do you extract the required information from the text in the PTE? This skill depends upon reading practice. You can improve your reading skills to follow the below points:

  • Develop your habit to read daily. You can read books, novels, articles anything that you enjoy reading. Read it again and again until you understand the whole text.
  • Make a plan for reading and firmly follow it. For example, I will read the first two chapters of this book within 2 days. Complete your target and try to write down the exact of those chapters even in a few lines. This will encourage you to make plans and gives you pleasure.
  • Read with a little bit loud voice with ample speed. It should be clearly audible. Spend at least half an hour in a noisy place to get the feel of the PTE examination centre, as in the test centre there may be noise.
  • Increase your reading speed day by day. Use a timer to read a certain number of words in a certain period of time.
  • Read any article and try to extract the main idea of it. This is called skimming and scanning. Skimming means going through quickly to a given text to get an overall idea about it. Scanning means finding a particular part of the information from the text. It helps you to extract the related information immediately without spending much time. In your practice only read academic articles because those are the kind of texts you will see in real PTE.
  • Focus on new words and their meanings, if you come across new words note them down and must look for the meaning in the dictionary. You can also learn synonyms and antonyms of these new words.
  • The topics of PTE reading tests are related to subjects like humanitarian studies, natural sciences, and general knowledge. You should read more about these topics to enhance your knowledge.
  • A basic understanding of sentence structures is a must. It will help a lot in filling in the blank questions, which is one of the important modules of this section. When you know the different parts of the sentence, you will be able to tell which word will complete the blank. This will also help you to identify the right option.
  • Keep the time limit in your mind, as you have to answer all questions in the specific given time period.
  • Participate in an online vocabulary quiz to improve your knowledge. It will help you to learn new words and increase your confidence.
  • When you read any topic, frame questions about it to improve your thinking skill. It will improve your overall understanding of the topic. In argumentative topics try to think in favour and against that topic.

While hard work is the key to success, shortcuts and smart steps which we take forward to achieve your goal, play an important part in the success of PTE. I am hereby describing to you some shortcuts for success in the PTE test. It is based on my personal experience. Try to follow them:

  • Complete your answer in the specification given time for each section.
  • Devote your time to all sections like speaking, reading, listening, and writing. All are important to get a good score.

  • When you are fully confident about your preparation then you have to give PTE exam.
  • Be smart and learn lessons from mistakes. Do not repeat it. You can also talk to your friend who has already given and got a good score in the PTE test. You can listen to his experience and grasp his good points, implement it into your practice to get good results. Try to learn always from others’ experiences.
  • Do more and more practice to bring accuracy. Practice makes a man perfect. Day-by-day practice will improve your level of score.
  • There are so many websites that offered free mock tests for the practice. Attempt SCORED mock test so that you can know your mistakes and your score. To improve it you can do more work on it.
  • Fully concentrate while attempting your test. You should be physically fit because there is a famous quote “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”
  • If you do not get success in your first attempt, do not lose hope, learn from your mistakes and again start preparing for top scores. Where there is a will there is a way. Definitely, you will get a good score and achieve your goal.
  • Join a free and paid course. In the paid course the teacher pays attention and clears your doubts. You know your score well in each section. You can focus more on the particular section in which you have secured fewer marks. You will get regular feedback on your answers.
  • Make notes in the listening section, so that no important point can be missed, while answering the question. To improve your listening skill, you can listen to songs, listen to news, stories, etc.
  • Improve your grammatical skill, pronunciation, and vocabulary for better results. Try to read good books, read one article daily, note down difficult words, check their meaning from an online dictionary, and write them in your own words. It will improve your writing practice and vocabulary and you will become efficient to summarize the whole paragraph in only one sentence, which is also the part of this test. Daily practice improves your thinking skill and general awareness.

  • Make a good study plan and follow it. Try to read the newspaper with a smooth flow. Voice should be audible. But you have to take a pause whenever it is required and put stress on the main points. It will improve your speaking skill.
  • At last, I just want to convey that hard work never goes in vain, smartly you follow these steps to get a good score in the PTE test.