Self-care has truly enjoyed a renaissance over the last decade or so. Thanks to the mainstream trends and social media, the makeup and cosmetics industries are now some of the most lucrative ones largely because they are intertwined with entertainment.

Right up there with them of course is hair care as a very important part of the overall practice of taking care of yourself. Especially for the ladies, having healthy and beautiful hair is of the utmost importance simply because it is one of the most important parts of the body, both for the beauty and the looks and otherwise.

As with many other things, people believe vastly different and often opposite things related to taking care of one’s hair. Myths and misconceptions are plenty and less and less of the common people know who and what to believe and listen to. While an abundance of information at every corner is usually a good thing, it becomes quite the opposite when everyone starts sharing their opinions.

In order to take the right kind of care of your hair, you have to cut ties with all the (in)famous misconceptions. In this article, you will be able to do just that, as we aim to debunk the most common of them. In case you wish to learn more about this or to simply learn about the best products currently on the market, make sure to check out WomenPremiumBeauty.

1. Cutting Hair Frequently


It is generally widely believed that cutting your hair as soon as possible makes it grow faster. What most people think and therefore also do is trim their locks every 4 to 6 weeks on average in order to make it grow faster. The truth is that there is no relation between cutting your hair and is growing faster, simply because the growth takes place at the roots. The ends have nothing to do with growth as they are only pushed further and further due to the roots coming out. The ends are also not “alive” like the roots of the hairs and the skin of the scalp.

On the other hand, regular trimming does wonders for the look as it eliminates split ends and gives the desired shape to your overall appearance. If you want to grow out your hair, have it trimmed once every 8 to 12 weeks depending on how quickly it naturally grows. If not, anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks is enough to keep it tidy and neat. If you really want your hair to grow faster, different products and formulas have to be a part of your routine, something with natural ingredients like blue-green algae and pea sprout. These stimulate hair follicles and make the hair stronger and fast-growing.

2. Shampooing and Conditioning


The second myth worth discussing again has to do with the frequency of performing the activity. It is generally thought that shampooing and conditioning your hair frequently, a few times per week, is too much, so much so that it actually damages your locks. This is not true and it makes no sense. The rate at which someone’s hair requires cleaning has to do with too many factors to list, from genetics and hair type to the way of life. Oily scalp and greasy hair require more frequent washing. Are you searching for a hair spa? You can find a salon near you via this page.

There are enough products out there for all the different types of hair, as well as care products that make hair less dry, less oily, and so on. Pick and choose what you want or need until you find the routine that does the most for your specific case. It does not really matter how often you wash your hair, it is only the question of whether you need to wash it as often as you do. As long as you do not allow the buildup of dead cells, hair product residue, bacteria, and oil, you are fine.

3. Gray Hair and Stress


People who start getting gray hairs prematurely usually think that it is due to the large amounts of stress in their life. This is an urban myth that has been passed down for generations, and it is simply not accurate. The two leading factors that influence the graying of one’s hair, in general, are aging and genetics. Less melanin in older age means gray hair, as melanin is responsible for the color of your hair. Stress can certainly speed things up a little bit in much the same way it is not beneficial for the rest of our body.

People have stress-related issues that manifest in all sorts of ways, from chronic pain to more serious and sudden ailments. It is no wonder then that hair can be somewhat grayer due to stress, but it still has to do with genetics and aging first. If a person in their 30s or 40s already has a full head of grays, it is definitely due to genetics. More scientific research has to be performed if a stronger tie between stress and grayness of hairs is to be made.

4. Shaving your Head


When someone wants to make their hair stronger and refresh their whole scalp, they are often advised to shave their head completely and let the hair reset. It is then expected to grow faster and become healthier, more voluminous, and easier to deal with. This sort of thing is almost fantastical in nature and completely false. The myth is more than a century old and it was debunked all the way back in 1928 by clinical studies. People have actually had quite the opposite experience as their hair never recovered from the shock they gave it. Some experienced head skin problems due to the lack of protection hair usually allows. This only furthered the myth and now there are those who think it is beneficial, as well as those who think it ruins your hair forever.

Four More Myths

  1. Plucking a gray hair makes two more grow – definitely not true and quite comedic really
  2. Blow-drying is worse than air-drying – true and untrue, as both are useful and bad if done frequently
  3. A 100 brush strokes a day – could not be further away from the truth, who has time for this?
  4. Switching products every couple of months – not good, especially if you are used to certain products