Enlightenment E17 or DR17 is a desktop environment that can serve as both the window manager and a desktop environment at the same time in your OS. What makes it really cool is that it brings out the best features out of your PC as compared to the commonly used KDE and GNOME (both require slightly high end hardware). Hence you will be able to run the latest, hottest software even in your old PC.

E17 is pretty neat because it uses less system resources and yet has a beautiful look (eye-candy) and to top it all it responds quickly on a variety of hardware. It enables you to personalize your desktop, choose the best wallpaper, icon set, widgets and applets and offers an exceptional level of themeability and even gives you the option to created animated wallpapers.

Enlightenment ā€” sometimes referred to simply as ā€œEā€ was started by Carsten Haitzler in 1997 as an FVWM. It is an advancement on E16 which is a much more lean and simple window manager. Only a beta version of DR17 is available now. However it should wind up in a stable release soon. Those who are worried about using a beta, DR16 is still maintained and is included on many distros.



  • Low resource consumption
  • It is highly responsive
  • It is very elegant
  • It is very efficient, keeps the CPU far more cooler than any other DE.
  • You can customize and change anything and everything.
  • The manager is quite stable