Stress is the leading cause of illness associated with the modern century. In the desire for better health, people resort to treatments, therapies and supplements. But in reality, the enemy of stress is always within our reach. The sounds of nature are an anti-stress source with proven effects that often outperform conventional treatments. Studies have shown over time that nature sounds optimise cognitive ability, increase performance, concentration and even creativity. A day’s walk in nature is enough to change your outlook on life, giving you an optimistic outlook on everyday problems. If time doesn’t allow you to devote yourself to movement in nature, then bring nature into your home. Put on a special playlist that plays the sounds of nature.

The sounds of nature are just as beneficial to the psyche even if they are artificial





Researchers have found that when we listen to the sound of the sea waves, the sound of rain or the rustling of leaves, physical changes take place in the body. Under prolonged stress, our health undergoes changes on all levels. Increased blood sugar levels, increased pulse rate, high blood pressure, muscle stiffness or adrenal fatigue are just a few of the many disastrous consequences that stress brings into our lives. The increased pressure on the adrenal glands can be alleviated with alternative therapies. Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation and listening to natural sounds are a first step towards relieving adrenal fatigue and mental stress.

Active breaks at work have a much more energising effect than scrolling through social media. A 20-minute session in heated massage chairs offers a therapeutic effect similar to a walk in the fresh air. Discover more about full body massage chairs on It is also advisable that during therapeutic massage, natural sounds are played in the background rather than headphones for a calming effect.

The formula combining massage with natural sounds improves deep breathing, increases body temperature, lowers heart rate, which helps to balance cortisol levels. Fortunately, today’s technology has evolved enough to bring the crashing waves, the chirping of birds, the sounds of storms, the breeze of the wind, the song of waterfalls, the whispering of rivers close to you, even if you’re miles from the forest.

The sounds of nature improve our cognitive abilities

Moreover, specialists have observed that recovery after a traumatic event or an emotional shock happened much faster in a natural setting (connection to natural sounds and sights) than in artificial environments where urban noises predominate. Focusing on work tasks or studying for exams could become challenging because of environmental stimuli that constantly distract you. Of course, every 20 minutes of focus should be followed by a 5-minute break. Short and frequent breaks can even increase your power of concentration and assimilation of information. To effortlessly ignore distractions while studying, you can tune into one of the many playlists playing nature music.

How can the therapeutic effects associated with natural sounds be explained? A sound source defined by nature music creates the mental image of a safe environment. And this message to the brain alleviates the effects of the stress hormone, allows us to better control our fears, and creates a state of mental calm.

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