We always believe that if we leave something to be done on our behalf, it will not be perfect as we could have done it ourselves. We always think that we know better, but this always leads most of us to a disaster. This is no different from event planning. You may think that planning an occasion is a simple task, but in the real sense, it isn’t. If a successful event is anything to go by, you must accept to take the back seat and leave the planning to the experts. What is required of you is to give instructions and have everything else done by the experts. A professional event planner will make your ceremony memorable for the rest of your life time. If you are still not convinced that you should hire a planner, here are the reasons:

1. Everything shall be as the plan


A professional planner only requires your instructions and then executes them. Most people have the fear that the planer will set things according to their plans. This can never happen because the first step in event planning is taking instructions from the host. All you need to do is give detailed instructions to your planner and eliminate the fears of non-delivery because your planner will deliver as per the instructions provided.

2. Save Money

There is always a misconception that event planners are an extra expense. In reality, one will be helping you to salvage the little that could be going to the drain. Because of the experience in the field, they are well connected to the service providers. They can help you hire the best caterers, cameramen, transporters while negotiating for discounts on your behalf. They got to know where to spend what and where not to.

3. The decision on the venue


An event planner will consider the following before choosing a venue for you accessibility. Secondly, the weather and the clientele. The fact that they’ve planned other ceremony before, they are well versed with different venues. Mostly they will give you referrals to the venues they had the best experience. So, any referral from a planner can never be misleading.

4. Photos

Whether it’s a corporate or a personal event, you want it to look fabulous. If anything, you want the memories to remain fresh forever. This is only made possible by photos and videos. But you may not be having the slightest idea of how to go about pictures and videos. This is where a planner comes in to plan for your photo sessions. They may advise you to set up a photo booth or hire one from photo companies such as Picture Blast. A photo booth helps in capturing the best moments in an occasion.

5. Take care of the catering department.


Now that you have never dealt with caterers, you do not have even the slightest clue on what goes on. You could be having the best caterers and still run into unforeseen problems. Maybe the food wasn’t enough, or the serving was not done to your expected standards. This is the reason as to why we leave such jobs to the experts. An event planner has excellent knowledge of handling different service providers so that nothing is a miss on the D-Day.

6. Venue Transformation

These people have been to so many functions, and they have so many styles and designs in mind. Once you have selected the venue, they can transform it to reflect your theme. They know precisely what your venue requires. Whether it is an outdoor wedding, indoor wedding, casual party, or whatever the occasion is, a planner will get the area decorated accordingly.

7. Select event services


In the course of planning, the event planner will help you select the service providers accordingly. Such service providers include but are not limited to; transportation services, catering services, florist, cameraman, and the DJ. For this one, you can count on your planner as they deal with these service providers almost on a daily basis.

8. Manage your budget

The best thing with event planners is that, once you give them your budget, they ensure everything falls into that budget. They keep track of the bills and ensure everything is within the budget. They also take it as their responsibility to negotiate for services on your behalf. There also offer the best referrals to some of their supplies. After the ceremony, they review all the bills and release the unpaid amounts. With an event planner, you can be sure to have everything fall in place.

9. Monitor everything


An event planner coordinates everything to ensure that things run smoothly. Even during the event, the event planner keeps an eye on everything that is going on so as to ensure that things are done correctly as per the client’s wishes and to the satisfaction of the guests. Having an event planner on the ground will save you money, time, and above all, you’ll be able to enjoy your event tension free.

10. Handle emergency situations

With their experience, event planners are able to handle emergencies as they arise. For instance, if you make some changes in the number of attendees, they are able to make adjustments so as to accommodate the additinal number. They are usually well equipped to handle such emergency situations during the event.



There is much more to hiring an event planner than it meets the eye. You may think that it’s a waste of time and resources, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving money and your precious time. An event planner is meant to assist you in planning everything and ensuring your event runs smoothly. Although there is a price involved, you will come to appreciate the work of the planner after the event. So, if you are planning to have a function, don’t stress yourself for no good reason, look for an event planner and have everything done for you as you sit and watch things happen.