If we talk about the hosting plans, the plan that becomes the popular option for the business website today will go to the VPS server and dedicated server. The website hosting plans itself consist of several hosting types such as colocation, cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated server. This article will focus our discussion on the dedicated server and VPS (Virtual Private Server) only due to the limited time. If you are interested in getting information about colocation, cloud hosting, and shared hosting, you can check on our content about the VPS services. In this context, we will talk a lot about comparing VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated VPS server, how they work, and how to choose the best one for your website hosting activity. Let’s get started to understand the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server in the below section.

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: Which Option is Best for Your Site?


Before we talk about the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and a dedicated server, you need to understand the definition of hosting as the fundamental aspect before we go further to the explanation about VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server.

What is hosting? Hosting is an activity that is able to make your website online and reachable on the internet world. This method is used to exchange information between two computers or more. The systematic of hosting is described as a computer sending the request to the server’s computer—which is known as the administrator that is in charge of managing and optimizing the website—and the process of providing the requested files or data back to the sender through the internet as the medium in this distribution. The website hosting’s speed and performance depend on the hardware used as the server and the database. Internet connection also took a vital aspect in optimizing the hosting process.

Since you know the hosting definition, now you are ready to move to the main topic of dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server).

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that sings the virtualized computer as the server and provides the dedicated resource plus the private space for its clients to provide the best performance ever in hosting a website. VPS is way more superior to cloud hosting or shared hosting because the resource used is not shared as on the hosting services else. Hence the user can optimize their performance by using a single resource for their digital establishment. VPS (Virtual Private Server) also provides the full access root because VPS itself is the manifestation of the virtualized computer. In this feature, the users can make any changes such as installing a particular software, uninstall, and change the operating system.

While the dedicated server is known as the hosting plan that provides the complete access and resource to a single client only, the client will get the dedicated resource, dedicated server, and the whole space for their website only. A dedicated server is perfect for a business website that has a lot of customers worldwide. If you are using the dedicated server, you will never face the problem such as the downtime, and the other minor problems.

How Does VPS Hosting Compare to Dedicated Servers?


VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the dedicated server have their advantages and disadvantages based on their purposes. In this section of this article, you will be informed about the comparison between the VPS hosting and dedicated VPS. WeWe will focus on these particular aspects starting from the performance, security, accessibility, maintenance, and price for a fair comparison. Let’s get started.


The performance from the VPS is considered as the brilliant one because VPS provides the dedicated resource that makes the clients are able to optimize their digital space without getting worried by the downtime or the heavy traffic that increase the possibility of slowing down the connection or make the website down such as on the cloud and shared hosting. Besides, the privacy of its clients is guaranteed because the separation provided by VPS will make the clients able to be a focus on the website development rather than minding the risk from the shared hosting service.

A dedicated server also provides the best service in providing the prime performance for the website hosting since the whole server is dedicated to a single client. Similar to the VPS, the single dedicated resource will make the performance from the server running smoother and more stable.



On the security aspect, both VPS server and dedicated server bring the optimum service in this area. If you choose the managed VPS, the provider will help you to secure the website hosting on the VPS server, while on the dedicated server, you need to hire the IT expert to help you secure the server for advance preventive action toward any danger from outside.


In the maintenance area, the VPSServer is giving you more advantage, especially if you choose the managed VPS service. The provider from the managed VPS service will hold the routine maintenance to help you identify and prevent any troubles that have a possibility to bother your server performance. If you choose the dedicated server or the unmanaged VPS, you need to hire a professional IT manager to help you held the maintenance and provide the report to make sure that your server is running well.


In the pricing factor, the VPS server is the champion because you can choose between using the managed VPS or unmanaged VPS. Unmanaged VPS provides you the lowest price, but the managed VPS is also not too expensive compared with the dedicated server. If you’re searching for cheaper VPS providers, head over to this guide on Alterwebhost for dependable yet inexpensive virtual hosting servers.

Which Option is Best For You?


To answer this question, you need to map your needs and your budget in choosing a VPS server or a dedicated server. If you won a big company and you have the vision to develop the selling through the online environment, the best option is going to a dedicated server. If you have limited financial resources, but you require some upgrades for your hosting activity, you can choose the VPS server. Any decision you make is the best for you. To make you more convinced by your own choice, you can be consulting this matter with the hosting service provider or the IT expert.