Gambling is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming activities that attract millions of people from different parts of the world. In fact, millions of gamblers bet on different types of sports every day. Some people gamble to have entertainment, while others do it to make money.

Whether you are in it to have entertainment or to have fun, there are important things you should do before placing a bet. They include:

Check whether the Bookie is Legit

Before you place any bets, you should first check whether the bookie of your choice is legit or not. And to do that, you need to check the licensing information. If the bookie has licenses from authorities like MGA, UKGC, and Curacao, then you can proceed to place bets. Also, you can know whether the bookie is legit by checking what existing bettors say. If they talk positively about the sportsbook, then you can place bets with confidence.

Check if there is a Bonus Offer to Take Advantage Of

Most online sportsbooks have bonus offers for new and existing players. Therefore, you should check if there is a bonus so you can claim and place a bet. You can, for instance, check if there are sign-up offers you can grab and start your journey on the right foot. Still, some sportsbooks offer free bets. With this, you can place a bet without using your real money. Once you get a bonus to place a bet, you should also check the wagering requirements.

Check if the Sportsbook Accepts Arbitrage Betting


Nowadays, some online sportsbooks are accepting arbitrage betting. With this, you can get arbs from a surebet software and win guaranteed profits. It is, therefore, good you check whether the bookie you want to join accepts arbs or not. Also, you need to check whether the available sports are the ones covered by arbitrage sites. If the bookie has all this, then you can proceed to make bets.

Check the Odds

Some betting markets have better odds than others. Also, some betting markets have boosted odds. Well, these are odds that you will not find at any other online sportsbooks. In fact, some boosted odds are two times bigger than others. So, when you bet on markets with boosted odds, you will win big. You, however, need to note that it will take time for you to go through all the betting markets. But you don’t need to worry about that; the returns will make up for that.

Check Team Ratings and Other Statistics

Before you place any bets, you should first check the team ratings and other statistics. Specifically, you need to check how well players are and the team’s overall rating. It is also good you check how the team has been head-to-head against other teams. Once you do all this, you will make an informed bet.



Betting is a game of chance, meaning both the bookie and the player can win or lose. As a player, you can avoid unnecessary losses by checking out the things we have mentioned in this article. To be precise, you need to check the odds, team ratings, the free bets you can take advantage of, and whether the sportsbook is legit or not.