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“Style is universal and self expression is key” -Bhane

Every interview you go,every place you visit, your appearance is what matters the most and to embellish your dressing etiquette ,there are the biggest fashion houses, productions, industries one of which includes ‘Bhane’, a clothing label which has tailored the youth style and trends.

Bhane has acquired the dressing quotient which has entitled them as the biggest fashion brands in the world. Let’s know every instance of how, where, when, and by whom,lot more in the further article.

About Bhane

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One such brand that is changing the way the fashion industry works is Bhane. Bhane is a brand that looks sophisticated and seems to be targeting people with heavy pockets. The regular customers of the brand would tell you otherwise except for the fact that the brand is sophisticated.

The Delhi-based fashion brand was founded in 2012 by Anand Ahuja. The name of the brand translates to, “The Rising Sun” in Gurmukhi, a language that is spoken by Sikhs.

The brand targets urban youth by centralizing around the objective of retaining its humility.

Creator And His Life

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The brilliant mind behind ‘Bhane’ is none other than Anand Ahuja who created it and the managing director at ‘Shahi Exports’ Pvt LTD,apparel manufacturer which is his family business.

The founder of ‘Bhane’ was born to Harish and Priya Ahuja on July 7. Anand Ahuja is a Delhian who was brought up in Delhi along with his siblings Anant, Amit and Priyadarshini.

Although he comes from a rich family background, he wanted to be self independent and completed his studies till post graduation before he founded ‘Bhane’.

He schooled in American Embassy School. Wharton School in Pennsylvania was the university where he completed his graduation in business administration.He gained copious knowledge of marketing, business and company development before actually starting it. Later he acknowledged the fashion merchandising, that’s the time he got self introduced to Sonam Kapoor in a party. Later they developed a relationship for two years and in 2018 got married on May 8. Since then both together are working for the development and sophistication of ‘Bhane’.

Career And Achievements

This brand is not just a brand nationally but is also well-known internationally.Let’s reflect Anand Abuja’s career and milestones.

  • ‘Shashi Exports’ was like start support to ‘Bhane’ as it was their family business which got them recognition from the start as well as seeked success at the chain that later on helped them evolve their company.
  • At the start though they had family business support but it was quite difficult to establish such a brand with huge investments and workload. He encouraged himself to stand ‘Bhane’ which resulted in a profit of Rs.11.14 crore.

Facts About Bhane

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  • As it the India’s top fashion brand it has few incentives which you should know:
  • The brand ‘Bhane’ is famous over many fashion sites like Myntra, Flipkart , Amazon,etc.
  • The founder Anand Ahuja also owns Veg Non Veg sneaker store as he shows keen interest in shoes.
  • He became a successful entrepreneur through Shahi Exports, father’s business.

Net Worth

₹48.31 crores is the final estimation of his net worth that comes from both Bhane and Shashi Exports. The yearly income is ₹3,000 crores & ₹33.44 crores.