Since a few years ago, online gambling has become one of the favorite hobbies for people, mainly because of the excitement it provides, besides being able to play from the comfort of one’s home. Now, the reality may differ since not all players can access various casinos due to restrictions imposed on online gambling in their locality; this is where VPN-friendly casinos help players. Now, we will explore three reasons why casinos usually restrict players.

Respect for regulations


The main reason platforms ban players who use casinos that allow VPN is because stringent regulations rule these sites. Online gambling is dominated by international, national, and regional laws that can be complicated. In other words, to maintain their legal operations and gaming licenses, online casinos must perform under such standardization that commonly requires strict user verification guidelines and geographic restrictions.

  • Regional licenses. For online casinos to operate legally, they must have a commission dedicated to the location. By using a VPN casino, users hide their geographical location, which can lead to non-compliance on the part of the casino. Non-compliance leads to heavy penalties such as license revocation.
  • Age validation. Most countries in the world have policies and restrictions towards underage gamblers. To fulfill this rule, online casinos perform a user verification after registration. VPN-friendly casinos are used to hide certain information to facilitate registration. Hiding information from the casino can lead to non-compliance with gambling regulations.

Responsible Gaming


One of the main policies of online casinos is to promote responsible gaming tools. Casinos that allow VPNs weaken the restrictions imposed by the platforms to implement fair and accountable gaming. Some troubles in responsible gaming are:

  • Self-exclusion programs. Most online casinos offer their clients self-exclusion programs to help players fight against gambling addiction. These programs are assigned according to the client’s location, so when a VPN-friendly casino is used, the casino’s commitment to implement responsible gambling measures is avoided.
  • Help for gambling problems. Online casinos make partnerships with various local companies to provide help to players who have gambling problems. Using VIP casinos makes it more challenging to get help if help is needed.
  • Localization limitations. It is common for online casinos to make use of localized promotions and bonuses. With casinos that allow VPN, players from other regions can opt for such advertisements, and this creates a disadvantage by altering the user experience for customers and the platform.

Fraud prevention


The third reason casinos tend to restrict players from VPN-friendly casinos is to prevent fraud. Casinos that allow VPNs are unprotected against most fraud cases, such as identity theft, bonus abuse, and money laundering, since VPNs make it difficult for casinos to track down and prevent them. Some of the most frequent cases of fraud are:

  • Money laundering. Offenders often use online casinos to transfer money from illegal sources to be laundered in gambling operations. VPN casinos provide an advantage in hiding the origin of the transactions, making it difficult for the casino to identify fraudulent activities successfully.
  • Scams and cheating. A latent problem is the relationship between casino staff and players and all the infidelity involved in games such as poker or blackjack. Maintaining constant surveillance of teams and players in casinos that allow VPN is an almost titanic task for the platforms.
  • Identity validation. A concrete confirmation of the identity of users is indispensable as a tool for responsible gambling. VPN-friendly casinos can complicate the casino’s ability to verify identities, making it more difficult to detect fraudulent actions.

While it is true that using VPN-friendly casinos allows players to enter a wider world of casinos and promotions, compliance with regulations, fraud prevention, and responsible gaming tools are fundamental for the gaming industry. Therefore, players are advised to look for casinos that pay special attention to the security and fairness of their operations.