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Chainsaws are sturdy and handy tools that require maximum maintenance in terms of oiling. When it comes to oiling, it is one of the most critical processes. You can’t just use dump car motor oil into your bar and chain oil and expect it to perform at its best. When you go out to shop for bar and chain oil, choosing the right one brings the difference between a chipped, battered chain and one that performs for a long time. There many different types of biodegradable chain oil available on the market making it difficult for one to make the perfect choice. Biodegradable bar and chain oil is one of the best options in the market as it is environmentally friendly. This article goes through the best biodegradable bar and chain oil products.

Using a chainsaw requires perfect awareness and skills. It is a safety sensitive activity that requires the person working with the machine to maintain it in good condition for efficient use. The bar and chain requires regular maintenance. These parts are lubricated by oil from the oil tank. The best bar and chainsaw oil will provide clean operation, safe use of the machine/environment, and excellent service. Whenever chainsaws were to work, all the oil lubricant used to end up being inhaled by the environment. This has brought significant concerns from the forestry industry especially in large scale cutting operations. Massive exposure to petroleum-based products has resulted in adverse health effects to the user and people concerned with the environment, and occupational health recommends the use of the biodegradable bar and chain oil. These are environmentally compatible displaying fast bio-degradation after spillage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

The most suitable biodegradable bar and chain oil depend on the task you are doing and where you are doing it. This has variations between cutting frequency, climatic and weather conditions, and temperature. This means that for the natural and smooth operation of your machine, you need to ensure that you buy the right type of biodegradable oil. In most cases, manufacturers recommend the type of oil that you should use and the different alternatives. If no oil is recommended, you need to look for the best alternative that is equally similar. This is by comparing their lubrication power and extent of eco-friendliness to the one recommended by the manufacturer. You should always be cautious and confirm what the chain saw warranty states about using different oils before you make changes.

Oil Thickness

The thickness of the oil is a crucial property that you need to consider. Thicker oils are better in terms of staying on the chain longer. However, thicker oils will collect sap and more debris that will relatively reduce the cutting power of your blade. Here is where the temperature factor comes into play. Every oil performs differently at extreme temperatures. At extreme warmer temperature, the oil thins out while at freezing temperatures the oil becomes thicker. For cold temperatures, you should choose a biodegradable oil that runs freely at approximately room temperature. This allows it to thicken up at the cold temperatures and remain on the blade longer without becoming very thick to clog up the chain. If you are operating at warmer temperatures, you should buy a more viscous oil that won’t be sent all over the chain. Instead, it will stick and stay on the chain.

Environmental safety

It is essential for one to consider the impact of oil on the environment. One of the things that make biodegradable bar and chain oil the best is being environmentally friendly. If you are operating near a water body, backyard, or pond, it is crucial that you use one of the below listed biodegradable oils. Though the petroleum-based oils are the gold standard, biodegradable green oils do not cause harm to the wildlife or destroy the quality of water upon being exposed to the environment.


With the current high economies worldwide, budget is a factor that you need to consider when shopping for the best biodegradable bar and chain oil. The cost of most of these oils is relatively low as compared to the quality of these biodegradable chainsaw oils. You should know that the higher the cost, the higher the quality and vice versa.


A chainsaw runs at a speed equivalent to forty-five miles per hour. The best biodegradable oil should have high affinity and be sticky enough to maintain its position on the chain.


You might be wondering the importance of the biodegradable oil to be slippery. Slipperiness prevents debris and tree sap from attaching themselves to the bar chain during cutting. The best biodegradable oil should hence be slippery enough.

1. NV Earth Biodegradable Bar & Chain oil

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If you are cutting around a water body, it is recommendable that you use green oil in case of oil spillage in water. NV Earth Biodegradable oil is one of the best bar and chain oil ideal for various applications. The oil is manufactured with seed oils grown in America making it the ultimate biodegradable and bio-based product. The oil meets the USDA bio-preferred standards. It has high-quality lubricity for extended performance and is non-toxic. NV Earth lubricant oils are manufactured by the next-generation family of innovative and responsible products from Dynamic Green. User safety is enhanced due to reduced emissions and lower carbon footprint. The product comes with affordable price and keeps the chain sharp. However, you should note that mixing this biodegradable oil with petroleum-based oil in your saw will lead to gunk-up. It is hence either you exhaust entirely all the petroleum-based oil that you have, or carefully empty it before adding in this biodegradable oil. With this limitation in mind, you will have one of the best oils for your chain bar and chain.

2. Eco Tech Premium Bar and Chain Saw Oil

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This biodegradable bar and chain oil is manufactured with virgin base oils. These oils are extracted from resources grown in America. The best property is that the oil has been formulated in such a way that it has a better metal affinity than the petroleum-based oils. A small amount of eco-tech film oil will bond to the surface that is worn out, and as a result performing better than the tacky petroleum-based oil conventional film. Eco-Tech premium bar and chain oil does not have any hazardous ingredients that are harmful to the environment. It is solvent free, contains no dyes VOC’s, fragrances, and is non-toxic. Additionally, this biodegradable oil has a superior performance during cold temperatures. It is an all-season approved formula that perfectly clings to the bar. It is also useful in repelling the tree sap while reducing wear and heat during the cutting process. This product is manufactured by Finish Line technologies and comes in dimensions of 4 x 3 x 8 inches.

3. STIHL Bio Plus Chain and Bar Oil

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This oil and lubricant has the best lubrication and is gentle on the environment. This bio-friendly bar and chain oil is suitable for use in high temperatures and performs highly with no loss of adhesion or lubrication.The oil is manufactured explicitly for high-speed saw chains and has a lesser resin tendency as compared to most vegetable-based biodegradable oils. More so, the bar and chain oil give the saw maximum protection even in adverse climatic conditions. There is no smoke produced at high temperatures as well as the excellent flow properties are retained even in temperatures as low as fifteen degrees. STIHL bio plus chain oil is safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas including water reserves. The oil is also compatible with different materials including elastomers, plastics, paints, and light metal alloys.

4. Husqvarna Biodegradable Bar & Chain Oil

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Husqvarna launched a new and adverse Husqvarna bio advanced bar chain oil. The development was mainly done to ensure proper functionality of Husqvarna saws. However, the bar and chain oil have emerged as one of the best biodegradable oils in the market. Manufactured from base plant renewable stocks, this oil has a minimal environmental impact that is ninety percent reduced. It provides superior lubrication and top performance of your saw. Developed from a vegetable-based formula, the oil is ecologically friendly. The vegetable-based oil has already won the Blue Angel environmental award due to its ability to degrade entirely in the soil within a short time.

More so, it increases resistance to oxidation meaning that the chain saw will remain smooth and ready for work even during and after storage. Its formulation has special ingredients that offer an anti-oxidation performance improvement of up to thirty-five percent as compared to the competing chain saw oils. This significantly reduces the risks of chain clogging. Lastly, this biodegradable oil has an extremely high viscosity index. For a wide range of temperature, the viscosity change is minimal. At temperatures as low as negative twenty degrees, this bar and chain saw oil pours freely. This means that even in the harshest climatic conditions, Husqvarna bio advanced will give better lubrication and protect your bar and chainsaw from wear and tear.

5. Pennine Biodegradable Chainsaw Oils

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Pennine have the best stout and medium biodegradable bar and chain oil. These oils are environmental friendly hence ideal to use in environmentally sensitive areas and near watercourses. The oils have been manufactured from vegetable-derived base oils with the addition of quality additives such as tackiness and anti-fling that protects cutter and chain bars. This also ensures better adhesion and anti-corrosion properties. Pennine chainsaw oils are ninety-eight percent nonphytotoxic and biodegradable making them among the best oils in the market. Their low pour point ensures perfect pump-ability, especially in low temperatures.

6. Laser TerraSafe oil

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This chain and bar oil is formulated and manufactured to be clean, renewable and non, toxic. It is one of the essential oil for the safe operation of your saw. The oil is friendly to the mother nature and is made with USA grown natural seed oil using optimized biotechnology. It is engineered and recommended for use in all the chainsaw types regardless of the material. The best thing about laser TerraSafe oil is that it can mix freely with petroleum-based bar and chain oils so that you don’t have to consume much time emptying the petroleum-based oil first. It can be used for both manual and automatic lubrication applications. Other than being a hundred percent biodegradable, this oil does not cause skin irritation; it has a high flash point and high-quality lubricity. In some instances, the law requires one to use a biodegradable oil when cutting on federal land as prevents toxicity contamination to aquatic life.

7. Crisco vegetable oil

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Vegetable oils present an affordable and useful alternative for bar and chain oil. Generally, biodegradable bar and chain saw oil is divided into two major parts, synthetic biodegradable oil, and vegetable oil. Crisco vegetable oil is environmentally friendly enhancing the campaign of using a chain saw in a hygienic way to conserve the environment. One of the advantages of this oil is that it does not stain hence easy to clean from the clothes. More so, it has a high flash point, good shear resistance, and high viscosity. However, one of its major drawbacks is reduced effectiveness during the cold season.

8. STIGA Biodegradable chain oil

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Lubrication of your bar and chain saw is not an option anymore. You must lubricate out the machine to keep it running properly for long periods. STIGA biodegradable chain oil provides adequate lubrication and avoids much friction that may result from tearing and wearing. It comes as a natural high viscous fluid and has been proven to be more than ninety percent biodegradable when disposed of in the environment. It converts to nontoxic substrates including water and carbon dioxide under the effect of atmospheric agents and microorganisms. The five liters’ product is affordable and has a package weight of four point nine kilograms and a product weight of four point three kilograms.

9. Renewable Lubricants Bio-Pro Bar and Chain Lubricant

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According to customer reviews, many people give this biodegradable oil a five-star rating. It has been manufactured using the bio patented additive technology giving it the best qualities needed for the high performance. It combines this patented additive technology with agricultural based vegetable oils to come up with a high-quality bar and chainsaw lubricant oil. The oil is highly tacky preventing it from oil fling off from sprockets and chain hence reducing wear and tear. Mineral and petroleum based oil lubricants have been found to cause emissions, spillages, and leakage that cause harm to the environment. Bio-pro bar and chain lubricant are tough, pitch dissolving and very tucky suitable for chain and bar saw usage. It is also recommendable for use in farm equipment’s, motorcycle chains and straddles lift lumber carriers lift chain drives.

10. LUBECO Bio Bar & Chain oil

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LUBECO bio-oil is manufactured with environmental protection in mind. The oil offers a high level of anti-corrosion, lubricity and anti-wear properties to keep your chain saw in perfect shape and efficiency. This biodegradable oil received the EU Ecolabel Certificate of environmental excellence due to its successful efforts of being environmentally friendly. Within twenty-eight days, after it has been exposed to the environment, the bar and chain bar oil degrades to over ninety-eight percent. It also contains additives that improve its tackiness power which together with the excellent lubricating properties provides the best biodegradable oil for your chainsaw or any other machine. The bar and chain oil are mainly made for twin –stroke and air-cooled machines that involve extremely high engine temperatures. It is hence ideal for use in chain saws for improved lubrication.

11. Universal Bio Chain Oil for All Chainsaws

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In terms of being economical, Universal Bio Chain Oil for All Chainsaws is the best. As compared to the other chain saw oils, you will use about forty percent less oil when using this oil. The oil comes with an easy-to-pour new formula for enhanced lubricity, stability and decreased oxidation. More so, as compared to synthetic oils, Universal Bio chain is more friendly to the ecology as it is vegetable based. The product comes as a volume of half and one liter with dimensions of eleven by five point five by twenty-four centimeters. As you plan to invest in a high-quality chain saw oil, you should consider the Universal Bio Chain oil. With this, you are assured of good functionality of your chainsaw machine.

12. Midlands Lubricants Biodegradable chainsaw oil

This a favorite vegetable-based oil lubricant that offers an excellent alternative to the mineral based chainsaw oils. It is environmentally friendly blended from virgin base stock. This high-quality oil contains additives aimed at improving tackiness and viscosity improved to give your chainsaw and bar the best service during operation. It is recommended that you use this kind of biodegradable oil lubricant in forestry and agricultural applications for environmental conservation. Other features include ninety percent biodegradability, protection from corrosion, and multi-usage.

13. Gigis Environmental Products Biodegradable Bar and Chain Oil

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In most of the online retailer sites, you will come across this favorite product from Gigis. It is a biodegradable bar and chain saw oil that is rated highly by customers who have used it previously. Take a step today and use this product in place of petroleum-based oils. One of its advantages is that it goes for a lesser price as compared to its competitors. The product is well adapted and suited to any temperature ranges including cold and warm temperatures. You can contact the manufactures through their email address, i.e., [email protected] for consultations. This is a new biodegradable oil that is facing quick and rapid growth in the market for its efficiency. Its excellent lubricating properties tend to decrease oil consumption up to fifty percent as compared to petroleum-based oil. It is designed for chain saws that operate at high speed and extreme pressure and temperatures. Its ingredients are safe hence reducing the health hazards associated with oil use such as irritation. In the case of oil spillage, the soil organisms will quickly and naturally degrade it.


Biodegradables oils continue to take the commonplace as the government directives go towards greener policies and environmental conditions. When doing the work, always ensure you have safety equipment’s on. Goggles and chainsaw chaps give you safety against misplaced oil during your operation. More so, you need to know that you need to perform regular maintenance to your chain saw no matter the type or quality of oil that you use. Good biodegradable oil will keep your chain performing for longer. However, regular cleaning, sharpening, and oiling of your bar and chain will make it long-lasting. This is especially important if you frequently use your chain saw. Using good biodegradable oil does not only make things easier for you but also makes them cheaper in the long run. By buying the oil for your application, you will save your equipment from wear and tear hence extending the life of the saw and chain.