When it comes to meeting spaces, size matters, and bigger does not translate to better. With the rapidly changing technology, trends have been evolving, and huddle rooms have gained popularity.

A huddle room or its less structured counterpart huddle space is a meeting room perfect for group sizes ranging from three to six. These rooms are around 10x10ft-12x12ft in size. Huddle rooms have created a revolution, and according to Frost & Sullivan, huddle rooms will be replacing around 75% of the meeting rooms by the end of 2024!

If you are rethinking strategies to boost the productivity of the people working in your firm, huddle space or a huddle room can prove to be quite effective in doing this job for you!

However, these small rooms have specific requirements because you are trying to fabricate a conducive environment where people can get updated quickly, brainstorm ideas, and find solutions to various problems. Here is a guide to creating small huddle rooms!

Key Features of A Huddle Space And Huddle Room

The first step to creating a perfect huddle room is to understand the key features that make it an ideal spot for both unplanned and scheduled conferences. So, let us dive right into them!

  1. A huddle space should be small and intimate and accommodate about 3 to 6 people.
  2. They should be informal so that coworkers can visit these rooms at any time without having to go through the formal procedure of scheduling meetings.
  3. They should be furnished with the right technology, furniture, and equipment that best suits your business.
  4. The environment should enable coworkers to have spontaneous collaborations.

How to Setup A Huddle Room?


The next step is to design and then furnish a huddle space with all the necessary setup to enhance the efficiency of these collaborative spaces. If you are looking for additional assistance while designing a perfect huddle room, HUDD.IO is a one-stop solution! Whether it is choosing the right huddle room AV solutions or creating a cheerful ambiance, it can help you with everything! Here are a few things you need to incorporate into your designs!

Furniture and Decor

One advantage of a huddle space is its small size, allowing you to experiment with different styles. However, ensure that you choose the furniture while keeping your corporate culture in mind.

Depending on whether you aim to design high-end huddle rooms or minimalist huddle spaces, you can choose between high-end or minimalist furniture. Pick the right color palette that compliments the room decor and flooring.

If you find this job tedious, online configurators can help you integrate furniture and technology to create the perfect collaborative huddle space. You can also place room decor like plants and carvings to improve the room’s aesthetic appeal. By using a blend of contrasting and soothing shades, you can significantly boost the employee’s mood and experience.


According to the Workplace Wellness Study conducted by Future Workplace, around 60% of employees are unhappy with their workspaces’ lighting. Lighting plays a key role in uplifting mood, and therefore it can be directly linked to the emotional well-being of the employees.

If your design gives people exposure to natural lighting, you will find a significant improvement in their general health and engagement!

However, remember to keep the orientation of the sitting arrangement and windows in mind because direct sunlight falling from behind can create silhouettes during meetings. This can dilute the focus and make the meetings ineffective.

Huddle Room AV solutions and Technology


You can set the foundations for rapid communication, optimum teamwork, and productivity by choosing the right AV solutions. While choosing these aspects, always keep in mind that coworkers working in the huddle spaces might switch from individual tasks to group meetings within short spans.

To make this transition as seamless as possible, install high-quality conference cameras as these not only feature room-optimized audio components but also provide a high video quality. Features like noise suppression and beamforming mic can improve the audio transmission and reduce any background disturbances. This prevents the disruption of meetings.

Wide-angle lenses are ideal for these spaces because they can fit a small group in a single frame during group meetings. These huddle room AV solutions can help the people in the huddle rooms take charge of the events and conduct meetings without interruptions.


A proper internet connection is necessary to keep things running. Coworkers might need to conduct surveys, research, dive deep into the problems or connect with people worldwide during meetings. A durable and stable internet connection ensures that they are not distracted by technical lags or issues. This helps them retain their focus, making them more efficient and productive.


Writing out ideas helps people get a better picture of the whole process. Hence, do not forget to get a whiteboard for the huddle rooms. It can be as simple as a transparent glass pane or traditional white enamel whiteboards.

Whiteboards can help people outline the whole process in a series of steps and help them remember the outflow of ideas. It also helps them visualize the specifics of the concept and brainstorm on its effectiveness, feasibility, and outreach.

It also reduces the work of documenting the entire process at the end of the meeting, as a few snaps from the phone can do the trick.

Final Thoughts


Huddle rooms are here for the long haul and have positively impacted various key aspects of businesses. Although they are a relatively new concept, they have already proven their effectiveness in motivating people to finish their work. The designs and the concept of the huddle rooms also alleviate the stress levels by making the work ambiance more soothing and informal.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your own huddle room and make a difference in people’s lives working for your enterprise. After all, their productivity and satisfaction set the foundation for your business’s grand success! If you are stuck with the designing process, you can contact professionals and reap the benefits!