PC gaming has become a worldwide sensation after it received millions of dedicated fans and players over the last few years. Players are now more absorbed in the gaming world than ever and want to make every gaming experience as realistic as possible. Many gaming techs and firms have already recognised this common need of various players all over the world and are constantly working to improve the gaming quality and experience for all.

With the introduction of virtual reality a few years ago, the gaming and entertainment world has seen a significant increase in the number of players. Even the traditional players are now shifting towards the world of virtual reality and are enjoying the process thoroughly.

There are a variety of ways which one can resort to in order to make their gaming experience seem as realistic as possible. It can be a few simple settings, additional graphic cards or a few more gaming accessories. Some of them are listed below for your reference:

1. Get a VR headset

These have become very popular in recent years, thanks to the global pandemic and the forced worldwide lockdown. VR headsets are devices which allow users to connect their mobile phones and PCs. These are not consoles themselves, rather require a connection to one. VR headsets can be very effective in increasing your gaming experience and making it all seem so real that you would believe it is happening right in front of your eyes.


VR headsets are available for various devices, with a wide range of connectivity, and are generally quite cheap. Many companies and international firms are now developing the various headsets which are independent and can work without any specific device connection. These standalone devices are said to be revolutionary for the gaming and entertainment industries.

VR works best in a separate and calm environment. It is recommended to have a space dedicated to the gaming zone, which would be quieter and calmer. Moreover, get yourself a comfortable chair and high-speed internet for an uninterrupted gaming session.

2. Buy body vests

Many companies, like Woojer, have come up with body vests which can be worn whilst playing games or watching movies. These vests provide a full skeletal realignment by emitting low frequency sound waves into the body of the wearer, making them feel every movement, every jerk and shake of the game.

This has gained a massive popularity in the last couple of years and has become a fan favorite all over the world. The low frequency sound waves are inaudible to humans and pets and stimulate the actual movements of the player’s avatars and characters, making them feel everything. This is a big boost in the direction of making the games seem as real as possible.

These vests can be paired up with the various accessories available in the market. These accessories are usually sold in bundles by the developers of the vests itself, and generally comprise of additional speakers and headsets, which further add up to the realistic gaming experience.

For the full review of the Woojer Body Vest, check out this video:

3. Try AR gaming

AR, or augmented reality, has a history of its own and pretty decent fanbase as well. This mode of gaming focuses on creating the characters in the real time environment of the players. Games like Pokémon Go are prime examples of the AR gaming world. The game has garnered a massive fan following all over the world, sending players into a frenzy. You can try similar AR games to approach the realistic gaming experience.

AR games, unlike the VR games, do not require the players to go into a separate secluded space to experience the realism. Rather it creates the realistic gaming world wherever the player is and is, thus, preferred by many over VR games.

A few settings which can improve your gaming experience

1. Vertical Sync

If you are an avid player, then you must have noticed the gaming screen getting split for a few seconds whenever you transition in the game or the game graphics get distorted. This is due the system’s Vertical Sync or the VSync settings, which are usually turned off on the onset of the games. Users can very easily turn it back on from their system to the game settings menu. If the system does not support such settings, then you can also download any third party application software for the internet and improve the sync.

2. Anti-aliasing


This is also one of the settings which is previously turned off and can be turned on by the players. This would, as the name suggests, help the players distinguish better between far away objects and enemies. The graphics quality would be increased, thus giving the users a better view and making the game feel more realistic.


DLSS or the deep learning super sampling is a technique developed and used by Nvidia. It uses AI technologies and helps the users get s better adjustment of the frame settings. Additionally, it increases the low quality of the framesets and makes it look as sharp as it would in its native resolution.


PC gaming has become one of the most popular means of killing extra time. Some people have made it their full time earning method, by doing various livestreams and participating in the tournaments.

The gaming world has, thus, seen a gradual and steady increase in the quality of the games produced and the numbers of gamers all over the world. Various tech firms and game developers are now trying to make the gaming experience seem as real as possible and are continuously working on improving the same.