The impact of new technologies is more visible every day. Especially when it comes to technical devices. The same situation is with TVs – that are almost like small computers today. OK, they are not always small ones – because today’s TV screens are anything but small. Have you decided to buy one like that? Congratulations.

We are sure you’ll enjoy your favorite movies and series. Yes, your TV is precious – and you can’t imagine your home without it. And now it’s giving you a hard time? You bought a new TV – but you have a problem with mounting and installation? Don’t worry. We are here to point out the 5 most common problems when mounting and installing your TV.

How to Choose A TV That Fits Your Needs?


Most of us, when deciding on such a large investment – usually already have a budget in the plan that we plan to spend. That’s why we’re here to advise you and suggest a device that suits your needs – and at the same time fits your budget. You probably spend a lot of time in front of the TV every day watching your favorite TV channels. Therefore, in case you decide to buy a new one – you want information that helps you make the best choice. This text will make it easier for you to learn as much as possible – and give you the answer to the question of how to choose a TV and how to put it into operation.

From screen types to key features and specifications – we’ll try to explain everything you need to know when shopping. Our vision is that the search should be pleasant and simple – not a struggle with technical details. So, start by informing yourself about the main features of the TV. This is something you need to consider when shopping. Of course, you should consult at the beginning of its mounting and installation.

Bigger Screen, Price or Brand of TV – What Should We Opt For?


The price and brand of the TV set are always decisive factors. It is clear that we have to decide according to the budget, and within it – we also determine the quality, that is, the brand of the TV. When it comes to size, most buyers are pretty clear. Everyone wants as big a TV as possible, to make a real personal cinema in their room.

A TV with a large screen diagonal is probably the first wish of most customers. However, things are not so simple. One of the basic things that customers forget is – how much space there is on the shelf or wall – that is, where you want to place the TV. It is not uncommon for a customer to opt for a large diagonal TV due to the great offer – so that when he comes home, he finds that the device is simply too bulky and cannot fit in the intended place.

To save yourself from such situations and unnecessary waste of time and nerves –  learn more about it, and make sure you measure the maximum width and height of the space where you plan to place your new TV. In addition to all this, you must take into account how you will connect your TV to the antenna system, without spreading cables throughout the house or apartment.

Most Common TV Mounting & Installation Problems


Sometimes editing a TV makes a big mess in our head. Reading instructions, various cables, etc. – can sometimes be confusing. Therefore, it is useful to know that some problems require quite simple solutions. If you know how to solve some of the problems and bugs of your TV, you will save money, time, and nerves. So prepare for possible flaws and solve them in the blink of an eye. Here are the most common problems we encounter and quite simple solutions for each of them.

1. The screen changes to green, blue or black

Although it seems like a kind of malfunction, it is usually a very simple thing – your TV does not receive a signal. Make sure your TV box, cable (or whatever device you are using) is properly connected to the TV or plugged in. Press the input button on your remote control. Don’t be confused if you don’t see that button, some remote controls use the source or TV / Video button for this purpose. Also, check behind the TV that the cables are securely connected and that they are plugging into the appropriate ports.

2. The image often “cracks” or is intermittent


We know, this irritates you a lot. The decisive goal in the football match should be scored – and the image on your TV breaks. You just wanted to see if Jack from the Titanic would survive after all – the picture is cracking! It freezes briefly and then continues. It gets lost for a second, then reappears. Whatever happens – your pleasure is disturbed and nervousness starts.

But look at it from a brighter side – your TV is just fine. And this is caused by a weak signal. Sometimes, the problem can be up to a certain TV station – especially if you are watching a live broadcast. It’s simple – this is not a problem with the TV, but with the reception of the signal – and it will pass as soon as the transmission stabilizes. You can check the antenna – but do not touch it immediately, wait a few minutes and then react.

3. Problems with digital receivers

Your receiver is a very simple little computer. And, like any device you use, it happens to get stuck. What helps very often is the famous reset button. Sometimes devices simply block and a reset solves the problem. Turn it off, wait at least 15 seconds – and turn it on again. To avoid the recurrence of such problems – keep your receiver free to avoid overheating, as this is the most common cause of jams in its operation.

4. Grainy dots on the screen


This is often a problem with new TVs. Most often, the problem is not in the device at all. This is the most common adjustment problem – the sharpness of the image is set too high to match what is displayed on the screen. You can solve this very easily – TV experts recommend that you reduce the sharpness to zero – because that is what often causes problems with the projection of the image.

5. Problems with the high screen resolution

Very often, the pattern of this problem is completely simple. This mode serves to present all the possibilities of the TV to potential customers. However, for home use, Movie / Cinema mode will suit you better. There is another possibility. Namely, the problem may be in your AV receiver or any other device that connects the signal source to your TV. So check it in time.

The Bottom Line


We hope we have helped you solve the problem of assembling and installing your TV and what may be the problem. As you can see, it is not so difficult to follow the instructions and our advice. Therefore, we hope that you will solve most of these problems successfully.