Top Digital Tools to Master the Art of Corporate Party Planning

There are so many reasons why you’d want to plan and host your own corporate party. Perhaps it’s to boost staff morale and celebrate the season during your Christmas and summer parties.

Perhaps you’re celebrating a big milestone. Regardless of whether your event is just among your employees, or alternatively a larger do that includes professionals from all walks of life, you need to plan.

Thankfully, planning tools and resources today have made it infinitely easier to keep track of what you need, what you’ve got, and when payments need to be made.

You don’t need to keep track of everything mentally. Instead, use these top digital tools to master the art of corporate party planning today:

1. Use a Digital E-Vite System

Use a Digital E-Vite System

One of the easiest ways to track your guest count and how many plus ones are coming to your corporate event (if they’re invited) is to use an e-vite system. This system sends out digital invites that can then direct guests to an online RSVP page.

This page can have everything, from whether the invitee is coming, what dietary restrictions they have, even what date they’d prefer for the party. As it’s all digital, you can then share that information seamlessly with your vendors.

Incorporating the latest trends in event planning can enhance your corporate gatherings, such as leveraging innovative culinary experiences like food trucks, which can be explored through the insightful guide on reasons to consider this option.

2. Use a Vendor Management System

Use a Vendor Management System

All the digital tools in the world can’t actually replace your vendors. Food still needs to be made, and décor and furniture still needs to be rented. What you can do, however, is use vendor management software to keep track of all your vendors, from the large organizations to freelancers.

This is a great way to streamline communication and make sure that everything is planned, paid for, and organized. Don’t let simple oversight mean that you forget to organize your catering, for example.

A catered buffet for corporate event needs to take note of all the allergies in your office, dietary restrictions, and preferences. Not only do you need to work with your caterers to put together the menu, but you also need to stay in constant communication so that you can field off any issues as they arise.

This is easy when you’re dealing with just one or two vendors, but several? In this case, a vendor management system is the key to your success.

3. Use Pinterest to Save Ideas

Use Pinterest to Save Ideas

Pinterest may be old-school at this point, but it sure is one of the best places to find and save ideas for your party. Even just having a visual mood board can be so helpful if you’re hiring a party planner or are getting in touch with venue decorators directly.

Top Apps to Bring Your Party to Life

Top Apps to Bring Your Party to Life

There are so many easy apps that can make any party fun — or, at least, the after-party. If your event is professional in nature, then you’ll want to save these apps for later.

If you’re planning a company party to celebrate your business’s birthday or Christmas, then you can get right to the fun stuff. There’s karaoke apps, party game apps like Heads Up!, and so much more that can work to break the ice and keep your party moving.