Sexuality is a complicated topic, no matter how straightforward it may seem in some situations. It is something deeply personal, that affects us completely. It defines how we behave, how we talk, and how we appear in front of people. For a long time, this subject was avoided by scientific circles. Slowly but surely, people have become more open when it comes to discussing this topic.

Thankfully, this subject hasn’t been free of taboos more than it is now. People are openly talking about their experiences and preferences. There’s one element many are still hesitant to talk about, even in this day and age. We are talking about sexual fantasies, which are a part of almost every individual’s sexuality.

Most people understand their sexual fantasies on their own. However, there are numerous cases when watching some of the activities in bed might spark an interest in a certain preference. Naturally, these videos can be found on numerous websites, such as sexyvideo. Today, we want to discuss some things your sexual fantasies are saying about you as a person.

1. Describes Your Personality


Naturally, the most obvious thing you can learn about someone’s sexual fantasies is important traits o their personality. Little is known about the fact that people who are fantasizing about changing their appearance and personality on this occasion tend to be more neurotic than usual. We’re sure this is not known by a lot of people.

People who want to appear more dominant in bed are usually introverts. They perceive the sexual activity as an activity when they can fulfill all their feelings and have a great experience. Naturally, we are not talking about domination that includes humiliation of the partner, this is completely another thing to discuss.

Another interesting case is when people have a fantasy about romantic and passionate intercourse. According to the experts, this usually means that those people have a fear of being abandoned. Therefore, they try to limit the anxiety caused by this feeling by having a fantasy of this sort.

2. Taboo Fantasies


Now we’ve got to the tricky part, taboo fantasies. When you think about it clearly, something being taboo for someone is not taboo for another person. However, we want to address the taboos that are widely spread in the general public or a certain community or culture.

When you catch yourself thinking about these things, this is a clear indication you are interested in trying new things you haven’t been able to experience before. The thing is, do not feel ashamed or intimidated by these. Try to embrace them as much as you can, and you will probably have a chance to try them out for real.

3. Group Intercourse


One of the most surprising things we have learned from reading various studies is that older people fantasize about group sex more than younger generations. Among younger generations, it is something they want to experiment with. Among adults, this is something that resembles their wish to be surrounded by as many people as possible.

What’s interesting to point out is that males are way more prone to daydream about group sex than women. Women tend to imagine same-sex than that, which is again, a taboo, and something new they want to experience. We found these preferences, especially among older women, to be quite a surprise for us. Males are much more straightforward when it comes to this sort of fantasy.

4. Submission


Being dominated is a common part of daydreaming about sexual intercourse, but what does it mean? Well, numerous experts are saying that this indicates these individuals have rigid control of themselves, and they want to release themselves from it. As you can presume, this is not something that’s easy thing to do for most.

Another component of this aspect is that a person wants someone to be attracted to it, therefore, to feel adored. Plus, it is not uncommon that people who are not confident enough to allow their partner to take control to avoid the pressure of performing. All these three elements make for the submission part.

5. The Culture


One of the most overlooked aspects of sexual fantasies that can provide you with insight is the culture. What do we mean when we say culture? We are talking about cultural body ideas. It means that certain demographic groups tend to idealize their bodies as a part of their fantasies, which is pretty common.

For instance, a woman usually focuses on changing a certain part of their body while they fantasize. In most cases, that part of the body will be the one they do not like or like the most. In any case, they will try to improve it in their thoughts until it meets their needs and preferences in real life.

On the other side, males usually want to enhance the size of their reproductive organs.

We are talking about them thinking about it being large, but certainly, it begins bigger than it is. When it comes to other sexual preferences like gay individuals, elements of their fantasies are largely personalized and diverse.

6. Focusing on an Individual


One of the most interesting things that have been found out as a result of various research is that males are more prone to focus on a single person in their visualizations of sexual intercourse. On the other hand, females are more prone to thinking about the act itself, more than focusing on an individual.

But when it comes to imagining themselves as irresistible, both sexes have equal tendencies to do it. When you think about it, that makes perfect sense since everyone wants to be as attractive as they can be. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that daydreaming about us being the most attractive individuals out there is quite common.

In Conclusion

Understanding your sexual fantasies can tell you a lot about yourself. Here, you can take a look at the most interesting conclusions we’ve drawn from reading numerous studies on this topic. We’re sure you will find each of them informative and entertaining.