A person who knows a thing or two about the world of new technologies is aware that we are in the middle of war waged by Apple and Microsoft. This is a pretty huge battle that is waged on many different levels. However, we feel like the most important one is the operating system level. If you take a look at the marketing behind these two, you could presume that they are the only two options you can select for your OS. It’s good to know that this is not entirely true. There is a small percentage of people who still don’t want to choose between these two. Those people are maintaining their focus on an operating system called Ubuntu, which is based on Linux OS. This is an open-source operating system which means its users have the option of taking a look at its code lines. At the same time, users can write their own software within the OS’s lines of code.

Since you will have an insight into the code of your OS, this means that you will able to see exactly how it performs. The good side of this approach is that many of the developers are actually Ubuntu developers. This means that they are able to create their own software through their OS, without downloading any other platform that can provide them with essential tools. In some cases, the user can see some things that are not performing at an acceptable level and he or she could actually contribute to the success of the OS by adding some lines of code. Moreover, these are likely to be included in the new version of Ubuntu. This operating system looks perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it is pretty good. At the same time, you should be aware that there are apps that you can use for it. Therefore, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of the best Ubuntu apps to have in 2020.

1. VLC Media Player


When people are talking about the best video media player of them all, we are pretty sure that 90% of them are going to mention VLC Media Player. This is a highly effective software that will provide you with a plethora of useful features that make it possible for you to perform various activities that you haven’t been able to do with similar software. The first and most important thing to know is that VLC is able to run any kind of format you command him to. At the same time, you are going to be able to run more than just one audio stream or online video stream.

2. Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code is a truly exceptional software highly recommended for people who are interested in learning things like GIT or HTML. This is a software that will provide you with an insight into all of the essential things about learning these two. At the same time, since you have Ubuntu, which is an open-source OS, you will be able to add some lines of codes that will make it possible for you to change some things that you don’t like about your operating system. This is something you need to try out, its both fun and educational at the same time.

3. Stacer


It doesn’t matter what kind of device you have or what OS you installed on it, you can be sure that you will have a lot of tails and garbage left behind every action you make. Cleaning your system from all of these is an absolute must. That way you will make it much easier for your system to perform properly and without any struggles. In the case of Ubuntu, we gladly present you with Stacer. This is an app that will provide you with all of the essential features you need to have in a software that will clean your PC every now and then. At the same time, you should know that this is open-source and completely free software.

4. Lollypop Music Player


If you are not interested in using Ubuntu’s stock music application Rhythmbox or installing Winamp, then you should check out the Lollypop music player. This is a highly effective app that will provide you with all the essential features needed for a basic music player. But it can provide you much more than that. This is an app that can be opened in a built-in party mode. This means that you will be able to use it for finding album covers, the biographies of the artists, and finding lyrics for every song that you might want. You could say that this type of software is a bit outdated since we have a whole new generation of software like Spotify. However, we truly believe they have much more to offer than it meets the eye.

5. Geary E-mail Client


Even though we have a plethora of software and tools to take care of our emails, we are confident that the best Ubuntu app of this type is Geary E-mail Client. It is pretty unusual for someone to have a desktop app that will perform all of the necessary things regarding an e-mail. This client can serve as a medium desktop app that will send and receive emails for all of the major providers like Outlook and Gmail. This is a very powerful app that will provide you with a plethora of search options and without a doubt will provide you with some of the best features you need for software of this kind.

6. Google Chrome


We can agree that Google Chrome is the best browser in the world, this is without a question. Its success is much bigger if you know that all of the major OSs point it out as the best of them all. It is the same case with Ubuntu. It should be said that the list of the best apps for Ubuntu OS is not complete without adding Google Chrome on it. At the same time, if you just made a decision to change your OS from any other to Ubuntu, you will be glad to hear that you will still be able to use your favorite internet browser.


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