If you’re familiar with PC gaming, you’ve probably certainly heard of Cooler Master. A Taiwanese company founded in 1992 has created a name for itself in the gaming industry with computer cases, power supplies, cooling pads, and more.

Cooler Master has expanded its product line in recent years to include more accessories and even gaming chairs. One such chair is the Cooler Master Caliber R1S.

Has the brand maintained the high level of quality we’ve come to expect from their chairs? Let’s have a look.

Cooler Master Caliber R1S specifications:

  • Suggested user maximum height: 6’0’’ (1.83m)
  • 330 pounds (150kg) weight limit
  • Tilt ranges from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • 1D Armrests

Assembling Instructions


Before we get started with the assembly, we’d want to point out that opening a gaming chair box and finding it devoid of styrofoam was a refreshing change of pace. We understand why most businesses utilize styrofoam in their packaging, but it’s not the most environmentally friendly option. So it made us happy to open the Caliber R1S and find simply cardboard and a few extraneous items.

The Caliber R1S was rather simple to put together, especially if you’ve already assembled gaming chairs. All of the elements were there and easy to join together. The chair itself isn’t particularly heavy, and it was relatively simple to assemble with just one person involved.

There were, however, a few minor difficulties. One could argue that the directions could have been more specific. This was no problem for us because we’ve built a lot of gaming seats before. If it’s your first time, you might find yourself looking at the manual for a while.

Furthermore, the given hex key is a little on the small side. In most cases, everything works perfectly, but tightening screws on the underside of the chair was a bit of a pain because the bolts were just too short to tighten without striking other sections.

The Caliber R1S Advantages


The material of the Cooler Master Caliber R1S is the first thing you’ll notice about it. The PU material is covered in what appear to be little holes, allowing for far more airflow than you might anticipate. Overheating and perspiration are common problems while using non-mesh back gaming seats. However, the Caliber R1S outperformed several comparable devices in this category.

The construction is the second thing you’ll notice. The Caliber R1S is a chair that’s built to last. Many other chairs in this price range employ plastics to cut costs. Cooler Master is not one of the companies using them. The plastic used in the design is reinforced and strong. Of course, metal is used extensively throughout the chair to offer strength and stability.

A neck and lumbar support pillow are also included with the Caliber R1S. Both are constructed from the same high-quality PU materials as the chair. The neck cushion is adequate and there’s nothing to complain about, while the lumbar support is exceptional.

It has the ideal balance of softness and firmness, making long gaming sessions on, say, PUBG games (also popular for betting on sites having eSports playbooks at pleasant on the back. Cooler Master, of course, provides users with a wide range of color options. The R1S comes in four distinct colors, while the base RS model also comes in four different colors.

The Caliber R1S Drawbacks


The materials on the Caliber R1S aren’t premium, as they are on many chairs in the ‘entry-level’ category. Plastic is utilized in various areas where metal could be used, presumably to reduce the cost to a potential buyer as low as possible. That isn’t to suggest these components won’t break or fall apart – the Caliber R1S, as previously stated, feels very solid.

It’s a shame that the armrests are only 1D, up and down. You all know that it’s great to have that extra range of motion in your arms to really enhance your comfort. As a result, the arms maybe a little more uncomfortable than desired.

Finally, the Caliber R1S lacks the range of other versions available. The seat base is 20.9 inches (53cm) wide, however, this includes the full bucket seat. It’s closer to 15 inches (38cm) if you only measure the flat area of the seat. Although this isn’t a significant difference from other chairs on the market, it’s something to consider if you have a larger frame.

Summing Up

At this pricing point, which is $249, the Cooler Master Caliber R1S Gaming Chair is about as solid and well-built as you can get. There are a few snags, but nothing that will make you fall out of your chair or make you exclaim that you’ve made a mistake. The R1S Gaming Chair is an excellent entry-level chair for someone who is unsure if they would utilize a gaming chair enough.

The Cooler Master Caliber R1S Gaming Chair is made with high-quality materials at a reasonable price. There are a few minor flaws, but the chair stands up well and is well worth the money.