Usually, buying a car is a complicated process simply because it is a very expensive investment. If you want to buy a brand-new vehicle from a salon, you will probably have to spend at least $15,000. For most people, this is too expensive. That is why I believe it is much better to purchase a car from the used market. There are so many good offers in the used market, especially these days in the UAE. I think it might be the perfect time to buy a second-hand car in the UAE.

But, is it really the best time to make such investment, especially during the coronavirus pandemic? Well, let us go through different facts and find out whether the United Arab Emirates is really the best place to make such a purchase, especially in 2024.

In this article, I am going to cover every reason why now is truly the perfect time for a used car. If you are not a lover of secondhand vehicles, this article might prove to you otherwise.

1. Holidays


In almost every country on this planet, it is always best to purchase a second-hand vehicle during national holidays. There is a good reason why. The first reason is that people are willing to sell their own cars for a much smaller price than the real value. Why? Well, because people want to reward themselves with something nice on a holiday. And what better reward than a brand-new car?

So, they have made the purchase, but they still have their previous vehicle. The first thing they want to do is get rid of it. Fortunately for those searching through the used market, they can grab that vehicle for a great price.

The second reason is the fact that those vehicles are usually in very good condition. During national holidays in UAE, people do not replace their cars because they have. They do it because they wanted a new one.

So, not only will you be paying for a much smaller price tag, but you also get a card that is in great condition. At least, that is the situation most of the time.

Obviously, I am talking about the Prophet’s Birthday at the end of October. But, you could also find good pricing between November 30 and December 2. That is if they decide to merge Commemoration Day and National Day together into one single holiday.

2. End of the year


Another great reason to purchase a car from the used market is that the end of the year is coming. What does that mean? Well, it usually means that all salons are trying to get rid of all their older models. In other words, 2024 is coming which means they will expect 2024 models. All the models they have from 2024 need to be sold as soon as possible. But, that usually does not happen.

This is why salons are forced to sell those vehicles on the second-hand market for a fraction of the original price.

If you managed to grab such an offer, you will get a brand-new vehicle for an amazing price. That is why the end of the year is always the best time to search for the second-hand market. October, November, and December are usually the months when you should be most aware.

Keep in mind, there will always be other people that know about this fact and will be scouting through the market to find a good offer. You will have to be fast or someone else will get the car of your dreams. If you are unable to find a good offer while searching through the Internet, maybe you should check out websites such as that will help you find used cars in UAE.

3. End of summer


Unlike the United States, Europe, and most of the countries located in the sound hemisphere, the summer season lasts for a month longer or more. In fact, most of the time, the summer season ends around the first or second week of October. Right now, it is it October which means that the end of summer is coming.

So, how you can use this to your benefit? Well, usually, car salons offer crazy discounts during the entire summer season. But, that does not always and great for car salons because people are busy spending money on their vacations and for traveling. Either they do are too busy to purchase a vehicle during this season or they just simply do not have enough money.

However, as the seating is ending, things start to change. People are coming back from their vacations and from their travels and start to work. Now, I have both the time and money to buy a new car. This is the moment when car salons offer even better discounts.

So, again, the used market gets saturated with hundreds of thousands of used vehicles that are in great shape. This might be the best time to invest.

4. Ramadan 2024


Ramadan for 2024 is already over, but Ramadan for 2024 is near. This is not exactly right now, but if you do not manage to make a purchase at the end of this year, it will probably be worth it to wait for three or four months.

A lot of people claim that the time during, before, and after Ramadan is probably the best period to invest in a used car.

This is a good time for such investment because salons in the United Arab Emirates offer all kinds of discounts, bonuses, and great interest rates for the new vehicles. A lot of people rely on those discounts which means they will be selling their previous cars.

In other words, the market during that period will be oversaturated with almost brand-new vehicles sold for a fraction of a price. With so many offers on the used market, make sure you do enough research to ensure that you are making the right investment. Or, you might end up with what a lot of people like to refer to as a “lemon”.

I hope that you now realize that it really is the best time to purchase a used car in UAE.