Anyone who is just planning to renovate a new house or is currently in the process knows how hard and stressful it is. It’s just that something new always happens to ruin our plans or prolong it, even though we have had a picture of our ideal space in our heads for months.

However, this process does not have to be so much effort, on the contrary. With the right plan and good organization, you can achieve everything you have imagined. Everyone knows that, and most are guided by it when arranging it. The problem arises when we are not inspired, we have no idea what we want to achieve, what style to choose, etc. We can’t plan that, only someone else can do it for us, such as an interior designer, but they are very expensive.

There is no need to hire someone to decorate your most important room in home and spend a lot of money and time searching for it. We have a few tips for you that you might like, and in any case they can serve as guidelines.

Common decorating mistakes:

Too many things


Even though you bought a new house and you have all that empty space for yourself or you are with your family, remember. That is not a reason to fill it with a million things! It also doesn’t mean that you have to do it right away, you are not a wizard to arrange absolutely every corner of the house with one movement of the stick – a good look of the interior requires time, patience and consideration. So start with the living room, to decorate it the best, while you have a lot of ideas. It is definitely the space where you will spend the most time and which other people will see the most.

Unrealistic approach

It happened to all of us that while reading the magazine, we marked a page where we saw a decorated room from a dream and imagined that one day we would surely arrange our space in a new house that way. Although we are sure that something like that really looks flawless and fashionable, don’t hope too much, because there are little chances that it will come true. Of course, it is possible to arrange the home to perfection, but you will still pay more attention to the fact that your home has a nice atmosphere and comfort. It is first and foremost a place to live.

So, once you are familiar with some common mistakes that people make, we can move on to the most important tips we can give you:

1. Plan everything


In the previous part of the text, we mentioned to you how important it is to start from the beginning, one by one, but you should also deal with pieces of furniture. Although it would be easier for all of us to simply go to the store, choose what we need, take it home and set it up and finish the job – that is wrong. This is feasible, but the chances are almost nil that everything will look harmonious.

Especially if you are shopping online you do not need to do this. Save money and time, plan each thing individually. Sometimes you can find something at a much cheaper price if you look in another place, which is another reason why you should not rush. Then focus on one room at a time and as you fill it, think about adding or subtracting something, moving it to another room, but you will see it all over time.

2. Measure the entire space

When you look inside your house you see only empty space, but you cannot know the dimensions of each corner. So before you start procuring the elements with which you plan to fill this gap, first of all measure all the surfaces. For example, if you move things from your old home to your new one, it will be completely different living room and you will not be able to have the same furniture arrangement.

That’s why you should measure everything, to check it before you start anything. As for the furniture itself, most measurements are written on websites or you can use sizing guides and simply measure. To make sure that the space and the furniture are compatible, you can also use interior design applications where you have the opportunity to try out an imaginary setting.

3. Don’t buy in bulk


We have already mentioned this as one of the common mistakes. Sometimes people really buy everything at once, thinking that they have saved time and effort. However, this is not true and in almost every situation an unwanted outcome can occur exclusively. Even though you have all the measures right away, the idea of ​​your ideal living space – don’t be fooled that you have one more purchase left and that you have finished the job.
As we have already said, this mistake is common and should be avoided.

This is primarily a huge expense, it takes away the focus on designing every corner of the room and contributes to a uniform boring look. Of course, this also does not mean that you should buy chair by chair or sleep on the floor for the first month. First you buy the necessary things that are mostly bigger, so it is a good start for sure. After that come the details. Sites like Jetcube are ideal for you because you can shop by category and it will save you time and find best possible solutions.

4. Use the whole space

So, the goal is to make the most of the space, without it being expensive but affordable. This is very easy to achieve, use a variety of ingenious elements when it comes to furniture. So choose, for example, a table that has several parts in one, an armchair that is at the same time a bed, etc. This will be great for your living room.

5. Match the colors


When decorating your living room, you don’t have to worry so much that each part matches. No matter what patterns and materials are in the room, colors are what will surely connect them. So, play with materials and colors and put together your image of the perfect room in your head, and then turn it into action.


A newly built home represents a new beginning, for some a turning point in life or a new location, space, etc. So you will need a lot of information, knowledge and ideas to make it ideal. As we have already said, this does not have to be hard, because first of all it is something exciting and you can make the whole process a lot more fun than you think. For a start, use one of our ideas and see for yourself.