You’ve invested dollars, time, and effort into your property. It shines as an example of your care for every inch of the home, from glistening paint to updated appliances. You’re ready to sell the property, but you want the right realtor to harness the best bids. Look at the key characteristics of a great realtor who can sell your home in a rapid time right now. One of the very unique services with absolutely no fees and guaranteed sale within 7 days is

1. Regional Knowledge


Selling real estate is one of the most unique jobs in the world. Not only does it require property knowledge, it also demands a high level of regional expertise. Great realtors will be locals. For example, The Kay-Grant Group is an experienced real estate team in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’ve lived in this area for many years. Understanding neighborhoods, demographics, schools and other information is necessary for a quality sale.

Realtors will know if the market is designed for the buyer or seller at a given time. They might know certain people who’re ready to buy a property just like your home. All of this knowledge is priceless and cannot be learned in a classroom. It comes from experience in the region as a concerned neighbor and real-estate expert.

2. Marketing Savvy

There’s a lot more to selling a home than just listing it on the MLS site. Today’s realtors bring in drones to photograph and shoot video of a property. There might be a small documentary on your property in some cases.

Your property should be automatically added to the realtor’s website and social-media pages. There can be postcards and open-house notifications too. All of this marketing will bring in the right buyer. A listing cannot sit idle for too long. As a seller, you deserve a rapid sale with a fair price.

3. Industry Contacts


The real-estate industry isn’t a closed bubble. There are intricate parts to both selling and buying homes. Realtors who know contractors, appraisers, inspectors and other professionals associated with property transitions are diamonds in the industry. These realtors can suggest the right company for the upcoming sale, from mending a leaking HVAC system to asking about property taxes.

Agents who don’t have industry contacts may not be experienced enough to handle your sale. In some cases, the realtor may not be respected by neighborhood associates. A true professional works with everyone in a fair and respectable way.

4. Quick Thinker

Great realtors are still human beings, so they can encounter challenges even with many years of experience. A valuable characteristic to have is quick thinking. Realtors should be able to think on the spot with solutions that are practical and fair.

For example, a buyer might point out a flaw with the property during an open house. The realtor can explain this flaw with a positive spin that might have otherwise been overlooked by another professional. During an initial visit with the realtor, ask questions that might require a quick response. You’ll know almost immediately if you have the perfect person for the job.

5. Attention to Detail


Overlooking even one item, such as a crack on a patio’s concrete, can cost the seller thousands of dollars during a viewing. Pick an individual who pays careful attention to detail. Minor flaws, from tiny fissures to chipped paint, can be covered or repaired before an open house.

Great realtors comb through a property before any buyer viewings. They’ll stage the home with attention to these details. Rugs, centerpieces and other distractions will beautify the property while showing off the positive characteristics.

Attention to detail is also important when it comes to viewing times themselves. Some homes look better in the afternoon as opposed to the morning, for instance. Realtors will show the home in all its glory with attention to the finer details.

6. Availability Factor

Your realtor shouldn’t be an enigma. These professionals may be busy, but they must also be available to you. They’re providing you with a valuable service. If you have a question, sending a text, email or voice message should be met with a relatively quick response.

Realtors who’re too busy to keep up with their clients aren’t performing a quality service. Selling a home is a major event, and it should be treated as such. The realtor should respond to your question within a few hours at the most. Waiting a day or longer for a call is unacceptable.

7. Negotiation Skills


When it comes to finalizing a sale, great realtors must be savvy negotiators. There will always be debates on a fair price. They should know the range of prices for your property that are fair, depending on the circumstances. Realtors can find a way to please both the seller and buyer, which makes them a hero on both sides of the deal.

They should know what’s negotiable or off limits from the seller’s position. This realtor is on your side and fighting for your financial gain. Throwing a laundry system into the deal to close escrow might be an option when your realtor thinks with a clever perspective.

8. Listening to the Client

Selling real estate is a complex job. It requires advanced communication on several levels. Your realtor should harness those listening skills from the very beginning of this professional relationship. Realtors must know what their clients are looking for in the first place.

A couple may look like they need a condo or townhouse, but they might be expecting twins, for instance. Always choose a realtor who asks what you’re looking for and delivers properties with that description. Open houses shouldn’t be shown for convenience. They should check off nearly every box on your need or want list. If you notice that the realtor seems distracted or disinterested, it’s time to choose another professional.

9. Long List of References


A great realtor has a long list of references. In fact, he or she isn’t afraid to advertise this fact either. Look for these references on the realtor’s social-media accounts or website. You might ask for the information during an initial meeting too. The eXp Realty is an excellent platform that offers the latest update report on Olive Branch houses that can become your next new home.

These references are real people who’ve experienced a home sale with the realtor. A true professional wants you to speak with these individuals. Anyone who’s wary about offering a reference list should be avoided. There may be concerns with the realtor that may come to light with a call to these clients. Allow the great realtors to brag about their talents through a conversation with one or two people on the reference list.


There will always be challenges to any home sale, but a talented realtor smooths away those wrinkles. Keep these key characteristics in mind as you decide on the perfect professional. The “for sale” sign out front will disappear soon enough.