When it comes to playing Destiny 2, picking the right subclass with the right super ability (SA) is really important. This will define your overall playstyle, how you handle enemies and if you are going to dominate the PvP or PvE scene.

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Helping your teammates in PvE or popping frags in PvP, each of these has its own special thing. That is why here we will take a look at the 10 best super abilities in Destiny 2!

1. Burning Maul


The Burning Maul is an ability of the Sunbreaker Titan class. Coming from the Code of the Devastator ability tree, Burning Maul is essentially like the Hammer of Sol.

But what makes it special is when it’s combined with an ability from the same ability tree: Roaring Flames, which escalates the damage done by Solar abilities up to 3 times. 

Burning Maul lasts a good amount of time with great add-clear. But its absence of mobility and below-average single-target damage when compared to other abilities makes it a bit bad. Nevertheless, it’s still a great to master and have fun with!

2. Fists of Havoc


The Fists of Havoc is a SA of the Striker Titan class. Fists of Havoc is the normal super ability of the Striker subclass, with which you slam the ground dealing solid damage to enemies caught in your attack.

It goes great with the Terminal Velocity SA, which creates a field that damages enemies where you initially slammed the ground in PvE.

In PvP, you could go with the Trample ability, which extends the time of the super after each kill.

Because of its great mobility, you might want to use it more in PvP, dodging the enemies and hitting them with a slam is a great combination!

In PvE, it’s good at clearing hordes of enemies, but it isn’t all that great at defeating bosses unless you know what you’re doing as a skillful player!

3. Glacial Quake

The Glacial Quake is a SA of the Behemoth Titan class. This super ability gives you a gauntlet with which you have 2 types of attacks: a heavy one with which you slam the ground and freeze enemies with crystals, and a light one that supercharges the Shiver Strike ability. 

With this super ability do note you have to be a good player to utilize its uses for PvP and PvE. Anchoring is excellent in PvP and freezing enemies to help out your team in PvE creates good synergies.

But with that said, it has below average mobility and damage resistance is minimal, so do watch out for what you’re doing! 

4. Arc Staff

The Arc Staff is a SA of the Arcstrider Hunter class. Although if you want to make this super ability into an S-tier one, you have to get some Exotic pieces of gear.

With that said, single-target DPS is ginormous when combined with the Radien Flux exotic chest armor and clearing hordes of enemies is on point.

Arc Staff finds its place both in PvP and PvE as a great super ability.

What you have to watch out for is that this SA is targeted for close-range combat, so you may struggle against bosses in PvE and some hard-hitting classes in PvP.

5. Silence and Squall


The Silence and Squall is a super ability of the Revenant Hunter class. This is a 2 part SA, which includes throwing a kama to freeze enemies (Silence) and then throwing another one to detonate a Stasis explosion (Squall) that makes a Statis Storm for some time.

Every enemy caught in this tornado will be slowed and hurt, meaning it can be used for good crowd control in PvE for hordes of enemies.

Because of its usability in PvE, some players even take this as the best crowd control ability in the game. It can be used greatly in PvP too, because of the Stasis explosion stopping super abilities of enemies. 

6. Golden Gun


The Golden Gun is a super ability of the Gunslinger Hunter class. This super gives you a blazing gun with which you’ll destroy foes with Solar Light.

It performs excellently in PvP and PvE, destroying foes and especially bosses real good and quick. Though you may need an Exotic weapon or armor to make it the best of the best super abilities out there. 

Still, it has great compatibility with all sorts of abilities around the ability trees, such as the Six-Shooter ability that enables the super to shoot quickly up to 6 times, or Deadshot that makes it easier to hit targets with your Golden Gun which is really useful in wide-range combat. 

7. Winter’s Wrath

The Winter’s Wrath is a super ability of the Shadowbinder Warlock class.

This is a Stasis ability, which gives you a staff that has a heavy attack that shoots shards that freeze enemies, and a light attack that does a shockwave that destroys the frozen foes. It’s above average in PvP and top-notch in PvE.

In PvP, it lacks mobility so if you find yourself in a hard situation close range, you will be in big trouble. But if you freeze the enemies in PvP, they’re done and that’s it.

In PvE, you’ll have great crowd control over hordes of foes, so you’ll destroy them at excellent rates!

8. Well of Radiance


The Well of Radiance super ability probably has one of the best compatibility and utilization for support while still being viable to deal some damage. This super comes from the Dawnblade Warlock class from the Attunement of Grace ability tree.

The buffs and healing it provides for your teammates are unmeasurable, even if you are facing a hard situation, Well of Radiance can make the biggest changes and turnovers in battles.

Because of its healing and buffing properties, Well of Radiance is best used for PvE.

Although it has good usability in PvP too, if the sword of the super is damaged it will end it earlier than expected, plus some super abilities and stasis can destroy your SA in PvP. But with that said, Well of Radiance is probably the best super ability for PvE.