You can’t tell when a disaster or an accident is going to strike your home. Once they do happen, you do not want to fall into despair because you do not know how to handle the situation at hand. Beware that what you do in the first 48 hours after the accident can determine your future, and this is why you need to be smart during these moments. Insurance companies are due to pay you the claim settlements, but they won’t come knocking on your door, supposing you still have one, showering you with money. They look to protect their interests first, and you should do the same for yourself. After all, insurance companies make a profit by paying people less than they’re owed.  

It is no wonder there are more and more people complaining about their insurance companies. Policyholders often switch companies due to dissatisfaction and complain that the settlement process is stalled and prolonged by the same companies they’ve hired to insure them. But, the biggest gripe is the one that they received too little money and that there should have been more funds involved. Most policyholders do not know that there’s someone who can help them in situations like these. 

Insurance companies have claim adjusters on their side whose job is to protect the interests of the given company regardless if they’re an employee of the same company or an independent adjuster. This is where policyholders need to be smart and do one thing for themselves – hire a public adjuster. This is a person who is going to work in their best interest in order to make sure that policyholders, victims in these situations, get what they’re entitled to.

They work on a percentage, meaning that they receive a fraction of the money you are owed. This means that in no circumstances, they’ll settle for less money than you deserve. More money for you means more money for them. If you’re still not convinced that you need a PA, here are five reasons why you should hire a public adjuster – 2024 guide. 

1. You’ll be in Good Hands 


Most people think that once they file a claim with an insurance company, everything is settled. But, you should know better, and even if you don’t, there are people who do. Even if your claim is on the spot, having a PA on your side guarantees that everything regarding claims, negotiations, and estimations with the insurance company is done by professionals. While insurance companies look to pay out their clients, they are also looking to protect their interests. This means that you also need someone who would take care of your interest. If you opt for a public adjuster from, you’ll be sure to have precisely this. 

2. No Payments Before You See The Results


Most public adjusters collect their fees only after the settlement check has been paid by an insurance company. What this means is that there are no fees paid in advance. Once the clients are satisfied and compensated for their loss, the turn is for PA’s to receive their money. It is easy to cooperate with them, knowing that they have your interest in their mind. Homeowners and public adjusters are very alike. Both parties want insurance claims to generate as many funds as possible. Once you hire them, there’s nothing else to expect but hard work and results that will follow. Knowing that yours and their interest aligns will help you sleep calmer during the night

3. Public Adjuster Means More Money Coming Your Way 


Once you suffer damage, in order to receive money from insurance, there’s going to be a need for the estimation of that same damage. If you try to collect the insurance fee on your own, the chances are you won’t receive the full amount you are owed. This moment is where public adjusters come in handy. It’s their job to make sure that the entire value of the damage comes your way. We are not talking about the data that’s made up in our heads.

According to statistics from OPPAGA, you’ll receive 747% more money from having a PA on your side compared to the amount you would receive if handling matters on your own. The percentage we’re talking about is reassured in thousand of dollars, and you would be stupid leaving all this money to insurance companies. With a little help on your side, you can receive what you are owed without being damaged further by accepting a settlement that is way below what you lost.  

4. They Save Your Time 


This process is not only about money; it is also about time. If you hire a public adjuster, you’ll save not only days but weeks and even months of your time. When the entire process starts, you won’t even be aware of the amount of time needed to settle everything with the insurance company without knowing where your claim lies.

PAs have experience and knowledge to deal with insurance companies and make your request fulfill in no time. It’s not only that licensed public adjusters re going to save your time, but they are also going to make the entire process faster and swifter due to the fact that they’ll make the insurance company know that your claim is in the hands of professionals. 

5. Public Adjusters Minimize Costs 


Most policyholders don’t even know the cost of public adjusters. But, even without knowing, they guess that their services are costly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is no settled fee that you need to pay the PAs. They work for the percentage of your claim.

In most cases, this fee revolves around 10% of whatever is the amount you’ll receive in the end. What this means is that you don’t need to pay anything in advance. What’s even better, as public adjusters will bring you more money than you expected in the first place, you’ll feel as they didn’t cost you anything.