Spring is the time when each of us usually tidies up our closet and decides which of the clothes are in order and can still be worn, and which are already worn enough. The focus is also on footwear. The focus should be especially on them because the footwear can be worn only in one of the specific seasons. So canvas shoes can be worn only in dry weather during spring and summer, and those that are made not to miss can only be worn in autumn and spring when it rains and wet weather. We must also mention that the shoes that are stronger for the days when it is colder, wetter, but also slippery outside are only provided for the winter.

What should you do? You need to make a brief list of the footwear you have in your closet and see if they are in order for the current season and if they are to be worn at all. If they are not to wear, you need to do some shopping through which you will renew your shoes. Once you see the condition, pack your old shoes and take them to the trash, and the next thing you need to do is start looking for new models online or in one of the stores in the big shopping malls.

Before you browse, make sure you are informed about the latest trends that are currently prescribed by the biggest fashion designers and fashion stylists around the world. It is a starting point that will give you the direction in which your choice should be made. Try to choose the best models, but also try to make the right choice. With this, we want to point out to you, first of all, to pay attention to the height of the model (if you are tall enough, take lower shoes), pay attention to the material they are made of (not every material is ideal for every person) and of course, pay attention to the size.

Shoe size is something that people often know to do wrong, especially when it comes to online orders. It is a mistake that we have all made unintentionally at least once. But the dilemma is whether the footwear should be loose or tight. This dilemma has plagued all people for a long time, but no more. Today we bring you the answer to this dilemma that will answer the question of whether the shoes should be loose or tight. Interested in the answers? Read us to the end and find out.

Each type of footwear needs to be purchased in a different size


There are different types of footwear in the world. It is necessary to say that each of them is designed to be bought and worn for a different occasion. So there are those that are intended for festive events, there are models that are provided for when playing sports, models intended for the workplace, for going out, walks, and the like.

This means that there are classic models that are usually required to be in the appropriate length and width of the leg to achieve the desired elegance, further sports models that need to be comfortable and wide enough to give comfort to the leg and models that are a combination of classic and sporty look that is intended for leisure or for the moments when we are at work – these models should be comfortable enough and not too tight to withstand all working hours. But which is better, to have tight or loose shoes? We find out the answer to this question in the continuation of this article.

Which is better – the shoe is tight or the shoe is loose?


The eternal dilemma for all people is whether the model need to be tight or loose. The answer is the following – depending on the occasion it is necessary to choose the narrowness or width of the shoe. This means that if you plan to walk today, walk more, and spend most of your time on your feet, you need to choose shoes that will be comfortable enough, ie that will be looser so that you can withstand the whole den.

If you are more in a sitting position during the day, you plan to spend most of the day working in your office and you plan to go home by car in that case choose a model that is narrow to show your elegance. Always give the appropriate comfort required by the foot for the appropriate occasion. And of course, do not forget to choose a model that will be well made and comfortable to wear, something like the models you can find at, a manufacturer that with its many years of experience makes the best and most comfortable Italian models for any occasion.

Take a good look every time before you make the transaction because that is the most important thing, and what is also important is to follow the shoe buying protocols. Read the protocols below.

What are the protocols you should follow when buying shoes?


When buying new shoes you need to focus on choosing the right ones. There is a protocol for buying shoes in the store and a protocol for buying online. You can find out these protocols below.

Protocol for buying footwear in the store


When buying shoes in the store, the first thing you need to do is choose the model that you like the most. Then look for a number of shoes that you think will be right for you. You need to put on your shoes and first check if they are pressing on the front of your toes, if they are pressing on the sides of your foot and if they are pressing on the back of your foot. Then you need to get up and walk with them in order to see if they are comfortable for walking. If everything is fine with them you are free to buy them.

Protocol for buying footwear online

If you buy shoes online you need to find the model you like best. The next thing you need to do is find the table of dimensions that correspond to the specific shoe numbers. Next, take a ruler and measure your leg. Measure the foot from toe to heel.

The length you get corresponds to the number with that length in the table. If that number of footwear is available on the site, you can start buying those shoes. You are now ready enough to find your ideal footwear for the occasion. All you have to do is look at the choices available in malls and online and choose the best ones for you. Visit for more tips on getting the right footwear.