The global pandemic of coronavirus has affected every part of our life. Since it began in December 2019, the whole world is in some kind of paralysis. Many countries have introduced some kind of lockdown. Almost every country had its own kind, but we can see that they are pretty much similar.

Also, the measures in order to save the economy have been introduced by governments. Last but not least, all sports activities have been postponed until some other, much safer times. This means that all the national and continental competitions have been put on hold.

You can take a look at some of the leagues that have now continued at At the same time Olympic games, which were organized in Japan are now postponed. Instead of beginning organized in 2024, they will be organized in 2024.

Since this is a pretty massive change, we can see that some of the things are going to be different when this competition actually happens. We don’t have so much information about how this will play out in the end. But we can make some conclusions based on what we’ve been able to hear. Let us see what we’ve been able to take out from the news and other sources.

1. The Name Will Remain the Same


Even though the Olympic games will not be hosted in 2024, the name of the event will remain the same. Why is that, you ask? Well, we believe that there is nothing wrong with changing the name of the event since the idea behind these games was for them to be held in 2024. The unfortunate circumstances have made the people behind this project to postpone it until the next year.

If the board decided to change the name of the event, it would be the same as throwing all the money invested into it in a trashcan. Since we got so near them, we can see that all the marketing was done and all the merchandise was sold. We can see that the Euro 2024 football competition decide to have the same name, even though it was postponed, similarly to the Olympic games.

2. The Current Date in Uncertain


As all of us know, the Olympic games have been postponed until the 23rd of July 2024. But how certain this date really is? Well, we can see that the amount of uncertainty is pretty much at the same level as it was before the decision was made to postpone the games. Since there is no vaccine announced until that date, it is uncertain.

So, theoretically speaking, there is a chance of competition being postponed once again. But we have been assured that this will be the most probable date for the Olympics to be held. We should have in mind that the athlete’s wellbeing is way more important than every competition in the world. So, we are pretty sure that it will occur on this date, but there is a small chance of it being postponed once again.

3. Most of the Athletes Will Appear


We can see that the news of the Olympic games has been well-received by the highest percentage of athletes. Even though that the vast majority of athletes were relieved to learn that the competition was postponed, we can see that the majority of them have confirmed that they will appear on the date chosen by the Olympic committee. This is important since all the precautions towards health are going to be undertaken.

Naturally, we can see that some older athletes, who have already announced that this will be their last appearance on this kind of competition were kind of disappointed with this occurrence. However, all of them have accepted the fact that it simply isn’t safe for them to appear at the competition at the moment. So, we can see that a majority of them have already announced that they will appear next year.

4. The Costs Will, Most Likely, Rise


It goes without saying that the costs of this competition will rise due to postponement. Toshiro Muto, Tokyo 2024 CEO, who is a well-respected person in his country has declined to talk about the exact numbers. We can see that this is a pretty good kept secret. According to some experts, we can see that the costs are predicted to rise between $2 billion and $6 billion.

We can see a statement where we could read that these costs will rise by $650 million. However, we are pretty sure that this is a rather optimistic prediction. What’s interesting to know is that a lot of these costs will be paid by Japanese taxpayers. So, it needs to be said that the damage has been already done, at least to some people. $5.6 billion of $12.6 billion will be public money.

5. Volunteers and Workforce


Naturally, a proper organization of an event this big cannot be done without a lot of workforce and volunteers. Their enthusiasm and work of these people are pretty much one of the most important elements of this organization. So, it goes without saying that there are going to be some changes due to the postponement. According to official statistics, the event had around 150,000 staff.

However, it remains unknown if their contracts will be extended to 2024. Nevertheless, we are absolutely sure that there will be some changes due to the fact that costs skyrocketed after the coronavirus lockdown and postponement of this event. We can see that the organizing committee stated that they will do their best to keep all the people who had contracts for Tokyo 2024. So, we have the assurance that the highest percentage of them will be kept.

The Wrap-up

The moment when the decision was made for the Olympics’ date will be moved for another year, we could see that some of the elements will not be the same. Or at least, it could be in the same capacity. Here are a couple of things you can expect as a result of the postponement of this competition. We still hope that the quality of the competition will not lack.