Gaming is one of the most fantastic ways to have fun and still make a living. Therefore, having the appropriate operating system is key to ensure a smooth experience and wins.
First, it is important to check the gaming requirements before choosing the specific software.

It is also essential to check the processing speed, random access memory, graphics, and storage amount that the game will require for it to run efficiently. If you are planning to play on a website like this, it’s another story. In this article we focus more on OS standalone games.

Determining which operating system to use for the game can be pretty hard. The different software have different specifications that distinguish them on their uses. However, the game requirements should be able to guide you on the right choice. It is crucial to first analyze the operating system requirements before deciding on which path to take.

Ubuntu features


Ubuntu is a complex Linux operating system that has existed for decades. This software is freely available for commercial or community use. Ubuntu operating system is not hardware-specific; hence it can be used on any hardware type. It is a highly customized operating system with a user interface that can be manipulated to fit its requirements. Ubuntu is known for its security feature as it does not track the user’s digital footprint hence making it very secure.

Mac operating system features


Mac software is the primary operating system for Apple devices. Mac allows users to have a streamlined user interface without compromising any function in the computer. The integration of the software and its hardware allows the device’s overall performance to be efficient for the user.

Due to its feature of not being efficiently used on a non-apple device, it makes it secure and less vulnerable that may be brought about with the previous operating system on a particular device.

The biggest question that has been there for gamers is between the two, Ubuntu and Mac, which is the best operating system for their gaming devices. Ubuntu is believed to have better features that will enhance gaming, unlike the mac. Below are a few reasons why Ubuntu is better for playing games.

1. Price


The most important feature to consider is the cost. We all want to spend as a reasonable amount as possible on the games. Ubuntu is an open free source operating system that makes it readily available and very cost-friendly. Ubuntu can be installed on any computer with any configuration. You need to lookup an Ubuntu download link to access the operating system. A computer with Ubuntu software can be used by a child as long as the right distro is set up.

On the other hand, the Mac operating system only works on Apple devices which are relatively expensive to purchase. It is almost an impossible task to install Mac software on a non-apple device. However, there are several procedures on how to install Mac OS on non-apple devices that require expertise.

2. Security


We all want a secure system while playing our games. An insecure system may be slow and even impossible to access the games. It is essential to note that there is no fully secure operating system. However, some softwares has fewer chances of experiencing attacks from hackers.

Ubuntu is termed one of the most secure operating systems as it is duly patched by the timely updates provided by the Linux distributions. Ubuntu does not track any digital footprint hence not leaving any chances for a hacker to track down your device.

Mac operating system tracks digital footprints exposing a lot of personal information to the developers. For this reason, the Mac may not be the best software for the games. It is vital to remember that both the operating systems are relatively secure, but Ubuntu outdoes the mac.

3. Performance


Performance is the most crucial key of an operating system that hosts games. The higher the performance, the better experience one will have with the games. Ubuntu does not rely on hardware resources to execute its tasks as it comes with its distros. This capability allows Ubuntu to have very high performance, making it one of the best-operating systems for heavy load tasks.

Mac operating systems also have relatively high performance as the operating system is designed to work in conjunction with the hardware tools. However, they may not support some games; they will be executed slowly.

4. Highly customizable


Ubuntu operating system has a user interface that allows the users to customize it according to their needs. This is an excellent feature for gaming as it allows the gamers to customize the different games and have a great experience playing the games.

Ubuntu allows users to change to different environments, such as from Gnome desktop to KDE plasma, to fit their requirements. It is also possible to change the game environment to enhance the experience.

The mac software is not highly customizable; hence, the users have to work with whatever the system comes with. This feature is not in favor of some games, making the operating system less flexible and customizable.

5. Reliability


A reliable system ensures a pretty much easy and great experience. Imagine hosting your game, and it takes forever to load or even does not load at all. Ubuntu operating system is reliable due to its more controllers and also the security. It gives users complete control of their activities, making them more reliable.

The Mac operating system does not provide users with full control of the system. Therefore, it becomes difficult for users to adjust the system to their liking, improving the user experience. However, as much as Ubuntu can be manipulated, it is essential to note that changing the controls does not always mean a great user experience. But it is still more reliable to the users for those who know how well to use the controllers.

Wrapping up

It is vital to note that the best operating system is one that fits your qualifications. Logically, there is no software that is worse than the other. Ubuntu is more effective than the mac operating system in gaming as it is cheaper, customizable, reliable, and secure.