Every kitchen must be rightfully prepared with essential tools that will allow you to prepare and cook the best meals.

However, this isn’t the first article out there that showcases what these essential tools are. So, naturally, it’s very hard to pinpoint what you need the most. While any kitchen tool is considered important, there are some utensils, cookware, and appliances that are considered essential.

To uncover who these are, stick around and find out.

1. Frying Pan

A frying pan is a type of cookware that allows you to prepare all sorts of meals. Not only that, but you will use this tool whenever you can. Naturally, this makes it an essential tool and you have to stock up on it.

Frying pans come in all sizes and different materials. There are stainless steel ones and aluminum ones. We suggest going for the former as it is essentially a non-stick frying pan. However, having at least two options will greatly increase your cooking options.

2. Saucepan

If you ever need to prepare delicious pasta, vegetables, or anything else that involves liquids, then a saucepan is exactly the cookware you need.

The great thing about a saucepan, and why you should have one, is that it allows you to prepare meals where liquids are involved. But the real reason why you need this type of cookware is that there isn’t another one out there that does the same job.

Naturally, having at least one saucepan in the kitchen will make you that more flexible when it comes to preparing delicious meals.

3. Knives

The kitchen is and always will be the place where you can find a knife or two. Knives are so important to cooking that we won’t be able to prepare the food for cooking without them. How would you prepare meat, cut potatoes, or even eat your food without one?

And don’t think that having only one knife will do the trick. There are all sorts of knives out there that allow for different things. For example, a chef’s knife is the most versatile type out there that allows you to cut all sorts of things.

You might want to get normal ones for eating, and even a cleaver knife for chopping meat.

4. Measuring Cups

Never underestimate the importance of measuring cups. As the name suggests, measuring cups are used to measure the ingredients when baking in the kitchen.

Without it, chances are your baking won’t be up to scratch as you will have a hard time with measuring. But don’t think that only bakers use measuring cups.

You can use measuring cups for all sorts of cooking as well. Whenever buying a set, make sure to always go for multiple pieces that allow different measuring.

5. Peeler

Whenever you need to peel vegetables, shave off cheese, and anything else that requires clean slices, a peeler is the perfect kitchen tool to do it with.

There are two types of peelers out there. You have the usual one found in every kitchen and the European peeler. The latter is slowly becoming the dominant one among US households as of lately.

Partly for that is the easy handling and usability of the tool. So, if you’re in need of a good European peeler, then make sure to click here.

6. Wooden Spoons

Spoons are always welcomed in the kitchen, but wooden spoons are essential you have to stock on. Not only do wooden spoons last forever, but they’re also pretty great when needing to mix the stew.

Also, cleaning wooden spoons is a piece of cake and you can even shove them right in the dishwasher. Whenever buying wooden spoons, we suggest you get a set that comes in different sizes and different scoops.

7. Cutting Board

A cutting board and a knife are two kitchen tools that go hand in hand. And since you’ve stocked on knives, it’s now time to get a few cutting boards.

Cutting boards are exactly what they sound. This tool is a board that we use whenever we need to cut meat, vegetable, or anything else for that matter.

They last forever and are pretty easy to clean. Not only that, but you can even use one to put a hot saucepan on.

8. Can Opener

For the average Joe, a can opener might not sound like an essential kitchen tool. But you’d be greatly mistaken. A can opener will allow you to open all sorts of cans.

Beans, corn, pineapple, and all sorts of other fruits and veggies come canned. And unless you happened to be an army veteran that can open a can of beans with a knife, then you will need a can opener.

9. Blender

A blender is a kitchen appliance that is effective in its job. With this appliance, you can blend vegetables, fruit, and anything else to perfection.

And a blender is also quite a useful item as there are tons of stuff we might need to be blended before cooking. With this appliance, the emphasis is put on convenience and ease of use. Cleaning blenders is super easy and won’t take a minute of your time.

10. Salad Spinner

If you haven’t heard of a salad spinner, then you’re probably using a colander. However, we are here to convince you otherwise. A salad spinner is a lot more efficient when it comes to drying lettuce and other salad vegetables.

But specifically in the case of lettuce, a salad spinner is the answer to all of your inconvenient problems. This tool will let you remove water from the lettuce with little to no effort. What makes it essential is the fact that you can then apply the salad dressing and never fear the water getting in the way.


This was the list of our 10 essential kitchen tools that everyone needs. While you must have some of these in the kitchen right now, you should stock up on others in case you’re missing them. And hesitate to buy more as these are the essential tools that make the bulk of kitchen activities.