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Autumn is a great time of year for walking. The weather conditions are milder and less humid, the landscape is awash with a tapestry of vibrant hues and the air is cool and crisp.

However, the weather is unpredictable in the fall. When preparing for autumn walks, it’s important to consider the weather conditions could change at various stages throughout your walk. And don’t forget darkness comes earlier in the day once the clocks go back.

It’s, therefore, important to be equipped for a variety of possibilities. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most essential items to pack for autumn walking.

Essential Equipment for Walking in Autumn

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Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Autumn weather can be unpredictable, and a waterproof and windproof jacket will keep you dry and protected. You should also dress in layers to regulate body temperature. Bring a mix of base layers, insulating layers, and a moisture-wicking outer layer.

Sturdy waterproof boots with good traction are essential for traversing unpredictable terrains. You should also look to keep your feet dry and comfortable by wearing moisture-wicking socks.

If you’re out walking in warm weather conditions, the sun can still burn even if the air makes you feel cooler. You may still need sunshades, and a hat can keep you warm and help to retain heat that would otherwise escape from your head. The sun can also be bright, and sunglasses protect your eyes from glare.

What to Pack in Your Backpack

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We recommend investing in a weatherproof backpack. Choose a backpack made of weather-resistant material to protect your belongings from rain or damp conditions.

Stay hydrated during your walk by bringing water with you. If you’re new to hiking, we recommend that you also brush up on how to stay hydrated on the trail.

If you’re exploring unfamiliar terrain, having a map and compass can help you navigate. Of course, the GPS device on your smartphone may work but don’t rely on apps over maps. The apps are only as good as the information in them, so unless you have tested a navigation app to track your route don’t rely on it solely.

Carry a basic first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. A whistle can be a useful tool for signalling in case of an emergency.

If your walk extends into the evening, having a headlamp or flashlight is essential for visibility. Also, pack a trail mix of energy bars and other high-energy snacks to keep your energy levels up during your walk.

Depending on the location and weather, biting insects may still be active. Packing insect repellant and sting remover are useful tools to carry with you when walking in nature.

And a Reminder

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Remember to check the weather forecast before you head out for a walk in autumn. Knowing what to expect can help inform you of what clothes you will need to wear and pack — just in case.

Additionally, let someone know about your plans, especially if you’re heading into less-travelled areas.