Gathering with the family is an event that each of us enjoys. It is an event that fulfills us and reminds us of childhood, of the past, of the days when we all gathered together with our extended family to have lunch together, to talk, to laugh, and it is even more beautiful that in those moments the occasion for gathering was making a barbecue together in the yard.

Grilling at home is a special event that starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening, so it was and will remain so. It started with arranging the yard for a small family party and ended with singing and a lot of laughing. It is an event that used to be enjoyed and must be enjoyed today.

During the days provided for grilling, various specialties are prepared. Starting from a deliciously prepared place to deliciously grilled buns, vegetables, and many other things. First of all, for all those dishes to be delicious, it is good to know that it is necessary to have them prepared by someone present who knows how to handle and prepare a specialty prepared on the grill, but it is also good to know that it is necessary to choose a great model of grill that will be able to prepare great dishes, which will be practical and which will be above all easy and simple to use, store, etc.

We are sure that many times you have thought about whether you have the right barbecue or you have another that is not so good. Here we will reveal a secret. When choosing a device for outdoor preparation it is necessary to choose a kettle grill. Why this model? Because he is the best.

How to use it? We are talking about that and why you should decide on this model in the continuation of this article in which we bring you a lot of information that will help you choose the right device for using the grill, but also to know how to use it. So let’s find out more.

What is a kettle grill?


If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The kettle grill is one of the most popular types of grill that has proven to be the best choice over the years. These are the round and high grills with lids that are made of quality and durable materials that we are sure you have seen on TV in one of the most popular movies.

It is the number one choice of many Western families (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc.) who have a part of the culture that says they grill once a week (usually on weekends). Because they are often used, they buy such models of scraper device which is durable, high quality, lasts a long time and performs its tasks in a great way. We recommend this model to you, and now let’s see how to maintain it, ie how to use this device.

4 Tips for using kettle grill for the first time

1. After you buy the grill you need to clean it first before using it


After you decide to buy such a model you need to clean the grill first, and if you have not bought yet and you are thinking about which kind of kettle grill to buy, in that case, Mulkear Life made an analysis in which they have a few suggestions that we look forward to seeing as they will certainly help you in making a decision.

After you buy it, take a damp cloth and a little disinfectant on kitchen surfaces and carefully rewind the grill on which you will make the meat to remove all bacteria and potential dirt, and then light the grill.

2. Buy suitable charcoal and then light the grill to light it


The next thing you need after you buy your new kettle grill is to light it, that is, to take suitable charcoal and light it. After lighting it, leave it to burn for about 20 minutes, during which time the grill will heat up, but at the same time it will be additionally disinfected and the heat will destroy all the microorganisms that are on it in order to be sure and safe that everything is OK with the arrangement and you can start preparing the meat and other grilled specialties.

3. After using it, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly


Do not leave the grill uncleaned, because that is the mistake that most owners of such devices make. They leave the meat and grill utensils uncleaned and greased, and then they collect dirt on themselves and harden all the deposits left on the appliance.

So take some warm water, wipe it, then take it in hot water, dissolve a little vinegar and baking soda and wipe it again, and at the very end wipe it with a dry cloth and close it nicely with the lid.

4. In the moments when you do not use it, be sure to store it in a room and do not leave it outdoors


When winter comes, you need to remove the grill from the open space in the yard and store it nicely in a space that will protect it from cold temperatures. , but also from all other external influences.

Cover it nicely with some nylon and take it to the basement where it will be in a dry and safe place. If you leave it out you will make a huge mistake and you will risk your device for preparing grilled specialties to be destroyed under the influence of external factors. Therefore, protect it well and remove it indoors.

If you did not know these things by now, you now have a mini-guide that we are sure will help you a lot. Follow what we brought you today and first of all, have the right grill device, and then use the device in the right way. And then what? Then gather the family and enjoy the fun-filled moments you will spend together over the weekend.