Ask any top digital marketing agency in your area, and they’ll all tell you that when SEO and SEM practices are incorporated together into your online marketing strategy, you have an exceptionally powerful and effective route to growth in your online reach.

Of course, the caveat comes with accomplishing this well. If you’re familiar with the digital marketing landscape, you already know that both SEM and SEO individually are complex strategies that often require the involvement of experts at top digital marketing agencies. Combining them and getting them to work in tandem with each other can be a challenge that takes considerable time and research.

This is where a top digital marketing agency can save you both time and energy by tailoring SEO and SEM practices to your small business.

Why Should You Employ SEO and SEM Practices?


SEO and SEM often seem to be understood – and sometimes even employed – interchangeably. However, they are distinct practices that should instead be considered in tandem with each other. As any top digital marketing agency will tell you, when used effectively with each other, SEO and SEM practices can create effective digital marketing campaigns that can get you meteoric results and growth.

SEO practices refer to a wide range of practices that help you generate organic traffic by boosting your ranking and visibility on search engines. A top digital marketing agency gets SEO right for its clients, it can almost always guarantee a rich boost in organic traffic.

SEO is an excellent way to stand out from the competition; after all, when you work hard to create high-quality content and products for your users, what’s the point if no one can find you on the internet?

Where SEO works to boost organic traffic, SEM refers to a paid form of advertising that involves PPC marketing, remarketing, and other forms of digital advertising. According to a study, 89% of the top digital marketing agencies in the US use SEM in their marketing strategies. If SEO works to ensure you rank well naturally on search engines, SEM gives you that extra push by highlighting your presence on search engines.

It’s the difference between your average run of the billboard and one with neon lights. When you’re out looking for the perfect digital marketing billboard for your business, a top digital marketing agency can help you find your perfect match.

The Perks of Doing SEO and SEM


Both SEO and SEM, especially when practised with the expertise of a top digital marketing agency, can offer you distinct but significant benefits. When combined, they are transformed into a digital marketing powerhouse.

When you employ SEO best practices, any top digital marketing agency will tell you that you give your internet presence a nitro boost. You can make connections with your customers faster and with greater ease. In other words, SEO ensures that you are fine by the right people at precisely the time they are looking for you.

Other benefits of SEO practices a top digital marketing agency can get you to include:

  • The generation of more organic traffic.
  • Consequently, the generation of more conversions.
  • Greater visibility and reach through enhanced visibility on search engines.
  • An edge over your competition
  • Added reach into new markets that might otherwise prove difficult to break into.

According to top digital marketing agencies, while SEM involves greater monetary investment, it can also provide explosive payoffs in return. Chief among these benefits is the fact that the very framework of SEM involves presenting your website in the form of an ad at precisely the moment your target user is willing to make a purchase.

Many of the benefits of SEM overlap greatly with SEO; the rub lies in speed. While SEO is inherently a game played for the long haul, as any top digital marketing agency will tell you, SEM can fast-track that process of organic growth by leaps and bounds, especially when combined with the experience and digital tools in the hands of a top digital marketing agency.

A Killer Combination


Many top digital marketing agencies often offer SEO and SEM practices as two distinct strategies, presenting small business owners with a rather difficult choice to make. Should you aim for slow but steady organic growth, or should you speed the process up a bit by shelling out that sweet, sweet cash?

However, a truly experienced top digital marketing agency works with SEO and SEM together. While SEO gives you essential results through natural growth, it banks on time, patience, and constant work and tweaking. On the other hand, SEO involves a financial investment, which quickly converts to traffic that is targeted precisely to your brand. However, this, too, involves expert optimization.

SEO and SEM are important for small businesses because they help level the playing field against larger companies. By optimizing your website and using targeted keywords, you can improve your chances of appearing in the top results of a search engine query. This visibility is essential for attracting new customers and growing your business. An organic SEO company can help you achieve these goals, boosting your website’s ranking on search engines and helping you reach more people with your product or service.

As you can see, in many ways, SEO and SEM do the same thing: they bring people to your website. What’s different is how long it takes. However, when you combine the two strategies together with a top digital marketing agency, you have a supercharged powerhouse in your hands that accounts for the short as well as long term.

The Upshot

SEO and SEM are both essential practices for small businesses in their digital marketing strategies. In a world teeming with competition, visibility and reach is essential to the survival of your business, and the internet is perhaps the most important channel to achieve visibility on. While these can be complex waters to navigate, partnering with a top digital marketing agency like AdLift can be a game-changer.

No matter your budget, partnering with a top digital marketing agency can mean the difference between virality and obscurity with your small business. Armed with both experience and expertise, the top digital marketing agencies tailor strategies to your needs so they do all the work for you. All you need to do, then, is lean back, relax, and focus on what you really set out to do in the first place: run your business.