There are a lot of app games out there that offer cash rewards. You’ve probably seen them. And, while they hit the sweet spot of offering you entertainment and a monetary reward, you’ll want to exercise some caution. Any time you add money to the mix, there will be some bad actors who want to take advantage of you.

However, we’re here to tell you that at AviaGames we take your fun seriously. We offer a vast selection of games that will entertain you, challenge you, and reward you with cash when you win.

What are legit cash games?

Cash games are games that you can play on your phone or computer and make money if you’re good at them. Winners are awarded a small sum of money and, over time, players can save up a good amount of cash if they’ve got the skills. Typically, some of the cash games will require a small fee to play depending on how large the cash prize is. If the cash prize is lower, then the games are often free to participate in.

Why would anyone want to play legit cash games?

So, why would you be interested in playing one of these cash games? Whether you love the idea of making some extra money, or if you’re simply a fan of challenging yourself, playing cash games could be a perfect way of doing both simultaneously. But let’s go into detail about what the benefits of playing cash games are.

Extra income

Most don’t play cash games to substitute their existing income, but for the potential to purchase an extra cup of Starbucks coffee, an overpriced popcorn at the movie theater on date night, or rent a movie on Amazon prime.


Regardless of what the money is being spent on, legit cash games do offer an additional way to make a little extra cash to enjoy the little things in life.

Added fun

With the stress of everyday life, everyone enjoys a little bit of fun or distractions. The great thing about cash games is that, unlike a TV show or movie, these games are usually played in short 3-5 minute rounds. There’s no need to take a big chunk of time out of the day to have a little fun. If you’re stuck in line at the grocery store, a quick round of Solitaire might be just what the doctor ordered.

Competitive Spirit

Those who love competition, improving, and personal development will crave the platform that cash games offer. Cash games only reward based on skill so, the more skilled you are, the more likely you are to win games and make more money. The more you play, the more likely you are to improve, which also increases the likelihood of earning more cash.

And, what makes the competition even better is that you’re never paired with someone significantly better or worse than you. Most skill-based cash games pair you with another player or multiple players who are around the same skill level as you, which always keeps it interesting and never dull.

What are the best legit cash games?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably excited to get started with cash games, but don’t know which ones to play. Or you may not know which ones are the best legit cash games to play and don’t want to fall victim to the many scams out there. Either way – we have you covered!

Solitaire Clash


Solitaire is one of the most iconic American card games. There is a mobile app version of it called Solitaire Clash that allows players to test their skills against other players. There are different themes so that you can see the card decks change their style in appearance. Players may choose what games they want to play and how high the stakes are. Higher stakes will have an entry fee, while lower stakes are free.



Pocket7Games is the best of several worlds. It is a skill-based game portal, where you can choose from many different cash games to play. Players aren’t limited to just solitaire or bingo, but they can play both if they want to (one after another that is). Everything is located on one app, and the variety of games ensures that players never get bored of playing.

Bingo Clash


Bingo may be favored by later generations, but younger ones also enjoy it! What better way to enjoy Bingo than when there is money to win? Bingo Clash allows the player to face off against other players. To earn points, players must quickly tap on the corresponding number tile on their virtual card before the number disappears. When the round ends, the player who will have the most points will be winner!



When anyone speaks of cash games, one of the first game developers that comes to mind is AviaGames, and with good reason. AviaGames is a skill-based gaming company that has been around since 2017. We are the experts on all things that have to do with legit cash games. Since its creation, AviaGames has paid players more than $400 million in cash prizes. To say we’re legit is an understatement.

Play with the best

In our opinion, if you’re going to play a cash game, it makes sense to play the best cash game apps out there. At the end of the day, you want to have confidence that whatever app you’re using is going to deliver on its promise of payment, and that you have fun while being challenged.

When playing an AviaGames-developed cash game, it’s easy to tell that we aren’t just the best at what we do. We truly care about your entertainment experience.

No ads interrupt your game, and a player is met with a reminder to stop playing after a certain amount of time so that you don’t game too much. If you’d like to be a part of the next $400 million that we pay out to our players, download one of the cash games like Solitaire Clash or Bingo Clash mentioned above!