If you want to match one or two things, maybe even a dozen, it doesn’t have to be complicated; just be consistent. If you’re not, things could go in the wrong direction, and you don’t want for this to happen. Trust us; you don’t. Now, we’re not here to talk philosophy or about abstract issues. We are here to focus solely on one thing – the seven ways to mix and match dining chairs. Yes, you can make a mix of your desires in this department. 

You’re not damned to use the matching set of chairs that come in a pack and with a hefty price tag. The style can be a thing of your own. It’s always up to you to select whatever you want. Chairs come in a couple of categories. Those that stand out include height and width, material, color, seating density, and arm parts. When you’re making your mix, be sure not to interchange between the categories too much. Only a couple of these we named should be changed with every chair. That’s what should be consistent when you select your dining chairs. All in all, let’s divulge what needs to be divulged regarding this subject. 

1. Steady With Shape; Experiment With Colors


 This is one of the safest routes you can take. The recipe is simple as it can get. You can pick as many colors you like and even go with a rainbow combination, but stick to one shape. What we’re saying isn’t hard to achieve. This probably doesn’t make any sense right now, but you can try it out and enjoy the results. The end product is one that captivates the eyes of the observers. It’s like seeing different sets of chairs in a furniture saloon. Chair often come in the same shape but wary in colors. All you need to do is pick one from every set and make a unique set of your own. 

2. Shift In-between Armchairs 

Here’s an idea – change the armchairs on your chairs. Most dining chairs come with helping hands. While people often go with a traditional look for this type of furniture, you can surprise everyone, including yourself, with a bit of armchair magic. This would be a move that no one would be expecting. I don’t think it will look ugly as it won’t. View it as a piece of art. Be an artist yourself, even for a bit. The sheer originality of this move is going to be worth it. An artistic expression if you’d like. 

3. No Colors; Just Shapes 


What no colors mean is that you focus only on one color. Make it whatever you want; red or black, gray or white, it all matters the same. Just stick with one; nothing more. If you opt for this choice, your dining room is going to be like something out of Hollywood movies. Movie sets often feature kitchens like this; you just probably never paid attention. Now that you have a chance to do it yourself, give your living space a bit of that Los Angeles charm. 

4. Bench as a Solution 

If this wasn’t one of your ideas, you haven’t given it enough thought. Benches can fit all spaces; trust us on this one. You can put it in one corner or on any side of the table, it all matters the same. You can even use two benches for each side of the table, or you could mix it with chairs. The choices are many, and they’re all up to you. Many people who did this never looked back and almost forgot that chairs even existed. We’re exaggerating a bit here, but they do make a nice touch. 

5. Don’t Time Travel 


Yes, we know this is not possible. But, if it was, to what age would you jumped to and what furniture would you bring back? Is the Victorian era your pick for this doing? Whatever the answer might be, it’s all good as long you don’t mix the epochs. You can go all over the place and create a mix of your desires, but here we would like to take you back to the start of this article – be consistent. You’ll want to be consistent, and you can’t do this with one modern chair and one from the pre-WWII era. 

6. Shape Matters 

While there’s plenty of things, you can change and shift with chairs, in the end, going with at least similar shapes could be the answer. As we already said, size matters and chairs should be in line in that regard. The same is for the body. You can go in a square or round shape; the choice is yours. But, follow the golden rule – be consistent. You can shift between pairs. You’ll probably have a set of even number of chairs. This allows you to experiment. Make half of them be round and half of the square. 

7. Final Step – Match the Room 


This should be your top priority, but we left it for the end because you need to get the chairs first and then blend them in. But, we’re sure you won’t read only half of this article, so this will reach you. While the chairs can be mismatched, the room needs to resonate with them. Find a balance in this regard. You can focus on one of the integral parts of the chairs – color, shape, or size. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, setting up a perfect set of dining chairs is not all that hard. Now that you have our instructions, you know how it is possible for you to experiment. There are numerous combinations, and with enough attempts, you can find the perfect one for our home. The choice is all up to you, but we retain the hope that you’ll follow one of our advice.