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Earth is being poisoned! That is the plea and cries we have been hearing for decades if not a century now from scientist, environmentalists, animal and plant conservationists. These concerns are warranted and should not be shrugged off as mere geeky stuff being alleged by a bunch of non-experts. Human activities and the innate nature of human beings to want to develop and make tomorrow better than now has led to innovations of dynamic effects to the world. Industries are being established with each turning day. Illegal mining activities if it may be called so is thriving the expense of the ordinary person.

People need to live organically to solve some of these environmental problems from worsening. Naturally, in the sense that human beings need to embrace the use of the organic foods that come from the soil and at the same time conserve mother earth. Organic foods are a general term that covers the greens, root plants like sweet potatoes, cassava. To some extent, some people may argue that animal products are organic products. However, animal products such as meat, milk-based foods are always associated with fats which are not a healthy food choice these days.

Healthy diets which are always majorly characterized with vast portions of vegetables have become very popular. The current generation is very particular with what they put in their bodies. This is because they are in fear of adding weight and being heavy. The fatty food products are a cause of diseases when consumed abnormally. In a bid to avoid being unhealthy or suffering the shame and stigmatization of being labeled overweight, have made vegetable products and green products to be the preferred choice of diet for people.

The process of preparing vegetables is known to be very cumbersome and requires utmost concentration and thoroughness to clean correctly. The meticulousness is applied considering the fact where the vegetable products have come from. Many vegetable products are equivalent to the ground. The ground is a breeding zone for germs and other disease-causing organisms. Then when they are transported from the farm to the market, the product interacts with dirt in transit.

The woes you face to cooking a healthy and nutritious vegetable meal does not end there. After purchasing the vegetables, you are still required to chop, dice, slice or peel your vegetables. These can be tedious and irritating which can discourage you from cooking and even spoil your appetite.

However, you do not have to worry about the headache of cooking your healthy vegetable foods anymore. A new device is in the market that is environmentally friendly, i.e., in terms of the energy it uses to execute its purposes and the waste it produces. Furthermore, it is very efficient and effective with cutting off huge chunks of vegetables into fine consumable pieces to be consumed and digested quickly and not forgetting that it protects your limbs from being severed by a knife or the messy countertops which characterize every vegetable preparation activity. All these handy functions it completes in a very short span because of the high-tech components assembled to make an electric vegetable chopper.

An electric vegetable chopper is a necessary kitchen appliance that every healthy household should possess. It may seem like, but it serves its purpose to the letter and allows you to concentrate on more pressing issues like tending to your family or preparing other types of foods. The chopper executes different functions; therefore they come in a variety of sizes and makes. We will sample some of the best electric vegetable choppers in the market that offer cutting-edge features to prepare quality vegetables. Most importantly we will help get the best electrical vegetable chopper that gives you value for money by weighing its pros and cons.

1. Vegetable Slicer Dicer WEINAS

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Vegetable slicer Dicer WEINAS is multipurpose chopping equipment that you should have in the kitchen. This chopper ensures the user has a great experience in the kitchen by incorporating a sleek design that makes it welcoming and usable. It has a sophisticated design boasting of several blades, grating containers and dicing containers that give you the freedom to chop your vegetables in almost ten different styles. The grating plates come in a pair to grate fine products like ginger into a variety of textures to fit your taste.

You can julienne crunchy foods such as cucumbers and carrots into slender slices. Another blade is used to chop vegetables in all size and textures to fit any meal. The blades are specially designed into different sizes so that you can have freedom with the proportions of vegetable you cut. Furthermore, this electric vegetable chopper has a cone that accompanies all the other components. The purpose of the cone is to is to act like a squeezer for squeezing the juice out of lemons or oranges.

What makes this electric vegetable chopper standout is the complimentary kit that comes with the chopper when it is purchased. It has a cleaning unit that helps you remove the remnants of foods that might remain in the cone, the containers, or the spaces between blades. It helps in thorough cleaning of the chopper because cleanliness is essential when you are dealing with food. Additionally, it has this handy vegetable holder which holds the vegetables in place while you slice them. This keeps your hands away from the blade and helps avoid accidents in the kitchen such as cuts.

It has a large holding container for keeping the vegetables you chop with space to contain almost a half bowl of the food product. The essence of the holding space is to help limit the wastage and spillover of vegetables over your kitchen space.

The blades are kept secure within a container that comes with the vegetable chopper. The container also helps keep the blades clean and unstained.

Peeling equipment accompanies the vegetable chopper to help peel off the cover of your vegetable before chopping them.

​The equipment has been manufactured with a material that meets the highest standards of quality to protect the health of the user. The materials used to make the blades are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is very reliable when it comes to protection against deformation and rust. This quality in manufacturing of the vegetable chopper ensures that the equipment performs its functions for the longest time possible.


  • The features in the vegetable cutter can be arranged and organized tidily and avoid scramming of components in one place. The large spacing allows for everything to be placed where it is supposed to be. This helps the equipment perform efficiently and effectively without experiencing any breakdowns which may cause high expenses in repair and maintenance.
  • The blades are very durable and safe from unnecessary rusting. Stainless steel is a strong compound that is resistant to rust. This helps keep the blades clean, making them safe for preparing food. The strength of the stainless steel also protects the blades from being bent during chopping.
  • The cover of the chopper and its exterior is made of a strong and long-lasting ABS plastic material.
  • It has a bonus peeling equipment that saves you the money you could use in purchasing a separate peeler. ​


  • It is not ideal to be cleaned in a dishwasher. Washing in a dishwasher can make the material deform.
  • It can be challenging to operate for individuals who are not privy to how it works. Therefore, it is advisable to read and understand the manual comprehensively. This will help you be more informed on how the vegetable chopper operates.

​2. Junglearrow Mandoline Vegetable Slicer Cutter Chopper

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Another cutter that would miss standing side by side with this excellent chopper to be considered the best electric vegetable chopper is the ​Junglearrow Mandoline Vegetable Slicer Cutter Chopper. It would be a shame if this piece of great design and manufacturing did not make this list. It brings together the best of both functions. This electric vegetable chopper combines efficiency, compactness, and versatility in one. These functions are what make this chopper a popular choice among households. The biggest impediment to any owner of an electric vegetable chopper is the duplication of blades with no purpose that clutter your cooking space.

Therefore, what the designers of Junglearrow Mandoline Vegetable Slicer Cutter Chopper did to overcome this limitation is that they designed the chopper with only six blades that are regularly used by people. This flash of genius allowed this chopper to avoid the problem of unnecessary blades jumbling everywhere.

A prominent feature of this chopper that makes it indispensable is the unique space on the lid that is used to keep the blades neat and accessible. It makes changing the blades easy because you do not have to search among your cutlery.

It has other excellent features such as the handle that helps you in holding the chopper in place. Furthermore, the lid enables you to keep a distance with the chopper so that it cannot cut you during slicing. It also has a holding compartment beneath the slicer to help hold the vegetable and limit littering of your kitchen. It has a reinforced base manufactured with silicon to help keep the chopper still and in position during chopping.


  • The selection of the blade designs is well-thought out for those frequently to be the ones manufactured. It helps keep your chopper clean and organized.
  • The chopper is user-friendly in the sense that the chopper is designed with individual slots on its lid where you can keep the blades for easy accessibility and organization.
  • It has a peeler that is supplied together with the chopper.
  • The silicon base and the firm handle on the lid of the chopper helps keep the chopper steady while it is operational. This helps make it safe while using and avoids unnecessary accidents.
  • The blades are made with stainless steel that keeps it safe against deformation.
  • Most importantly, Junglearrow Mandoline Vegetable Slicer Cutter Chopper can be cleaned in a dishwasher which makes it ideal for many households.


  • It is ideal for preparing a variety of slices. However, it cannot prepare dices.

Benefits to being a Vegan

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​The abilities of these pieces of manufacturing marvel are undeniable in simplifying the work of the user. Preparing vegetables is made simple while at the same time, huge dividends are reaped health-wise. There is no excuse for people not to eat vegetables. It is, therefore, necessary to go ahead and highlight the key benefits these machines will help vegetarians in their development.

It Is Economical

An electric vegetable chopper is a huge facilitator of eating organic foods such as vegetables. Vegetables are known to be a cheap source of food and even seedlings. This is in contrast to the meat-based food products which are always very expensive due to their high demand and popularity among people. Therefore, opting for a vegetarian diet is a good strategy for being economical with your eating. But this does not imply that you under-purchase for your grocery; instead you should buy quality vegetables in the right quantities.

Saves Time

An electric chopper is very fast and efficient in the manner it peels to chops products. The blades on the electric chopper are motor-powered, and they chop and prepare your vegetables quick and at the right time. The tedious process of peeling, chopping or dicing using conventional methods are irritating and tedious to do. With the help of the different chopping components in the electric choppers, it makes it fast and less daunting to prepare vegetables. But this is a personal choice that someone makes.

Reduced Levels of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is typically generated from eating meat products. Cholesterol is essential for the growth of cells, but the body can produce its safe amounts of cholesterols from eating vegetables. Vegetables are cholesterol free and for this reason that people diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol are always advised to eat them when they visit hospitals. Research shows that cholesterol levels in vegans are lower than in omnivores.

It Helps Reduce Risk of Obesity and Diabetes

People committed to the vegan diet are always careful with what they eat. They do not eat based on feelings, and they do not overeat; the two characteristics always associated with being very fat or being obese. Furthermore, a vegan diet helps you avoid the risk of experiencing a stroke.

Non-vegetable diets are known for high blood sugar levels. It is wise to switch to a vegetarian diet that is low on sugar, nutritious, easy to absorb into the body and have low levels of fatty acids.

Help Maintain Healthy Skin

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Healthy, shiny skin is a wish that everybody perpetually has. It is always said that what we portray outside is what is on the inside. Healthy skin requires a steady supply of mineral, water, and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, the delicate nature of fruits and vegetables makes them rich in water which is a catalyst of water intake into the body. Vegetables also help vegans shear healthy skin and be disease free.

Electricity is not a sustainable source of power when the underlying energy is dependant on fossil fuels. It depends on many non-renewable sources of energy to produce power that we use to run machines and appliances. This makes electricity to be a costly source of energy for powering your home. Therefore, it is important to find alternatives to electric vegetable choppers that are energy efficient and friendly on the environment. We will look at the best options to the powerful electric choppers.

​3. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

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This vegetable chopper is a dynamic vegetable chopping tool that performs almost everything an electrically powered chopper does but without using electricity to do all that. It offers very many functions that at a glance, you would not even think this chopper possesses these capabilities.

Its three blades are operated by rotating a handle. The handle is reinforced circular hold that holds it in place. It can hold up to four cups at once and still be able to carry all that content in the bowl, leaving your kitchen-top clean. It has an additional cover which provides a reserve for storing excess vegetables.


  • The chopper comes with three strong blades capable of slicing through even the hardest of foods. The blades are made with durable stainless steel that gives them a sharp edge and protects it from rusting.
  • It has extra room for storing vegetables if you do not have a place to store. The double compartment was a great design idea. Chopping vegetables using a chopper may require extra room for storing excess vegetables as you continue to cut another batch of vegetables.
  • The blades are designed to be inside the bowl; hence it keeps your fingers far away from the blades. The importance of safety in the kitchen is known. It is for this reason that appliances used in the kitchen are always approved for safety purposes before being used in a kitchen. And this chopping machine has taken these considerations with very high interest.
  • It has a firm handle that covers the container. The secure grip is essential for the achievement of the purpose of this equipment. For the blades to cut, you need to hold onto a chord on the lid and pull steadily to maintain the tempo. Therefore, the strong handle help in steadying the container as you chop the vegetables.


  • Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper does not come with a set of mountable blades. It has an inbuilt system of three blades that are inside a container. Therefore, it is not easy to remove the blades and clean them properly. Furthermore, it does not give a range of blades to choose from. Consequently, it is difficult to cut some products.


Vegetable choppers, either electric or manual, serve the same purpose but to varying degrees. Electric vegetable choppers are very fast in chopping and cutting. And they are more efficient and effective in cutting vegetables, and it uses space to great success to keep content enclosed within a container. It limits the amount of food that gets spilled, keeping your kitchen and home clean. However, the economic upper-hand the manual vegetable choppers have is a significant feature that makes them ideal for chopping vegetables. But if you are into functionality and getting the value for money you invested on your health through an electric vegetable chopper, then an electric chopper is what you need. Be the judge of that.