Being a parent is said to be one of the hardest and most challenging jobs in the world. However, the same people who describe it as such also claim that there is nothing more rewarding than bringing up your own child and see them grow over the years.

While it is definitely difficult at the beginning and it rarely gets any easier for years to come, being a parent is one of the most responsible and meaningful things any individual can achieve. Be that as it may, we cannot dispute the fact that having a baby changes your life completely.

It is a 180-degree turn from everything you knew up until that point. From your daily routines and responsibilities to your free time and busy work schedules, everything will become more hectic and harder to deal with. And do not get us started on the sleeping schedule of both you and your partner.

Tackling the Diaper Problem


Considering it is so difficult to be a parent, especially for the first time parents who have just welcomed their first baby into the world, there can never be enough help no matter in what way, shape, or form it comes. Therefore, in order to help the parents among you with one of the tasks you will be doing every day, we decided to talk about diapers. Yes, the bane of all parents and the dirties of all baby-related jobs!

How does one know if their baby has the best diapers possible, or more importantly, if they have become too small? Babies grow faster than it may seem and things they wear can become too small and too tight sooner than you expect. With diapers, this is especially important because they need comfort and protection at all times especially when they actually have to use them.

Wearing the wrong size could make them irritated and uncomfortable and your job of changing them more difficult. Lucky for you, we are here to help and bring you all the information you need in terms of knowing the right signs that your little one needs a diaper size change.

It is not nearly as hard to notice as you might think. Make sure to read through the article carefully and in case you wish to learn more about parenthood and baby equipment, make sure to check out

Buying the Right Fit


As mentioned, it can be quite obvious that the baby needs to go up a size or two with the new batch of diapers. Be sure to check for the following things the next time you need to change your baby just in case they require something bigger and comfier.

To prevent the purchasing of small sizes, you should make sure the diaper fits well. And to do that, you have to pay attention to the waist, the legs, and the stretch. The waist must be snug when the diaper is under the belly button.

The leg cuffs have to gently yet firmly wrap around the legs and the bottom. You can check if there is enough room by running your fingers around the diaper edges. Lastly, the tapes should be fastened properly and extra flexibility cannot hurt. It helps with the movements and the shape of the baby.

Reading the Signs

Following situations are obvious signs of improper diaper size for your baby.

1. Leaks or Blowouts


If there are leaks and diaper blowouts appearing all of a sudden no matter how to well you put the diaper on, it is a clear sign that the size has become too small. Parents frequently change the brand of the diaper when this stars to happen believing it is the quality to blame, it is actually the size.

The mess cannot be contained anymore since the baby has grown, or gotten chubbier which is perfectly normal. To eliminate this common problem simply go up one size and you will see the improvement immediately.

2. Use the Instructions and Guides


For some reason, a lot of people think they know better and enough about certain things to simply ignore or not even read the information on the box. Despite knowledgeable experts and manufacturers recommending something, customers often refuse to use it.

This tends to happen with diapers as well when parents believe the odd size or shape will fit while the recommendations about the weight and age of the baby say otherwise. Trust the diaper box and the instructions in it. They exist for a reason.

3. Red Marks


Just like with other things we wear on our bodies, if the diaper is too small you will clearly see red markings around the belly, the behind, and the legs when you change the baby.

This means the elastic bands are no longer stretchy enough and that they have become too snug for your little one. They no longer fit properly so they hug the chunkier bits too tight and cause red marks that can be unpleasant for the baby. Move up a size as soon as you see this.

4. Difficulties with Tabs


If the waist tabs are refusing to connect and close the diaper as they should, they are definitely too small. Diapers should close fairly easy without the parent having to pull and struggle to meet the ends.

There is no point in trying and even if you do, there is a risk of the diaper falling off or snapping while the baby moves around. The fit can give away this problem as well. Remember that the diaper should sit below the belly button but only slightly. If the baby looks like it is wearing low rise pants with the diaper on, get a larger size.

5. Butt is Showing


Despite looking as cute as it gets, if your baby’s but is showing under the diaper it is definitely time for a bigger one. A clearly visible behind means that the diaper will barely work and probably fail to contain any of the mess it is supposed to. You will have a lot more things to clean if you fail to react on time!