Due to the busy schedule and static nature of today’s working world that restricts movement and physical activities to a large extent, getaways like hiking, backpacking and camping are becoming extremely popular among youngsters and middle-aged people. But, planning for a hiking trip is not always easy. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors like place and time of hiking, places to stay and camp at, food and water arrangements, and of course deciding on the clothes that you should wear.

Even though one might think that wearing normal sportswear or active wear is the most convenient way to dress during a hiking or backpacking trip, this might not always be the case. Sportswear does provide flexibility and the ability to move freely but it lacks some additional functionality that can be provided by military clothes.

Military clothes are slowly becoming popular among people with active lifestyles who are adventurous and like to explore the world. There are even online stores like that are specialised in selling them. This is mainly due to the fact that people are starting to appreciate the utility and practicality of military clothes not only in the defence sector but also in day-to-day tasks that involve harsh conditions.

Besides this, people also prefer military clothing because of its classic camouflage designs and high quality in terms of fabric and design. Military clothing provides all that a sportswear can with many other features to offer. Below are a few of the many reasons why wearing military clothes might be the best option while hiking or backpacking:

1. They are mostly waterproof:


Military clothing is essentially made waterproof at least upto some extent. This can be a great incentive to choose military clothing over normal clothes especially if you are planning on backpacking or trekking in an area that has tropical or rainy climate. Even though some military clothing is not completely waterproof, it has the quality to dry quicker which makes it a great option!

2. They are durable and tactile:


Military clothing is made of durable fabrics like knitted polyester with nylon reinforcements. These are highly tear-resistant and keep intact even in tough conditions. Many military clothing like jackets and trousers have elbow and knee pads made of materials like neoprene which is flexible, resistant to water and provides protection against colder temperatures.

The thick material also provides protection against bruises and other injuries that can be caused while trekking. They also tend to have a longer shelf life to their durability which makes them an exceptional investment.

3. They have several compartments and can store a lot of stuff:


Hiking and backpacking require a lot of first-hand preparations and tools so that you can go through the experience with ease. With normal casual clothing, it is not always possible to carry all the essentials that one might need on the journey and carrying essential items in a separate bag can be a tiring process especially if you need some tools on demand.

Military clothing solves this problem as it has a lot of compartments and secret pockets to store tools like swiss knife, lighters, and other essential items.These rockets are located all over the outfits including chest pockets, arm pockets, torso pockets, waist pockets, thigh pockets, etc.

4. They are windproof:


Thicker military clothing acts as a shield from the wind. This makes military clothing highly windproof. It can be beneficial in windy climates to endure cold gusts or warmer summer winds which in turn makes it climate proof while also being comparatively lighter in weight than normal clothing.

You can also put up a military jacket over your normal clothes to protect yourself from harsh and cold winds. This protection is mainly provided due to the cloth’s waterproof qualities and close-knitted fabric which prevents the air from passing through easily.

5. They come in a variety of options:


If you think that military clothing only means heavy, rigid clothes that are hard to move in, then you might be wrong. Military clothing is as versatile as it comes. It includes lightweight but durable vests and even heavily padded jackets that can also act as a raincoat.

The options don’t just end here, you can choose to wear loose military clothing that is sweat-absorbing, breathable and well suited for summers or go with padded and heavy clothing that is much preferable during winters. The options and choices are endless.

Military clothing does not always have to be ‘boring’, they come in different styles like t-shirts, pants, joggers, tracksuit pants, jackets, etc. while also being practical unlike normal clothing that compromises practicality for fashion. There are also options of military clothing that look like normal casual clothes but are actually much more functional.

6. They come in subtle, dark and dull colours which attract less insects:


Insects are a big deal breaker in backpacking and camping trips. It is a well-known fact that insects are more attracted to bright coloured clothes. Military clothes are of darker, dull and subtle shades like beige, olive green, black, brown, etc. This makes the wearer less susceptible to insect attacks and bites thus leading to a much more peaceful backpacking experience.

7. They don’t catch fire easily:


Unlike thinner casual clothes which easily catch fire when exposed to flame, military clothes made of tougher materials are usually less vulnerable to such incidents. This makes them an excellent choice for camping trips where one is likely to be near bonfires or campfires for a longer time.

8. They protect you from UV rays:


Dark colors and camouflage used in military clothes are important for absorption of UV radiation before it reaches your skin, this makes them a better alternative. The close knit and sturdy fabric used to make military clothes also contributes to increasing the cloth’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

So, in case you are planning your next hiking or backpacking trip to a new, exoctic location military clothing might just be the best and most practical option for you.