Starting from scratch on a new project is always difficult, especially in such large-scale ones as World of Warcraft.

Over the more than ten years of the project’s history, many global and minor updates have been released that have significantly changed game mechanics, character development, the overall meta and popularity of classes, and general interaction elements.

It is important for a player to be able to analyze the current meta and understand patch notes in order to start playing for really valuable and strong characters, and not wait until the balance of power switches to a random class.

To properly understand the intricacies of the game, you need to interact with good gaming sites, and here are the options:

  • gg
  • Wowhead
  • Wowfandom is a link to service that allows gamers to interact with professional players for coaching, boosting, carry raids and game gold sales.


The main currency in World of Warcraft. You always need to have reserves of gold not only to buy equipment, equipment, weapons, consumables and tools, but also to keep a reserve in case of major updates where you need to quickly break into the playing field and be the first to start absorbing content and extracting the best resources.

Skycoach can sell game gold in any amount, disguising the transaction as a standard exchange and protecting the player from the attention of the administration.


Coaching is a full-fledged training service where a professional Skycoach player contacts you and conducts a coaching service. You will be told about the tactics of playing on the selected character, the mechanics of PVP and PVE, understanding the meta and the ability to adapt to it, even if the patch notes weaken your character. Farming mechanics and what professions should be mastered for the selected character.


Boosting is a character boosting service by transferring a player’s account to a professional Skycoach player to provide a boosting service. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses VPN to secure the account from unnecessary attention from the gaming administration. The status of the service can be tracked on the site in real time, upon completion of the order, it is recommended to change the password.


Wowhead is one of the best sites dedicated to World of Warcraft.

Players can find comprehensive guides and descriptions of all professions and classes, updates and guides for new players.

Starting to play WoW and having decided on the desired class for the game, it is recommended to get full information about the class to the fullest in order to understand what to strive for from the first level, what equipment to strive for, at what stage to go to the dragon islands and how to farm.

If you like to play as a character with the main attribute of dexterity, then you can consider the option of an archer, or a beast master.

In the guide you will see a global difference – an archer, a ranged fighter with strong damage, but dependent on the group and cover from a strong tank. He has many skills for playing alone, when he masters the system of traps, he will be able to strengthen himself with skills and get a bow with good damage and critical attack power.

Beastmaster is a solo class, that is, a character who is able to play, farm and survive alone at the expense of tamed animals. He himself can strengthen his pet, heal and restore him and send him into battle.

Beastmaster is a specific class. He is moderately difficult, but his main specialization is many games alone in the company of his virtual friend – companion. But at the same time, this is an ideal class to play because of its relevance. The Beastmaster feels great in raids, can deal damage and pull the boss onto himself at the expense of the pet. The class is only weakened by losing a minion, and then with the possibility of resummoning.

WoW Fandom

WoW fandom is a full-fledged Wikipedia dedicated to many popular MMO projects, including World of Warcraft.

You will not find guides here, but you will find a lot of different information on the accuracy of data about everything related to game moments. NPCs and their location, potential quests, skills and mechanics, the history of the game world of Azeroth and much more.

You can read about the background of the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance and understand that there are actually no significant advantages between the parties and you need to choose solely from internal sympathies and external preferences. Understanding the history will not be superfluous, but this is not a decisive factor for deciding whether to start the game for one of the sides.

Find information about the quest you plan to take. This will help you understand the location to complete, the average time to complete the task and the final reward in order to fully understand the time spent and the final benefit for your character.

Read about the NPCs themselves, in addition to the location, there will also be useful information about the general quests that can be taken as a result and the chain of tasks, if they are possible, and a brief history of the NPC and its role in the world of Azeroth will be available to the most interested players.

Read the full description about each characteristic and its value for each specific character.

For example, World of Warcraft has an interesting mechanic – versatility. The development of this parameter will allow you to evenly pump the attack power and defense of the character to increase damage to characters of equal and higher levels and provide a level of protection to withstand all types of damage comparable to the level of the characteristic. You can develop a parameter with the help of appropriate equipment, and the higher the level of the item, the more bonus characteristics the character will receive when putting on the equipment.