Homes come in a wide range of sizes and types and each one has their own personality. The personality of any home is directly related to the décor and interior design of the space, but not every design idea translates to every family that will occupy the home. Home renovations are at an all-time high. It is currently estimated that roughly 61% of homeowners that choose to reside in the same residence for over 6 years will undertake some form of renovation or remodeling project.

These projects can be small or large, but no matter what type of remodeling project you choose, you need to invest in a storage unit to help. According to EZstorit, storage units make renovations easier and here are just a few benefits they offer to your renovation projects.

Hold Additional Materials


Renovating a room or a whole house will require a substantial number of materials and storing those materials inside the home during a renovation can become a hazard. You do not have to have all materials on site in order to complete the project.

Bringing in materials slowly from a storage facility will help you renovate slowly and ensure everything is available when you need it to be. Organizing materials inside a storage facility can also highlight items you may need to purchase and help maintain order during the renovation.

No Dust and Debris on Valuables


One of the worst parts of remodeling any space is the clean-up afterwards. Cleaning after a renovation requires a lot of elbow grease. Dust and debris get on everything and covering items with plastic sheeting can only do so much when dust and debris begin flying around. Removing items from the space before renovations begin will save many of your valuables from being covered with a layer of dust.

With valuables safely tucked away, you will not have to worry about additional cleaning once the project is completed. The ability to keep things clean during the remodeling project will help maintain order get the project completed faster.

Keeps Things Out of the Way


Generally, you want to completely remove things from anywhere you are renovating. Keeping things out of the way will help in the ability to complete the project on schedule without having to continually move things from one side of the space to another. Items stored in storage units for remodeling projects remain protected while they are out of the way. Certain items, such as expensive valuables should be stored in climate controlled facilities to help maintain the integrity of the item. Neglecting to store items properly can lead to potential damage to your valuables.

Protects Belongings from Breakage


Even with the most meticulously planned remodeling project, you cannot account for everything. Unexpected things can happen. Equipment can fall leading to potential breakage when items remain in the room. Storing breakable items can help your remodeling project work more efficiently and you worry less about what might break.

Accidents cannot be avoided but removing items from the home during remodel and placing them in a secure storage facility can drastically lower your anxiety levels and make the entire renovation project run smoother.

Prepare for Unexpected Issues


Things happen during any remodeling project that simply cannot be accounted for. One of the more common issues that homeowners face during a remodeling project is the potential for flooding. Remodeling can uncover some unexpected problems and one of the largest issues that homeowners face is concerns with their plumbing. Bursting a pipe during renovations can send water flying throughout the home causing damage to walls, floors, and anything that might remain in the home.

For the most part, these issues can be contained quickly by simply shutting off the main water to the home, but sometimes, these issues can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. Should damage occur at the end of the day as construction workers are headed home, it is likely the problem will not be noticed until morning. You cannot prepare for everything that might occur with a remodeling project, so it is best to use a storage unit to store everything you can to avoid the potential for unexpected damage.

Peace of Mind

You, as a homeowner might be right there at your remodeling project or even taking part yourself in repairs, but not every homeowner is as hands on as some. Homeowners that intend on not being around during remodeling projects should certainly take extra precautions with their valuables. Remember, what is valuable to you, might not look like much to someone else, and should an item break, it could potentially just be thrown out.

Renting a storage unit during your renovation project helps you maintain optimal peace of mind. Your valuables and breakable items will be securely stored, and you will have one less thing to worry about. Remodeling projects are stressful enough without adding fuel to the fire and bringing more stress on yourself, so rent a storage unit to store everything in the room being remodeled.

Home remodeling projects allow a homeowner to update appliances, extend a space, or just reorganize their home to fit better with the family’s needs. These projects can be substantially large and often expensive and if you believe you will save money by just storing your items in another part of the home, you will soon learn this is not a good idea. Even while remodeling your home, you have to live there and creating excess clutter by storing items in other rooms is no way to live.

You want to keep the home as stress free as possible during the process and a storage unit can help you do that. Storing items in storage units offers more advantages than ever and during a renovation or remodeling project they are essential tools to help make the process run smoother. Do yourself a favor and rent a storage unit for your remodeling project. You can always use more storage and these units are more affordable than ever before.