3 Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android Without Access to Target Phone
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In today’s digital age, monitoring someone’s activities using spy apps is more accessible. A good spy app can give you essential information, whether you want to protect your child online or check on employees. But finding an Android phone tracker app without accessing the target phone can be tricky.

This review explores the best phone tracking apps for Android that don’t require target phone access, making surveillance simpler. Discover how you can monitor other people’s activities without the risk of being caught or noticed.

What Are the Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android?

Here is the breakdown of the most convenient and affordable phone trackers that are scam free and allow you to spy on Android remotely.

1. uMobix: Best Android Tracker for Parental Control

uMobix: Best Android Tracker for Parental Control
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uMobix shines as a premier track phone app for Android without target phone access among the array of spy apps. Boasting advanced features and a user-friendly interface, uMobix discreetly empowers remote monitoring and tracking.

Notable features include:

GPS Tracking

uMobix excels in real-time GPS tracking, pinpointing the device’s location and history on a map. Ideal for lost devices or vigilant monitoring.

Call Tracking and Recording

The tool tracks incoming/outgoing calls with detailed logs, including contact info, timestamps, and durations. Call recording offers valuable evidence and reference support.

Social Media Monitoring

The digital realm’s communication hub, social media, takes center stage. uMobix allows vigilant oversight of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

Audio/video Stream Accessing

Audio/video Stream Accessing
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uMobix’s audio/video stream access allows you to remotely view live audio/video streams for in-depth surveillance.


With the powerful Android keylogger feature, you can capture all target device keystrokes, texts, passwords, queries, etc., the target user types. So, you are able to gain comprehensive insights into user interactions, conversations, and actions for better understanding.

Text Messages Monitoring

Do you need to unveil sent/received texts, content, and timestamps? Use uMobix’s SMS tracker feature to spy discreetly without the target phone access.

How to Use uMobix?

  1. Visit the umobix.com website, create an account, choose your preferred subscription plan, and pay for it.
  2. Follow the app’s installation instructions (it involves downloading and installing the app on the target device).
  3. Log into your account (your login credentials will be sent to the email you used for registration).
  4. Once the hidden spy app for Android is installed and you have successfully logged into your user space, you can start tracking without physical interaction involved.

2. mSpy: Reliable Spyware for Android Phone Tracking

mSpy: Reliable Spyware for Android Phone Tracking
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mSpy is one of the best phone spy apps for Android devices. It empowers discreet observation of anyone utilizing the target device. Employ it seamlessly on employee phones or your children’s devices to discern their whereabouts and activities. Its covert nature is a standout trait–it operates incognito, surreptitiously harvesting data.

Using this app, users can monitor every keystroke of the target cell phone, read their text messages, see their current location, check calls, read social media chats, record the screen of the phone, access sent, received, and even deleted text messages, see the shared media files–all doing it while being undetected.

Is mSpy What You Need?

If kids’ online safety worries you, monitor their internet activity. Discover their contacts and conversations. mSpy is user-friendly and safeguards kids from risks. For employees, it enhances time management and trustworthiness.

Using this spyware, you are able to regain focus by tracking distracted workers. However, ensure consent when installing mSpy on adults’ phones to avoid misunderstandings or, what is worse, legal issues.

3. GEOfinder: Excellent Tool to Track Location by Phone Number

GEOfinder: Excellent Tool to Track Location by Phone Number
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GEOfinder stands as a formidable phone tracker without target phone, delivering pinpoint accuracy in tracing mobile numbers on a comprehensive map encompassing various mobile networks. With this dynamic tool, you can easily unveil the person’s exact location by phone number.

Moreover, GEOfinder offers an unparalleled function: the ability to personalize sender names and compose SMS messages enriched with AI-generated URLs. These embedded links beckon recipients to share their location or network particulars with a simple click.

Designed to operate across all phone types and brand configurations seamlessly, GEOfinder harnesses the power of web-based technology. Alongside phone number tracing, this versatile service offers an array of features:

Feature Highlights

  • Compatibility with all networks
  • Phone number-based tracking
  • Customizable message content
  • Unlimited geo-location requests (but not more than one every three hours)
  • Detailed map-based locations

What Are the Benefits of Using GEOfinder?

GEOfinder is an excellent assistant for tracking someone’s real-time location or location history. This app’s other features are a VPN checker, WiFi network tracker, and IP location tracking.

And all this can be done via sending an SMS text message to the target phone device, completely anonymous, without revealing your private data, location, or phone number.


Phone Tracking App
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Employing the tools mentioned above makes tracking a location as simple as ABC without divulging your private information, ensuring you attain the desired insights about the individual. Whether for personal assurance or professional purposes, these tools pave a secure path to acquiring essential insights.