Having an ambitious social strategy as part of a broader communication plan has now become imperative for many brands, for all those companies that, for one reason or another, feel they have fallen slightly behind the competition, and that in order to make up for lost ground decide to rely on one of the most effective and sharpest weapons of modernity: the construction of a high-level social presence, capable of transforming the face of the brand and also improving its actual performance, especially in terms of sales. Very few companies correctly devise such a strategy, at the right time and at the right pace, with content suited to the brand’s personality.
Sometimes, companies that set themselves the goal of achieving a certain level of popularity on social media still have to build their personality, starting completely from scratch, because until then they have paid attention to other factors, such as everything to do with the quality of the products they offer.

The role of social media

The prerequisite for building a coherent and effective social media strategy, in a historical conjuncture dominated by appearances, is precisely the peculiar character, the personality that a brand is able to manifest in the eyes of the world, with very precise characteristics that are immediately recognisable by customers, even at a subconscious level.


By the personality of a brand, in this case, we mean precisely the set of all those characteristics, visible or otherwise, that identify the company in the eyes of the consumer, making it unique and different from all the others. These are its distinctive traits, those details – even apparently insignificant ones – that help to distinguish one brand from another, and that may be of decisive importance in the consumer’s final choice at the purchase stage.

A clear and well-defined personality

If the brand does not have these characteristics, or if the company’s personality appears rather nebulous, it will be extremely complex to create a truly effective communication strategy that can add value and push the company’s performance to new levels.

Many executives and CEOs do not yet seem to be aware of this, but before embarking on any attempt at promotion on social media, even at an elementary level, time must be devoted to building a brand image, paying particular attention to those peculiarities that will shape the company’s personality. One cannot think of opening social profiles without first clearly defining the character contours of the company, i.e. choosing the salient features that will immediately jump out at the consumer.

This includes the nature of the tone of voice to be used in company content, online and offline, the choice of colour palette with which to enrich your messages, and of course the content itself. It is unthinkable that a brand decides to have several social channels without having previously established a coherent plan to follow, a sort of road map that contains clear indications of the content and the message it should be able to convey to the outside world.


It may sound strange, or even rather curious, but the opening of a company’s social channels represents the final step in a long journey that began long before, and which must include a clear representation of the brand’s personality and all its main distinctive traits. Social media will play a decisive role in multiplying the effects of these conceptual elaborations, but only at a later stage, when the brand profile has already been clearly delineated.

This is also why the function of the Internet and the online world is often misunderstood: many companies are still convinced that online channels represent a starting point for their success as if the launch of one or more social channels – or a website – can automatically represent a source of certain success. In reality, the opposite is true. One should only go online when one has clearly in mind who one is, what one wants, and where one wants to go.

A concrete example of this clarity of mind is the world of online gambling, and in particular, portals where one can find sòng bài trực tuyến and other exciting sources of entertainment. These platforms have consistently planned (and subsequently published) content that is simple, direct, and extremely clear to understand, aimed at a very specific audience, with appropriate reassurances as to the safety and reliability of the numerous entertainment opportunities on offer, and with very useful textual reviews capable of helping even the most inexperienced players during each phase of the game, immersing them even further into a truly unforgettable experience.


The weapons of online communication must always be used with caution: their improper use, in some cases, can produce irreparable damage.