As technology advances as time goes on, Smarthomes are becoming more popular and accessible to all now, even if it is with just a couple of smart gadgets to start with. The idea of Smarthomes is to allow the homeowners to control various everyday tasks with either the use of their smartphone or even with the use of their voice through a voice-activated speaker; interested in becoming smart? Today we assess some of the best gadgets on the market.

Being able to control all devices in your home may sound like science fiction but it’s actually a pretty useful way to modernize, synchronize and control the items in your house with just a click, or a word or two. From lights to temperature, from coffee makers to home security, even online casinos, everything is available thanks to modern technologies.

To allow you to start your home becoming smart then as said above, purchasing a voice-activated smart speaker is the best place to start. The best smart speaker on the market and second to none is the Amazon Echo Dot. The most compatible speaker on the market with it connecting to virtually every smart device on the market. There are various options on which Alexa is purchased as they come in various sizes and price brackets. However, nothing beats the Echo Dot due to only being £50 for the latest 4th edition and the only limitation being the volume – which is still very loud.

Smarthomes haven’t been the only beneficiary of the advances in technology, with other industries also riding the wave of the digital age such as online casinos and betting sites, they are available here. These sites have particularly benefited because of the app versions on their sites meaning that punters can place their bets on the go whether they are commuting, travelling or even in the comfort of their own home and on the sofa on their smartphones.

The next smart device that we have been like the look of for every household would have to be the Ring Doorbell. This doorbell offers a doorbell like no other, in fact, it is also an HD video camera in which you can see who is at your front door, as well as being voice activated so you can actually talk to whoever is at your front door through your smartphone as long as you have internet connectivity. The other benefit to a Ring Doorbell is that it actually doubled as a security camera and can record virtually for over 24 hours so if you have a break-in, it can potentially be used as evidence to see who it was.

A home is not a home without a high-quality thermostat, and The Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control is exactly that. It offers a variety of options such as voice control, user-friendly app, touch screen and a powerful speaker. You can control the room’s temperature thanks to the device’s Room SmartSensor which regulates it and provides you with uniform temperature throughout the whole house, even in the rooms that are far from the thermostat. It can be controlled through an Android as well as iOS. It can also notify you when it detects low or high humidity levels, can help you turn the heating or the cooling on and off, and it is a very useful tool with numerous features.

We bet you’re sick of cleaning your house all the time. That is the right time to start searching for a little help. A robot vacuum cleaner might be the extra help you needed. iRobot Roomba i3+ is a vacuum cleaner that has the option to empty its own debris, and it’s highly efficient in cleaning because of its multi rubber brushes and a quality filter that is able to capture even the smallest parts of dust or pollen. It is voice reactive, so all you gotta do is take command and look at your floors starting to shine. A cool gadget like this will save both your time and energy.

If you’re one of those grumpy people that can’t get up in the morning and you find it hard to leave your bed, maybe all you need is a bit of sunshine. But how are you gonna feel the sunlight if it’s a cold, rainy day or even worse if it’s snowing? Luckily there is a product that will likely be able to help you start the mornings right. Philips wake up alarm clock with Sunrise Stimulation sounds allows you to wake up with the sun and to get that first streak of light and positivity to really enjoy the given day to the fullest.


And last but not the least, leaving your pet for work is something we all feel guilty about. You sure wondered what’s your beloving pet doing when you’re not around. You just assumed that he or she is sad and waiting. Some creative people invented a dog camera with a special feature: the ability to give your dog some treats whenever you want to, as well as talking to them and watching them on the camera. They’ll be able to hear your voice and feel your presence which will make them more relaxed to wait a couple of hours to finally see you again. Furbo Dog camera is a must have if you want to monitor and comfort your dog while you’re away.

If there are many options to make your life easier, more productive and modern, then why not taking all the advantages you can?