A backlit keyboard is a new feature to be added with Chromebook. It has attracted a large number of users as it adds fascination to the exterior of the device. Many people look at the outer or exterior design first before asking questions about the software. The Chromebooks were launched in the year 2013 on an operating software of ChromeOS. They came as mobile laptops.

Sometimes you may like something at first sight and then see nothing but immediately buy it. In such cases, Chromebooks with backlit keyboards can be a choice.

Chromebooks have got a lot of popularity for the backlit keyboard feature. It is not only fascinating, but it can be useful in many ways. It helps people to see the keypad in case they are working in the dark. Nowadays, people love to do in low light, and if your backlit keyboard is an option for providing such a deal of light, it can serve you with the best desired low light environment.

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How Better is the Chromebook?


Chromebooks were not used widely by people. Many find Apple and Windows better, but recently Chromebook has been updated with its new features. After the update, it has become striking to catch the attention of tech users.

The most amazing thing about the updates is that they are not just in the interior but also in the exterior, which adds more attraction. The new updated versions are coming in large-screen displays. They have improved processing; the hardware and software are in a much-enhanced form than the previous ones.

With all these updates and changes, it has become the right choice to invest the good amounts for this product.

Reasons to Buy a Chromebook

Chromebooks have gained great popularity almost everywhere. They are inexpensive, compact and cope with many tasks. Therefore, you should at least get to know them better.

  1. Low-performance requirements
  2. Mobility
  3. Long battery life
  4. Low price
  5. Availability of required programs

Despite the demise of a class of computers such as the netbook, manufacturers have not abandoned their attempts to make a compact laptop inexpensive, so that everyone has it, like a toothbrush. And a few years ago Google noticed and occupied this niche with the release of Chrome OS – an operating system with support for modern features, but with low-performance requirements for hardware. It has both indisputable advantages and obvious disadvantages. We will tell you about both, and then it will be easy for you to decide, maybe next time you should buy a Chromebook instead of a laptop?

Reason #1: Low-performance requirements


The Windows operating system hasn’t been growing in performance requirements for several years, but it’s still quite sluggish on entry-level notebooks. And that’s where Chrome OS gives it a big shape. For smooth operation, it is quite enough for the Intel Celeron processor line, 2 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB on the drive. This all sounds like a death sentence for a Windows laptop, but not bad for Chrome OS.

With the amount of RAM, everything is relatively clear, but why such a small drive? There are more terabytes on Windows laptops. Everything is very simple. Chromebooks are geared towards a persistent internet connection. Many apps only work while you’re online. And files are also conveniently stored in the cloud. Now, when Wi-Fi is almost everywhere, this approach to information storage is becoming more and more justified.

In principle, no one bothers you to take a Chromebook on Intel Core i3 and with 4 GB of RAM – this will work more smoothly. But i5 and 8 GB of RAM for a Chromebook is already too much and paying for this is a dubious choice.

Reason #2: Mobility

Low hardware requirements have several positive side effects. The simpler the system, the fewer components it has, the less space it takes up. Because of this, many Chromebooks have an 11.6-inch screen, since everything you need can easily fit into the body of such a small “machine”. If you wish, you can fit everything into a tiny laptop on Windows, as ASUS engineers did, but then it turns out ZenBook 3 for more than  100,000 rubles.

Reason #3: Long battery life


A long-standing headache for all laptop owners is the relatively short battery life. The Chrome OS laptop lasts an average of 10 hours until the next charge, well ahead of its Windows counterparts. We do not put “MacBooks” as an example, because they simply do not exist in the initial price category.

Reason #4: Low price

Simple components – low price. These Chromebooks are very captivating. While the cost of a good ultrabook starts at 60,000 rubles, a Chromebook shouldn’t cost you more than $ 600. Unfortunately, due to the low popularity in our country, this type of device often has to be ordered from abroad.

Reason #5: Availability of required programs


Unfortunately, among all these pluses there is a minus – there are fewer applications for Chrome OS, and their functionality is narrower than for laptops for Windows. However, there is everything you need for everyday tasks. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive. Google Docs will allow you to work with text files, spreadsheets and more. For processing graphic files, you can use, for example, GIMP.

It is not surprising that most of all companies promote Chromebooks among students because these gadgets suit this very audience according to many criteria. They will not punch a hole in the family budget, easily get lost in a backpack, and are ready to work on a single battery charge for 10 hours in a row. Granted, Chromebooks aren’t designed for cool video games or video editing, but for everyday tasks, mail, texts, spreadsheets, presentations are ideal companions.


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Chromebooks have been becoming popular after the updates of their interior and exterior features, especially with the backlit keyboard. They are low-budget and are highly responsive.